All Kingroot APK Version Download for Android

Kingroot APK has the highest Android root success rate. With one click, Kingroot APK can root and unroot Android device including Samsung, iTel, Gionee, etc., To root Android phone successfully, Kingroot APK is good at that without PC or laptop to aid the root process. So, Kingroot has released more than 7 APK version with upgrading feature and bugs fix. Kingroot APK is a line of codes to grant root access to all MTK smartphone such as Tecno and Infinix without brick.

Here today, you will learn everything about Kingroot for Android. Features of Kingroot, how to root Android using Kingroot, Android root checker, and all direct download link to all Kingroot release.

Kingroot APK

What is Kingroot APK

Kingroot is a piece of program for smartphones, Android, to grant root access to the phone to unleash the phone hidden features when runs on the phone. Kingroot tool has no record failed root except it’s not compatible with the device.

The root app works perfectly on mostly MTK phone and on all Android versions. It supports Android CupCake to Android Oreo.

Features of Kingroot

Kingroot has some features that set the root app apart from other phone root apps. However, the trending features of Kingroot are as follows.

One Click Root

Kingroot is regarded as the fastest root app with the “one click root” feature. The feature allows users to root supported devices instantly and with just a single click. The same rooting procedure for all devices. Follow the link below to download latest Kingroot app version, install the APK, and run the app on your phone to grant access.

Purify App

Kingroot has a feature called purity feature. This feature enables users to quickly carry out some task without digging deep into the phone system such as clear phone caches, clear phone data, uninstall both preinstalled and self-installed apps, disable auto-start apps, and increase battery life.

Internet Connection is Require

I didn’t see this a the root app deficiency rather an advantage over other root apps. When you are connected, Kingroot will search for the best procedure to root your device so that it doesn’t encounter procedure during the process. This is to make sure the rooting is done 100% successfully.

Kingroot Root Checker

After you have successfully root the device using Kingroot APK. You can also confirm whether the phone has been rooted successfully. It’s recommended to use an external tool called Root checker to check whether the phone has been rooted successfully. If it has, it will show rooted otherwise it will show no.

Android root checker can be downloaded from Google play store and you can also download the root check APK from APKpure or Uptodown or APKhere for the latest root checker APK.

How to Install Kingroot APK

Kingroot APK is an unofficial app to install on Android directly without enabling unknown sources. Since the app is not a Google verified app, there is a need to instruct your Android device to install the app without giving an error message. However, the first thing to down when you want to install Kingroot APK is to enable install from unknown sources on your Android device.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Navigate to phone security
  • Scroll down and tap unknown sources
  • Accept the popup
  • Enabled

Once the option is allowed the grey button will change to green to indicate that the feature is now active.

All Kingroot APK Ever Released

Here is the list of all Kingroot version from the first release to the latest. To start with is the oldest Kingroot app and last in the table is the newest version.

Kingroot All Version

Valid Download Link
Kingroot v4.9.7.20161108Download
Kingroot v4.9.7.20161111Download
Kingroot v4.9.7.20161114Download
Kingroot v5.0.0.20161123Download
Kingroot v5.0.1.20161215Download
Kingroot v5.0.2.20170113Download
Kingroot v5.0.2.20170122Download
Kingroot v5.0.4.20170213Download
Kingroot v5.0.5.20170313Download
Kingroot v5.0.5.20170324Download
Kingroot v5.0.5.20170420Download
Kingroot v5.1.0.20170505Download
Kingroot v5.1.2.20170609Download
Kingroot v5.2.0.20170711Download
Kingroot v5.2.2.20170912Download
Kingroot v5.3.0.20171025Download
Kingroot v5.3.1.20171127Download
Kingroot v5.3.5.20180207Download
Kingroot v5.3.5.20180319Download
Kingroot v5.3.7.20180619 -Latest VersionDownload

How to Root Android Using Kingroot

They’re other apps to root your Android. You can use Kingo root, iRoot, SuperSU pro, SuperUser, and many others. However, here is how to root Android using the Kingroot APK you downloaded from the link provided above.

  • Install Kingroot application
  • Launch the app from your app menu
  • Tap on the root button
  • Wait for the root access to be granted
  • Done

If you don’t want to root your phone again you can unroot it using the root app.

Kingroot APK is a tool to root your Android with just a click and without problems. The root app has zero percent of brick. It doesn’t stick phone at the startup page or after logo.

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