How to Get a US IP Address to Mask Your Location to for Free

Sometimes last week I published an article on how to hide IP address on Android phone. A few hours later, I received a message on whether it’s possible to get a valid US IP address from any country without using a VPN. However, the popular way to mask local IP address to a US address is using a private virtual network.

This is the best and that cannot be compromised. Meanwhile, the sole purpose while VPN is the best way to access the internet without a trace, even when you access the dark web is that it gives a 100% anonymous when you check your Whoer.

However, what if you can’t afford to pay for a premium VPN service provider to be used on Android [app] and on a desktop? Then, you should think outside the box on how to get a valid US IP address for free.

The purpose of this article is to take a look at the best way you can have a access to a valid US IP address without VPN or spending your money on a paid web proxy.

Valid US IP Address

How to Get a Valid US IP address

For a personal experience and to secure your account optimally. We do not recommend that you should use this US IP address generators to access a website like PayPal in a country that is not supported or use with Fiverr.

Google Data Saver on Android

Most of us on an Android phone use this feature on Chrome browser to reduce data consumption when we visit a large website. However, this feature on Chrome performs more than what you think.

Apart from the ability to reduce the rate at which a visited web-page consumes your data on Android, the Google Chrome data save also helps to get a valid US IP address.

How does it work?

Whenever you visit a website on your Chrome browser through Google server on your Android, by default you will assume that the IP should be your ISP. However, the Chrome data saver changes it to Google’s IP address.

However, if the Google Chrome data saver is not enabled you will not be able to enjoy this feature.

If you have not enabled Google Chrome data saver here is how to enable it.

To enable Data saver on Chrome. Launch Google Chrome >Go to Settings > Data Saver >Turn it on.

This feature is only valid when you visit an HTTP website.  While on an HTTPS, your real IP address will be the one carrying your activities. You may want to give this a second thought before you visit some websites that required VPN at all cost.

Hola VPN on Chrome Browser

Before the question on how to get a valid US IP address came on board, I have recommended Hola VPN Chrome extension as a favorite extension to remain anonymous online without a trace on PC. However, you can use Hola VPN on a desktop browser as well on mobile.

Before now, it was not possible to use a Chrome extension on Android phone if you don’t want to install an app copy of the same Chrome extension. However, in my previous post on a web browser, I discussed extensively on how to install Chrome extension on a browser on an Android phone.

Although, Hola VPN is not the only VPN to get a valid US IP address without a trace but Hola VPN is 100% free with features similar to paid VPN app for Android phones.

Tor Browser

In a post where I reiterate how to hide IP address on Android phones, I mentioned Tor (Orbot) as one of the best ways to remain untraced on the internet. However, Tor Orbot does not give you 100% US IP address throughout the day. Rather, the VPN browser switches your IP address from one location to another.

In a nutshell, with the Tor browser, you can mask your IP address to a different location without monitoring it yourself. Here is a complete guide I published on how to remain anonymous online with Tor browser.

If you don’t want Google to spy on all your activities even after you have deleted all Google search history or Google activity, it’s advisable to remain anonymous online if you don’t want to be traced.

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