How to Reduce Photo Size on iPhone

Managing storage capacity on any device can prove to be an arduous task when you possess a lot of prized content. Storage is a precious element in every device, and the cheaper and better a storage capacity is, the more files or applications that you can have on your device.

For iPhone users, to reduce photo size on iPhone is one of the ways of dealing with storage issues on iOS devices.

When it comes to a discussion on storage capacity, various users of certain devices – in particular, iPhone users – are insatiable. It is simply a matter of the more storage capacity you have, the more music, videos, or photos you will want to have on your iPhone.

When you purchase your iPhone, it comes with a set storage capacity, which ranges from 16 to 512GB. Music, downloaded apps, videos, photos, other content, maximize storage.

Depending on the capacity size and the amount of content you make available, your iPhone device can fill up and then run out of storage. When this happens, you will not be able to increase storage, but you can free up space.

Photos, to most people, consume a lot of storage on iPhones. Of course, with a sharp and clear camera, there is enough reason to want to capture moments, memories, and any other thing that will fill the gallery section. It is in such circumstances that the user will end up having photos with a larger storage size than that on the device.

You have to save some storage after all but still, be wary of losing certain photos that may be precious to you. When you want to save storage on your phone, a recommended option is to attempt to decrease the file size on your iPhone pictures.

There are several apps that can be used to achieve the purpose of decreasing file sizes on the iPhone device.

This how-to article will focus on the Compress Images app. The Compress Images app is dedicated to reducing the file size of JPEG, PNG, and HEIF images.

There are five easy steps to fabricate your understanding by which you can reduce the file size of images on your iPhone device using Compress Images.

Step 1: How to Reduce Photo Size on iPhone.

shows the photo compression app used to reduce photo file size on iphone

  • The first step in reducing photo file size on your iPhone is to download the Compress Images App from the App Store. With the Compress Images app, you can succeed in limiting the size in bytes of a graphics file without reducing the quality of the image to an unacceptable level. Launch the application.

Reduce Photo Size on iPhone: Step 2

• Launch the Compress Images App

Shows how to use the image compressor app by tapping on a + icon

• Tap the” +” icon that appears
• Open an album then choose the specific photo(s) you’ll like to compress.

Shows iPhone photo gallery
• Then tap ‘Select’ to choose an image

How to Compress Photo Size on iPhone: Step 3

shows the two compression options available for photo file size reduction- image quality and image dimension

This next step is where you make adjustments to the level by which you want to compress your selected images. The image quality and image dimensions are two available levels for compression. Always keep in mind that when you reduce a photo file size, the quality level of that particular photo will also be reduced.
You can also reduce the size of images for a smaller size file.

Step 4 to reduce photo file size on iPhone:

To reduce the image size and quality, these processes will take place in the fourth step

• Hit the Compress images button located at the base

the compression app showing the progress of the compression
• The app downscales the file size of your photos
• The app indicates the new file size of your photo once it has been compressed

the app notifying that the photo file size compression has been successfully done and saved in the media libary

• Your new photos will be saved to camera roll for easy finding

Step 5: At this stage, your compressed photos should have been successfully saved. You can decide to delete the original photos to build storage capacity on your phone.

In today’s new wave of technological improvements, it is possible to make more space available on your iPhone device with the iCloud Photos. The iCloud Photos will help to keep your photos and videos stored in iCloud, and you can have access to them when you want, even without your device

A simple three-step plan for this includes;

1. Tap Settings then navigate to iCloud and then Photos.

Illustrates the process of optimizing iphone storage
2. Turn on iCloud Photos.

An optimization option to manage space on your iPhone
3. Hit Optimize iPhone Storage to save space on your device.

With the Optimize Storage feature, the space-saving photos will be stored on your device, and your original photo versions will be stored in iCloud. If you have enough space in iCloud, you can store as many photos as you deem necessary. And if you desire more storage on your device, you can transfer unwanted photos to your computer, delete some iCloud backups or buy more iCloud storage.

What is your take on this? Have you had any reason to reduce photo size on iPhone or optimize your iPhone storage? We will like to know. Do feel free to share it in the comment section.

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