How to Screen Share on Discord

How to Screen Share on Discord has been discussed and explained in this article with clear details and pictures for proper understanding.

Screen sharing is an exciting thing not only on Discord but on other platforms.

As we all know, when you share your screen with other people you feel that connection, and it also bridges the gap created by long conversations, as people can see what you are doing at that point in time

Discord is a social platform based on gaming. You can create communities of any kind; you can as well live stream contents, do video conversations, and voice calls with other people on the platform.

Discord is always underrated in my own opinion because Discord with it so many features should be rated among the top social media platforms, but that is a topic for another day.

Since you can create your community on Discord, you might as well want to grow the community you’ve created, and screen sharing his a way to do that.

Screen share on Discord helps you to share gameplay with people in your community; with family and friends. I myself have used Discord to chat with people and ask them for technical help which I couldn’t do myself. I have met some good friends on discord that actually offered me some tools which would have cost me a whole lot of money if I should purchase them.

There are communities on discord that offer Grammarly premium for free, though doesn’t actually work for a long time but it will help you at that point in time to solve problems that would have cost you money. I’m just saying this to elaborate on the importance of Discord screen sharing. And if you have not started using Discord to actually try it out with this screen sharing technique which we’ll be sharing in this article

Before the end of this article, you will be able to understand how to screen share on Discord. All you have to do is read this article to the end, to get all you need to know about discord and it’s screen sharing feature.

How to Use Screen Share on Discord

To use Discord screen sharing, first, enter an audio channel on the server. Once there, you can choose to join a video call or share your screen. (If you choose a video, you can switch to show you the screen from within the video call as well by clicking the screen button). Discord will then prompt you to choose which app or screen you want to “run”. You will then start sharing your screen with the audio. If you want to share a screen without sound, tap the microphone button in voice chat to mute your voice. While sharing your screen, you can also continue to communicate via text channels.

Normally, up to 10 other people can join and view your Discord stream, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Discord has temporarily raised this limit to 50. If you want to go back to viewing webcam video while sharing your screen, just click a button on the video.

How to Share your Screen to a Discord server

The Screen Sharing feature was released on Discord in August 2017. It allows users on the Discord server to view and interact with your screen.

You and 9 co-workers can have a live video chat and share desktop screens at the same time.

Below, we’ll walk you step-by-step through setting up Discord to manage this feature and enable screen sharing.

First, we’ll look at the basic audio and video settings that you must have set up in order to take advantage of all of Discord’s features, especially if you want to talk via screen sharing or share your screen at the same time while having a live video chat.

How to Screen Share on Discord

To Screen share on Discord launch the Discord app on the desktop. Now you will need a dedicated server to share your screen. If you already have one, you can skip the next few steps. If you do not have a server for your community, click on the “+” icon in the left sidebar.

How to Screen Share on Discord

Now click on “Create my own.”

How to Screen Share on Discord

Add a name and picture for the Discord server now.

How to Screen Share on Discord

Click “Create” once done.

How to Screen Share on Discord
By default, you will now have one text and one audio channel. You will need an audio channel to share your screen with all participants. If you want to create a new custom audio channel, click on the “+” icon next to the sub-section “Voice Channels”.

How to Screen Share on Discord

Now check the “Voice Channel” box.

Add a custom name for your new channel. Additionally, if you want to preserve channel privacy, turn on the toggle for “Private channel”.

Once done, click “Create a channel”.

How to Screen Share on Discord

Now click on the new channel you just created in the left sidebar. Discord will automatically connect to that channel and you will be connected through audio using your system’s virtual microphone. If you want to turn off the audio input from your default microphone, click the “microphone” icon at the bottom.

Now click on “Screen” to share your screen.

How to Screen Share on Discord

You will now see two tabs named “Applications” and “Screen.” If you want to share a specific app that will be shared with the channel, you can select it below the Applications section.

In this case, no other window of your system will be visible to other users, even if the specified window is minimized or closed. Monitors allow you to select which screen to share with the channel if a multi-screen setting is present.

If you have a single display setup, your entire screen will be shared by default if you select this option. Select the option that best suits your requirements for streaming.

How to Screen Share on Discord

Note: If you share your screen, everything on your screen will be visible in the channel. This can put your private data and sensitive information at risk in certain situations. Ensure you practice proper safety before sharing your screen completely.

Once selected, you will be prompted to select the resolution and bitrate of your broadcast. Higher values ​​lead to better quality but use more network bandwidth. Select the best settings for your broadcast based on your network capabilities.

Click on “Go Live.”

How to Screen Share on Discord: Conclusion

Broadcasting on discord is very easy once you understand how it works. It would be a bit confusing if you hadn’t used this feature before. I hope the instructions for using this feature were helpful at least in giving you an idea of ​​how the discord flow option works.

The basic Discord options work well without Nitro on their own, however, Nitro allows for increased quality in a lot of streaming options. Regardless of whether or not you have Discord Nitro, I hope this gives you a general feel for streaming with Discord.

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