How To Pair Firestick Remote

Amazon Fire TV usually comes with a remote, but their last installments came with a much upgraded remote with extra buttons like volume, power control, etc. Having a TV but no remote or at worse being unable to use it is a smart way to not just waste cash but the TV too. Looking for how to pair firestick remote? The Amazon Fire Stick offers streaming options for your favorite TV shows, documentary, etc. You can pair up similar remotes to properly access your TV.

Before now, users had difficulties with the TV and its remote, and now with the additional buttons, things became much more complicated. One of the most dominant problems with Amazon TV comes from using the Firestick remote.

Is Your Firestick Remote Not Working?

  • Disconnect your Firestick from the power source and connect back.
  • On some occasions, restarting the Firestick TV will do the trick.
  • Take out the batteries from the Firestick remote and put it back.
  • Try replacing the batteries with new pairs. The battery may have been drained due to the high streaming ability of the Firestick TV and the Firestick remote.
  • Replacing worn-out batteries is much better than using already working ones.

Should none of the above processes fix it, then you might have a broken Firestick remote on your hands.

How To Pair Firestick Remote to your Firestick TV

Here is a quick step to pair Firestick remote without lagging.

How To Pair Firestick Remote to your Firestick TV

  • Turning on your Fire Stick or TV requires you to disconnect, and connect your device,
  • Navigate back to the Home screen, press and hold down your remote’s Home button for the next 20 seconds,
  • A message will appear at the bottom of the screen notifying you that pairing is successful,
  • If the remote couldn’t be paired, press and hold it down again for the next 20 seconds,
  • If it still doesn’t repair, run through steps 1-3 again until you get a successful pairing message.

You can now connect your Amazon’s official remote to your Firestick. However, there are many unofficial remotes that can be connected to your Firestick and Fire TV. I mentioned above that one way or another your Firestick remote can get broken, you can either try getting a replacement or using alternatives.

The best alternative, so far, is the Fire TV Remote App.

The app is free and serves as a good option for your original remote. This app can be downloaded from your mobile devices’ official store on Android/Google Pixel, iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones. You directly visit your device’s store, or you can use our links to get it done. Either way, you’ll still get what you’re looking for.

Android/Google Pixel Remote App |iPhone/iPad

Fire TV App Setup

  • The Remote App comes with additional features not found in your official remote boot feature. After the installation, connect your mobile device to your Firestick or TV through Wi-Fi. They must be on the same network.
  • On opening the device, it will detect your device(s),
  • Select your preferred Fire TV/Stick.
  • Now you will see Fire TV Remote App Connection Request, notice the four-digit code that appeared on your screen.
  • Type in the code on your device’s app.
  • After successfully typed in, it will connect with your Fire TV Remote App.
  • The center of the app’s screen helps you to navigate your TV by swiping in any direction.
  • To select tap the center.
  • The bottom buttons are similar to the official remote.
  • The toolbar at the top has various uses.

The one-click launch is the most prominent feature of the remote app.

Advantages Of The Remote App Over The Compatible Remote.

  1. Remote app grants access to Alexa, despite the generation of the device, compatible remote only offers such on older devices.
  2. You can easily access the Apps & games Tool on all apps and select your choice, while the Compatible remote requires you to scroll on your TV.
  3. Easy typing with the Remote App, frustratingly types alphabets with the Compatible remote.

Other keyboard options, they include:

iPazzPort Mini Keyboard – With this bad boy connected to your TV, you get to acquire features not seen on the official remote. It can be connected to a device with an OTG (On The Go) support using an OTG cable. If you can’t use OTG simply because your device doesn’t support it, you might purchase the Bluetooth compatible versions.

MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard With Air Remote Support – This eases the stress of poor mouse control related to the official remote, due to its air support it eliminates stress. It works well with several devices and much more portable than other devices.

Should you still want to replace your broken Firestick and Fire TV remote, you can head over to their store The remotes are compatible with most of their devices since they are the Manufacturers, but the downside is that it is much more expensive than its alternatives. Whatever your reason is, always go for what you really want especially when it comes to the issue of how you pair your Firestick remote

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