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How to Record Macros in Google Spreadsheets

Google rolled out a new feature to be able to record macros in Google spreadsheets when you are working with Spreadsheet. The Google Macros do not require a programming skill. All you need to start recording on Google Spreadsheet with Google Macros is a valid Gmail to access Google Spreadsheet through Google Drive on computer browsers.

Therefore, here is a step to reveal the step by step procedure to record Macros in Google Spreadsheets without programming knowledge. At the end of this post, you will learn how to rename your recorded Macros, assign a shortcut key and how to put your new Macros into action as a bonus.

How Record Macros in Google Spreadsheets

To record Macros in Google sheet “Login” to your “Gmail account” and click on “Google Drive” or visit “https://www.google.com/drive” on your computer browser and “Login” to your “Google Drive” account.

 record Macros in Google Spreadsheet

In your “Google Drive” account click on “My Drive” click on “Google Sheets” and click on “Blank Spreadsheet” or from “Template” if you have an old template you want to edit.

 record Macros in Google Spreadsheet

You can give your new spreadsheet a name if you will like to continue working on the spreadsheet. In the new spreadsheet your open click on “Tools”, select “Macros” from the drop menu and click on “Record Macros” to start recording. After you have finished recording your “Macro” click on “Save”.

 record Macros in Google Spreadsheets

Once you clicked on “Save” button a new window will popup to rename your “Recorded Macros”. You can either create a new name or change the Macros name later.

How to Rename Recorded Macro in Google Spreadsheet

If you plan to record more than a single Macro you should consider renaming your recorded Macros is a must so that you will be able to differentiate between Macros in your archive.

The following steps explain in detail how to “rename recorded Macros” in Google Spreadsheet.

While you are in your Google Spreadsheet click on “Tools” and click on “Macros” from the drop menu. Click on “Manage”.

 record Macros in Google Spreadsheets

Type the name of your “Macros” in the Untitled Macros” and type a NUMBER Between “0-9″ you can easily remember in front of “Ctrl + Alt + Shift +…” to create a “Shortcut” to access your “Macros” and click on “Update” to save changes.

 record Macros in Google Spreadsheets

When you go to tools and click on “Macros” you will see the new “Macros name” and the shortcut key you created to access your “Recorded Macros”.

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