How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

When you want to repair a bow in Minecraft, you would need to choose from either to lose your enchantments or not. So, if you go with repairing your bow in Minecraft without losing enchantments. You need a tool like Anvil or craft table. Whichever approach you choose to use, what is most important to you is not to lose your enchantments when you are repairing your bow so that our arrow will not be demoted to ordinary bow.

And if you do care about losing all your enchantments, a tool like a grindstone is one of the few recommended tools.

Therefore, in this article, I will walk you through how to fix Minecraft bow with grindstones, Anvil, crafting table and also, how to keep your enchantments when repairs your Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Bow?

Minecraft bow is a weapon on Minecraft game that is used for hunting animals and hacking enemies to death. In the Minecraft game, there are two types of bows; the enchanted bow and the ordinary bow.

Both Minecraft bows are used for the same purpose, but they are powerful than the other. The enchanted bow is more powerful compared to the ordinary bow.

However, while hunting for animals and trying to hack your enemies to death, the bow breaks into pieces you can easily fix them following this guide.

Majorly in this guide, we will use both Anvil and craft table to repair broken Minecraft bow.

Enchanted Bow Vs Ordinary Bow

Enchanted bow comes with levels. When you start playing the Minecraft game, you will be equipped with an ordinary bow, but, as the game becomes hard, say level 2, the bow will be increased to enchanted with a more power arrow for shooting.

However, even though the enchanted bow is far better than the ordinary arrow, you also have to master the art of shooting your arrow at the right time when you are targeting the animals and when you want to kill your enemies.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

You need Anvil to fix Minecraft bow if you do not want to lose your enchantments. Apart from fixing Minecraft bow with Anvil, you can also use the Anvil to combine and rename your items in your inventory.

However, the requirement to craft an Anvil in Minecraft requires you to have 4 iron ingots and 3 iron blocks in your inventory.

  • Open 3*3 grid craft table
  • Arrange the 4 Iron ingots and 3 iron blocks into the grid.
  • The required craft will be created with the Anvil.

How to Repair a Bow without Losing Enchantments with Anvil

It’s believed that you don’t want to lose your enchanted bow when you break it and you are trying to repair it. So, we are going to show you how to repair a bow without losing your enchantments.How to repair a bow in Minecraft

  • Go to your inventory and open Anvil.
  • Insert the bow to repair into the first slot.
  • Insert the material to use to repair the bow into the second slot.
  • The bow will be repaired without you losing your enchantments.

Suppose you have more than a bow to repair with the Anvil, it’s possible. All you need to do is combine the bow with the help of the Anvil while some of your XPs will pay for this.

However, it worth noting that the combination of more than one bow in an Anvil while repairing it will produce a bow that is more powerful than the previous approach to repair your bow without losing your enchantments.

If you want a durable enchanted bow, merge an ordinary bow with the enchanted bow in your inventory.

Note: Level 30 is required for enchanting. The Anvil must accept the job up to the 39th level.

How to Repair Bow in Minecraft using Crafting Table

Another method to use to fix bow in Minecraft is by using the crafting table, and we will discuss that in this section.How to repair a bow in Minecraft

  • Open the craft table and drop two regular bows into it from the inventory box.
  • The repair will start.

Meanwhile, the broken bow becomes more reliable and strong when repaired using the crafting table. Instead of dropping a regular bow for repair in the crafting table, you can also use the normal or ordinary bow.

Importance of Crafting Table in Fixing Minecraft Bow

The reason why you may want to use the crafting table to repair your Minecraft bow is to add a bit of enchantment to the ordinary bow. This, instead of repairing the bow as an ordinary bow, increases the level a bit and turns it to a bit of enchanted bow.

When you repaired an ordinary bow using the crafting table, it brings more ability and power to the bow, unlike how it was before the was repaired.

How to Use Repaired Bow in Minecraft

After repaired, you need to use the bow with or without enchantments to combat with your enemies and animals. Here is how to use Minecraft bow.

  • You need at least one arrow in your inventory or the creative mode.
  • Make sure that the bow is charged if not fully charged.
  • Pursue the animal or enemy to kill with full speed
  • Drawback the bows with the arrow inserted.
  • Since the arrow that usually shown inside the bow is regular or ordinary bow regardless of the type of arrow you are using to do the firing.
  • When the bow is drawn, the screen becomes zoomed, and an indicator will come up indicating that the bow is fully charged.
  • Now release the button to release the arrow from the bow.

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