How to Install Ring Video Doorbell

With a smart doorbell, you can answer your front door wherever you are. What is more, is that you do not have to worry much as to the installation process as you can easily install your Ring video doorbell with these easy steps we have packaged.

How to Install Ring Video Doorbell

Have you got yourself a ring video doorbell? Here is a complete guide to installing your new doorbell.

Ring video doorbell tool kits

  • Ring doorbell kits come with what you need to install your doorbell and to serve as extra; installation instructions. By so doing, your kits should be gathered as the first step for the installation process. You could include a box cutter or flat head screwdriver just to help you remove your old doorbell.

Plug battery into a Power Source

shows doorbell battery plugged to power

  • After you must have gathered your tools, look for the battery, and ensure you plug it into power with the use of the charging cable. It can be a bit difficult to get the battery out of a Ring 2 Video Doorbell since it is designed for easy pop-out after you would have ready mounted the doorbell.
    In that case, hold the battery against a flat surface like a wall to remove it. This will aid you in pushing the battery out.
  • When you plug your battery, you will see a red light and a green light to show that the battery is charging. You have to be patient as the charging could be up to four hours or six hours.
    The red light will go off and the green light will appear, which is an indication that your battery is fully charged and ready for installation.

Note: Do Note that you can skip this entire step if you are installing a Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Download and Install Ring App

In the next step, download and install the Ring app and follow the instructions on-screen to link your Ring Video Doorbell to your Wi-Fi network. The Ring app will guide you on how to get and stay connected. Consider getting a Ring Chime Pro if your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough.

Shut Doorbell Power off

depicts doorbell wiring and calls for safety while shutting it off

  • Shut off power to your doorbell by checking your home’s breaker box. This is a safety measure as you will be dealing with exposed wiring.
  • With a screwdriver or boxcutter, remove your old doorbell’s faceplate, then unscrew the old doorbell from the wall and pull it out. By doing this, you would have exposed the power wires. Ensure you exercise a great amount of care as the doorbell wires could still be wound around screws on the inside of the old doorbell. To take the old doorbell off, detach the wires by trying to make the screw go loose.
  • By now, there should be a hole on your wall where the old doorbell used to be. (With two doorbell wires hanging out).

depicts hole on a whole where old ring video doorbell used to be

  • Open your Ring app and the doorbell’s live video feed to attach your mounting brackets.
  • Your Ring Doorbell should be held up against the surface over the hole in the spot where you wish to mount it.
  • Look at the instructions on the app from time to time to ensure you’re doing it the right way.
  • After you must have decided on a preferred placement, use the included level tool to ensure that the mounting bracket is straight, and you can use a sharp object to mark the location for the new screw holes.
  • After this, remove the level.

Now, screw the mounting bracket to the wall over the hole left by your old doorbell to ensure the wiring comes through the bracket’s hole.shows two wire connections that can be connected to ring video doorbell for visitor noifications If you wish to connect your Ring to your existing doorbell chime so that there can be the longevity of battery life, or you want to make your chime ring when a visitor presses the doorbell button, you can attach the two doorbell wires to your Ring.

  • If you are satisfied with just getting doorbell notifications on your smartphone, you can bypass this step.
  • Loosen the two screws on the mounting bracket that are directly over the hole where your wiring sticking is out of your wall.

shows the doorbell screw being tightened together to fit in the wires

  • Next, take the wires, wrap one around each screw, and ensure each has a good connection to the screw. You can tighten the screws gently if you need to.
  • For this part, place your Ring Video Doorbell above the bracket, then press in and down until you are able to fit it into place.
  • Restore power so that you can test it out and make sure everything is working. If your Ring Video Doorbell is wired to your interior chime, and it seems not to chime, remove the faceplate, double-check that your connections are secure. In case you have a digital chime, you could reverse your diode where germane.
  • You can decide to use your Ring app to set your app preferences. You can set your motion detection settings, night vision settings. You are also free to select the areas where you want your camera to cover. If, after a successful installation, you wish to authenticate Ring Doorbell authentication, we have an interesting read here that will guide you.

Additionally, Ring Doorbells go with smart locks and smart lighting (and even more). We will love to hear your review in the comment section below.

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