How to Remove Facebook Tags of Post, Photos and Comments

How to remove Facebook tags from posts, comments, photos, and links.

Facebook has made life so easy that you can easily tag tens of hundreds of friends to a post to call their attention to it. Also, your friends can tag you to a post you don’t know anything about. That is the power of Facebook log activity. Facebook tags means mini-broadcast to tell a friend you have new update they need to take a look, perhaps comment, share, and like. However, this pioneer feature of Facebook has caused lot of people head ache and they keep searching for how to remove a tag on Facebook of someone else from Facebook activity logs including how to leave Facebook groups, how to delete Facebook private chat, how to send files on Facebook to friends using Facebook messenger.

The Facebook tag feature doesn’t only function on new post, some people also tag friends under comments to call their attention to the post in case the post author did not tag the right person or the people that most likely going to love or have interest in the post.

When your friends on Facebook tagged you to a post or to a comment you keep getting notifications from the post outside the normal notifications on the post your friend posted. However, this may be really annoying and there may be a need to remove yourself from the tag or the friend removed you from the tag. However, Facebook gives every users, new or old to interact with Facebook activity log to pull out of the tag with out notifying your friend that you have un-tagged yourself from the post.

The purpose of this post today is to share with you how to remove Facebook tags you no longer want to get its notifications whether you are tagged in the comment section or you are tagged to the main post before it was published.

Also, the procedure work perfect on how to remove Facebook tags from Facebook photos, how to untag someone in a photo on Facebook and stop getting notification.

How to Remove Facebook Tags And Stop Getting Notifications

This post will put an end to how to remove Facebook tags of friends at once and how to remove others that you have tagged on Facebook posts or photo under post and comments. The following procedure work perfectly on PC and on smartphone.

1. Login to your Facebook account through Facebook app. If you don’t have Facebook app installed on your device already kindly install Facebook for Android, iOS , and Windows on your device before we proceed.

2. Scroll down to the post you are tagged to or click on notification icon for easy access and click on the activity log in front of the list of tagged names.

Remove Facebook tags

3. A window will pops up from below the page containing turn off notifications from this post, save post, remove tag, and I don’t like this post.

Just click on remove tag for Facebook algorithm to remove you from been tagged and to also stop sending classifications to your.

Remove Facebook tags

Note: The moment you clicked on remove tag you will not be tagged to the post again and you will stop receive notifications from the post or photo or comments.

Were you able to remove Facebook tags from post you are tagged with and stop getting notifications from tagged post?

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