How to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify

How to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify has been simplified in this article; all you need to do read to the end and discover all you need to know.

Let’s admit it. We were all ashamed of finding a song by knowing only part of its lyrics. So far, searching the web has been a good idea, but it only takes two steps before you can search for the song title on Spotify.

Fortunately, Spotify makes it easy for you to find a song by just knowing the lyrics that Apple Music has had for over two years. In this article, we are going to explain what Spotify Lyrics Search is, how it works, how you can get it, and how it works in Spotify, and ultimately how to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify

How to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify

What is Spotify Lyrics Search and how does it work?

Spotify has introduced a new feature for its users that allows them to find a title by searching for words in the texts. Songs with matching lyrics are shown in search results with the tag “Lyrics Match”.

Searching for a song by lyrics should be useful for anyone unsure of the name of the song, artist, or album. The ability to access the song by browsing its lyrics saves you from searching the web for the lyrics, getting the song title, and then returning to Spotify to search for the song title found, saving you a lot of your precious money Time. . .

It can also be useful if you aren’t using Google Assistant to get results about what’s going on around you, or if you don’t have Now Playing on your smartphone. Lyric Search appears to have had an impact on the previous launch of Spotify’s Live Lyrics feature, which was released in June 2020.

How to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify

Using the new text finder is as easy as searching for a track on Spotify.

If you’re using Spotify on your mobile device, open the Spotify app and navigate to the “Search” tab at the bottom. From the search screen, tap the text box at the top of the screen and enter the text for the song you want to listen to.

Spotify mentions that you need to enter at least 3 words of the song text for Spotify to search for them. If you use more than 3 letters in our tests, you will get a more precise search result than if you limit the search to just 3 words. This becomes clear in the following screenshots.

Songs with the same lyrics or words will appear in search results with a “Lyrics Match” tag. You can tap the song with a “Letter Match” tag to play it and try different tracks before you find the song you’re looking for.

The text search function is also available in Spotify apps on Mac and Windows. It can also be accessed using the Spotify web player, although the Letter Match tag may not be visible when used. in the PC.

Where can I use the ‘Lyrics Search’ feature?

We tested the new Find Songs by Text feature on Spotify on multiple devices and we can confirm that the music streaming company has started rolling it out on all platforms where it is available. In our tests, Spotify Lyrics Search works in the Spotify app on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. The function can also be used if you are using Spotify Web Player in your default browser.

How to get the “Lyrics Search” feature from Spotify

You can install the Lyrics Search feature on your device by updating and installing the latest version of the Spotify app on your PC or mobile device. You can do this by looking at the links below:

  • Android
  • ios
  • Mac
  • windows
  • Spotify Web Player


The ongoing feature battle between Spotify and Apple Music continues. The two big music services often add features that seem to be inspired by their competitors. The last one is finding letters. A Spotify engineer tweeted recently that users can now type text into the app’s search box to get results for songs Apple Music has been offering since late 2018. That is what has been explained in this article which is how to Search Songs by Lyrics on Spotify.

As you can see in the screenshot above, songs that contain the lyrics you entered have a “Lyrics Match” tag. They are displayed alongside other potential outcomes. So watch out for this tag when searching specifically by letters.

Spotify is also releasing a bunch of new top music charts today with a bit of an odd twist. A new Twitter account at @spotifycharts will preview the top albums of the week, followed Friday through Thursday. There’s a table of the best United States-focused albums and a global view, and they’re released every Monday. In addition to the weekly summary of the album, the Spotify Charts account also contains the 50 best songs of the week from the USA and around the world.

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