How to “Fix” TCL Roku TV Remote not Working

TCL Roku TV series come with all accessories such as remote control, cords, user manual guide and others. The TV clamp allows you to place the TV on your centre tab or shelf. However, missing in the TCL TV guide is how to fix the remote control if it’s not working. However, here in this guide, we’ll consider how to fix TCL Roku TV not working.

When the TCL TV remote isn’t working you will not be able to use the remote to control your TV. You will have to start using only the buttons on the TV.

Even to increase or decrease the volume of the TV you will have to get up from your seat when the pairing button is not working. However, there must be contact between the remote and TV sensor to pair successfully.

Meanwhile, before you consider this guide, you first need to make the remote control sensor directly toward the TV sensor to see if it’s not working or the remote pairing is failing.TCL Roku TV Remote not working

TCL Roku Remote

Fixing your TCL Roku TV remote not pairing depends on the type of the TV you are using. They are two types of remote currently available for TCL Roku TV.

  • Standard IR Remote.
  • Enhanced Remote.

Standard IR Remote

TCL standard IR remote or transmitter uses LED light to transmit signal from the remote to the TV. The light from the remote is pulses of invisible infrared light that is the same with the binary code on the device (TV) the remote controls.

Enhanced Remote

TCL enhanced remote is a voice control remote for TCL as opposed the standard remote using LED light to transmit signal from the remote to the device it controls. The remote allows you to point anywhere either right or other way.

How to Fix Standard IR Remote

Here is the basic to-do to fix the TCL standard IR remote control if it’s not working.

Make the Infrared LED Direct to the TV

Make sure that there is no obstacle obstructing the TCL standard remote infrared LED light from pairing with the TV. If there is an obstruction between you from where you are pairing the remote and the LED sensor in the TV the remote will not pair and you will lose control of your TV from the remote control.

Reinstall TCL Roku Remote Battery

For the remote sensor to pair with your TCL Roku TV the battery must be working fine. A half-dead battery pairing button will keep failing. However, we recommend a new battery when you want to reinstall your TCL Roku remote battery.

Do note combine a dead and a working battery to pair your TCL remote with your TV. The infrared LED sensor will not be active enough to pairing using the remote button in connection with the TV LED sensor.

Remove the battery from the remote-battery-case and position the battery pairing point as expected. When the battery is installed wrongly the remote will not be responsive.

To confirm whether the battery is installed properly press any button. If the infrared LED light comes up it means that the battery was correctly installed.

The remote should be responsive now and ready for use. However, if nothing changes replace the batteries and install them correctly.

Test the Infrared

There is something called “Infrared Emitter Test” to find out whether the “Infrared Sensor” is still working fine. However, we’ll provide a “DIY” guide using a digital camera or your phone camera. 

  • Launch your smartphone camera.
  • Take the “TCL Remote” and place the phone camera on top as if you want to take the picture of the remote.
  • Press any button on the remote control while you pay attention to the phone camera.
  • A purple light will come up from the remote “Infrared LED” as you press a button on the remote.

However, we expect a purple light to come up. You can press and hold a button while you pay more attention to the screen of your phone camera. But if no light whatsoever comes up when you press the buttons on your remote through the phone camera then it means that the remote infrared emitter is not active.

How to Fix TCL Roku TV Enhanced Remote not Working

TCL enhanced remote control doesn’t need to be pointed to your TV sensor like the IR remote. No obstruction is matter. You can be pointing right or left or even with your voice control to control your TV. So, if the TCL enhanced remote isn’t working try the approaches below.

Replace the Batteries

The first attempt to make is to change the old battery and replace it with a new battery.

  • Open the TCL enhanced battery casing.
  • Remove the old battery.
  • Replace it with the new one.

Now, try to use the voice remote control to see if it’s working. Else, leave the new battery and proceed to the next step.

Restart both the TCL Roku TV and Enhanced Remote

Try to restart both the TCL Roku TV and the enhanced remote control at the same time.

  • Remote the newly installed battery from the enhanced TV remote.
  • On your TCL TV go to Settings >> System >>Power >>Restart >> OK.
  • Re-insert the battery into the enhanced remote once the TCL Roku TV screen appears.

How to Pair Enhanced Remote and your TCL Roku TV

After you have restarted your TCL Roku TV and enhanced remote you need to pair both devices manually.

  • Locate the pairing button in the enhanced remote battery compartments at the back.
  • Press and hold the “remote pairing button” for about 3 seconds until the pairing light starts to flash.
  • Restart your TCL Roku TV following the procedure above.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds for the enhanced voice remote to establish a connection with the TV.
  • The remote dialogue pairing box will appear on your TV screen.
  • Wait until the pairing is completed. Once the pairing is successful you will be the enhanced remote battery status on your TV.

Note: If the remote pairing button isn’t showing the flashlight it means that the batteries need to be replaced.

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