Duolingo Review: Learning 60 Languages in 60 Days for Free

Duolingo is one of out numerous Android apps in Google play store with more than 120 million active users to learn new language without going to classroom for lecture. It’s a free learning language app with more than 12 languages you can learn at the comfort of your room.

In the past few weeks I have been learning French language using duolingo without sign. In fact, no sign up is required to learn your favorite language using the language learning app on your Android phone.

Duolingo language app is written in English language, and it’s viable for learning most difficult language such a Spanish, Italian, and the likes. However, if you are aspiring to learning new language without classroom or taking extra lesson, here in this post I’ll introduce you to the most popular language learning app for Android users.

But for the sake of those that love to language learning favorite language directly from lingo official site, you may have to login using your duo-lingo login details. However, in this post we’d also take a look at how to create duo-lingo account as part of duolingo review.

Just make sure you pay more attention to the entire post and read everything over and over again to understand fully the masterpiece you need not to undermine the learning app.

Not only that you will also learn how to create your own duo-lingo profile, how to sign in to your duo_lingo account, number of languages you can learning with this app, and lot more.

The purpose of this post is to write an epic duolingo review, most especially how to use duolingo language learning app and share with you everything you need to know about duolingo if you have not downloaded it. Right now, the language learning app is currently installed by 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 million people on Android alone.

Coupled with number of users on windows and on iOS, duolingo can account for over 150 million active users on entire platform (Android, iOS and windows).

Let start duolingo review on the go….

What is Doulingo App all About

Duolingo app is a language learning app for smartphone users to learning new language without going to classroom or attending lectures. With the duo language learning app you can learn the following languages .

  • Latin American Spanish.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Dutch.
  • Swedish….

On your smartphone without registration or necessarily need to sign in or sign up for a new account. For personal conviction on this language learning app watch the video below.

How to Create Duolingo Account on PC

As part of our review we promised to show to you how to create duo.lingo account so that you will be able to sign. in And here are the few things you need to have a valid account with lingo language learning app.

  1. Valid email account or Gmail account. How to create a gmail account, sign in, send messages and sign out.

2.  Internet connection and browser on your smartphone or PC.

Following the steps below will guide you through how to create lingo duo account.

1. Visit the doulingo official website and click sign in, and then on create account to the bottom right and click on create duolingo account.

Duolingo review

2. To get started click on create duolingo classroom to proceed to duoling0 classroom information

Duolingo classroom

3. On your classroom page, give a name to your classroom and select language you will love to learn. In my own case, I selected French. If you so wish, you can simply select another language depending on your interest.

Then click on continue button to proceed to the next page

Duolingo lecture fee

4. Click on either share link with your students in case you have learners following your foot step or create account for individual student and click continue to proceed.

Duolingo classroom

5. Duolingo will generate your classroom link for you to share with your students. Kindly copy the code or the URL for your students to be able to access your duolingo classroom. And finally download your lingo classroom pdf for set up instruction and click continue.Duolingo updates

Note: If you follow the exact steps in this post you should be taken to your classroom and you can start inviting more students to your classroom

How to Create Duolingo Profile on Android Phone

If you have smartphone with internet connection, you can also download duolingo app and start learning new languages on your smartphone without creating a classroom or without attending classroom lectures. However , here is what to do to create your duolingo profile on Android phone.

1. Download and install duolingo language learning app directly from the play store.

2. After installation, a list of language to choose from will pop up. To start learning instantly kindly select the language you want to learn and you classroom begin instantly. However, click on the 3-dots to the right of the app interface after language selection and click on create profile.

3. You can create your profile using Facebook or Google. But for security reasons, it’s advisable to us the first option which is name and email option. Enter a valid name,  gmail, password and then click on next to proceed your profile creation.

Note: You cannot use the same details previously used on PC on Android. However, if you have created an account on PC there is not need creating a new account on your smarphone. However, you only need to sign to your duolingo account to start taking your classroom section with your students.

How to Sign in Duolingo Account

Following the same procedure in creating duolingo account above you will be able to sign into your account on mobile and on PC. To sign in to your account on your Smartphone, click on the drop menu and select sign in. Afterward enter your email or name and your password (ensure to enter correct password) and click on sign in.

Do you have any issue with duolingo language learning app? Kindly share it via the comment section and we’d be glad to be of help.

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