Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 waterproof? No, Samsung has not provided a phone that is 100% waterproof. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 feature “IP68” rating according to IEC standard 60529 which makes the Samsung phone water-resistant.

“IP” rating in phone stands for “Ingress Protection” which defines the “dust protection” and “moisture or water protection” level in the phone. The dust protection level ranges from 0 – 6. This means that “0” is the least and “6” is the highest. When a device “dust protection” “IP” rating is “6” it means that the device has the highest level of “dust protection”. It’s fully resistant against dust. No single opening for the dust to pass through.

The “water protection” “IP” rating ranges between “0 – 8” where “0” is the least protection level and “8” is the highest protection level. However, when a device has “8” water protection “IP” rating. It means that the phone can survive in 2 meters [6 feet] water for 30 minutes without using a waterproof case.

That being said, when a phone has “IP68” rating it means that the phone is waterproof for just 30 minutes in water whose depth is not more than 6 feet.

With this using your phone in the swimming pool or the shower/bathtub won’t damage your phone instantly except the chemicals from the soap and other detergents use while the Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof

Waterproof vs Water-resistant

When a device is waterproof it means water cannot find its way into the device. Take for instance, if your car roof isn’t leaking water cannot find its way into it. A water-resistant device is different.

A water-resistant has a limited time to hold itself while in water. And a good example of a water-resistant device is the “Samsung Galaxy S9” that can survive exposure to water for 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 “IP68” Rating

Samsung Galaxy S9 has “IP68” rating which means that the phone has a water-resistant power of up to 30 minutes [half an hour] in water whose deepness is not more than 2 meter or 6 feet.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will resist the passage of water into the device for 30 minutes after which the device will pave ways for the liquid substance.

When your Samsung Galaxy S9 mistakenly fall into the water you can use a piece of cloth or towel to clean the liquid and your phone will be good.  

With or without Galaxy S9 waterproof case the device can resist water from entering into the device for 30 minutes.

Water Resistant Phones Specs

Every phone is classified based on its specifications. However, all phone has an “Ingress Protection” “IP” rating used in determining how long the phone can hold onto liquid substances or water when submerged into it.

A list of iPhone devices has an “IP67” rating when Apple started to release a water-resistant phone. We saw an upgrade in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S9 with “IP68” rating the iPhone 9 also features “IP68” rating which places both devices in the same waterproof or water-resistant level.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

Some Samsung Galaxy S9 waterproof case is DirtProof, DropProof, and SnowProof which means that dirties and snow cannot enter into your device. With the waterproof case on your phone, the phone is DropProof which means that your phone cannot break when it falls with the waterproof case on.

Going to the market world you will see different manufactures. Both Amazon and Alibaba hold a number of them. However, if you can spend $50 to $65 on the waterproof case we will recommend the LifeProof waterproof case for your Samsung Galaxy phones.

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