How to Use Instagram on PC With the Help of Instagram App for PC

Has it ever happened to you that you need to start using Instagram app for PC with or without bluestacks? Or you just want to enlarge your coast in order to be able to Instagram  direct message on windows 10 or downgraded version such as windows 7, windows 8, and windows 8.1?

Well, the dream of every Instagram users after sign up is to find convenience way of using the platform most especially on desktop computer. Although most people contemplate whether Instagram app for PC they’re want to download would work on 64-bits computer or not. However, the procedure to use Instagram on PC doesn’t differentiate bit before it start working. It works on 32-bits and 64-bits respectively.

In this post today, you will learn how to install Instagram on PC using Instagram app for PC with the help of bluestacks. Meanwhile, if you have been around for a while you should have heard about Whatsapp for PC, and of course you may want to check how to use one Whatsapp account on two devices.

Instagram App for PC

The first step to start using Instagram on PC without Bluestacks is through Instagram official website. First visit Instagram website at “Instagram” and login to your Instagram account with your login details you previously created when you signed up Instagram account.

The most annoying part of using Instagram directly on web browser is that you will not be able to send direct message on Instagram and as such, it makes using Instagram on web browser really wacks. However, to conquer this limitation on Instagram, I’m going to take my time to put you through how you can send direct message on Instagram on your computer desktop or laptop.

Instagram App for PC Using Bluestacks

Bluestack is a mobile emulator which makes it easy to use any mobile app on desktop or laptop and operate the said app just like on mobile phone. The same bluestacks can be use to run Whatsapp on PC without installing Whatsapp for PC or download Whatsapp for PC.

However, here in this section you will learn exactly how to install Instagram app for PC with bluestacks emulator for PC.

1. Download and install bluestacks for PC from Bluestacks official website. It’s extremely easy installing Bluestacks, so you do not need rocket scientist knowledge.

Instagram app for PC

Note: Bluestacks files size is a little bit huge. It’s of advise that you make use of Wi-Fi to download bluestacks app for PC.

2. After complete installation click on finish button to proceed. Now, you have to wait for some minutes for the app to load for the first time and once booting is done you will see a welcome page. Kindly click on the arrow to the right.

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

3. After the first screen, Bluestacks will request for your Gmail login details, kindly enter it and click on the right arrow to proceed from the login page.

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

4. After you have successfully set up your Bluestacks after login with your Gmail credentials, a new page will pops up similar to the previous page.  Then click on the search box as highlighted in the image below.

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

5. Right in the search bar that opened up, type and search for ‘Instagram

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

6. Now, you will be directed to Google Play Store on Bluestacks page. Then click on Install to Install Instagram on your desktop or laptop computer.

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

7. The Instagram app for PC will be installed on your computer via the virtual Android device popularly known as Bluestacks.

8. Once Instagram has been successfully installed on your desktop. Locate the app and click on it to login to your Instagram account on your desktop to send your first Instagram direct message on PC.Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

9. Now, enter you Instagram login details and click on login below the column for your logins

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

10. Instagram will be opened on your desktop computer or laptop as if you are using the app on your smartphone.

Use Instagram app on PC without Bluestacks

That is all about using Instagram on desktop with the help of Bluestacks.

 As at the time of writing this post, Instagram has not integrated the feature to use Instagram to send direct messages on desktop or launch Instagram app for PC without bluestacks. With this procedure you can run Instagram app on PC using Bluestacks for Windows.

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