How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

November 2017 this year, Google launch File Go Beta version for an Android phone with both low and high ROM and storage capacity. With Google targetting over 400 million Indian internet users and other Asian countries, the tech giant company have successfully upgraded the File Go Beta to live it in Google play store. Now you can use Google File Go for so many things which we’ll discuss on this blog.

However, other than to free more storage on Android phones and remove duplicate files, this new Google files transfer app is a good replacement for transferring files using Bluetooth, Flash Share, Xender, ShareIt and other apps to transfer files between two Android phones and PC using a Wi-Fi or phone hotspot.

Google being a goal getter made Google File Go available for a device with a minimum of 1GB RAM and running at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The Google file transfer app which was launch early December 2017 has a lot of feature including the feature to free more space on Android phone, identify duplicate files, identify unused apps, collated all app caches to be deleted so to free spaces on your phone.

However, in our previous post, we shared how to use Google file go to identify and remove duplicate files on Android phones using Google File Go App. And here in this post today, I will share the directory process on how to transfer files on an Android phone using a Google app between two Android phones.

Meanwhile, to use this app, the two concern device must have File Go app by Google installed just like the way it normally does happen with Flash Share, ShreIt and other file transfer apps for Android phones.

If you have used Flash Share in the past to transfer files from one Android to another you should find using Google file go so easy to use. In the same wise, the way you can install Flash Share, Xender and ShareIt on PC so also you can install Google File Go.

How to TranHow to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android Appsfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

The process of sending files on an Android phone to another phone using the Google app, File Go is direct and simple. Following the procedure below you will be able to use the new app to your Advantage to transfer files between Android phones.

1. Open Google play store on your phone and search for “Google File Go” with quotes and install the app on your phone or click here to open the file go app directly on your phone play store app.

2. Swipe down your phone settings and enable location sharing on your phone or follow this direction when you open the Google file transfer app [Settings–>Security–>Location–>Toggle On].

How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

3. Click send if you are the one that wants to send files and click receive if you are the files receiver.

4. Google Go File will find the receiver or the sender using your phone hotspot depending on the option you choose on your phone and then click next.

How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

5. Once the next Android phone with File Go that wanted to receive the file is found your devices will connect to each other using the app.

6. Open Google File Go and click Files to open options to select the list of files you want to transfer to another phone.

How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

7. Open files such as a document, images, videos, audio, received files and apps to select the list of files or app you want to transfer by clicking the drop menu before each app and click select after that you can select multiple files.

How to Transfer Files Using Google File Go Android App

Simply… The file will begin to transfer from your phone to the other phone. Meanwhile, the File Go app is an end-to-end encrypted app which means that the files you send and receive are not revealed to a third-party even Google.

They are some other feature to enjoy using the new Google File Go app which we’ll take a look as we continue to spend time with the new app. In case you have anything you need to know about this brilliant Google app, kindly use the comment section or contact us on the site page.

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