Is The iPhone XR Waterproof

Is the iPhone XR waterproof? No! iPhone XR isn’t waterproof it’s water-resistant. No iPhone X, XS, and XR variants are not 100% waterproof because water enters into the phone if they spent more than 30 minutes in water that is 3 feet depth.

The iPhone XR is a water-resistant phone with “IP67” under the IEC standard 60529. This means that the iPhone XR can survive when it mistakenly fell into the water.

The way the iPhone XR is designed, it’s designed to resist water from entering into the device for 30 minutes in a 1 meter water. This is not like the iPhone 9 which can survive in water whose depth is 2 meter for half an the iPhone XR Waterproof

is the iPhone XR Waterproof?

No! the iPhone XR is not completely waterproof. It’s partially a waterproof device for 30 meters if the water depth is not more than 3 feet or 1 meter just like the swimming pool water.

iPhone XR “IP67” rating means that the Apple device is completely a dust-resistant device. That is the highest rating a device can get. However, the iPhone XR “IP67” rating value “7” means that the Apple device is running the second highest-level of moisture or water protection feature.

Despite that the iPhone XR isn’t completely waterproof, the phone still survives water splash. However, if you must use the iPhone XR in the swimming pool we recommend that you use the iPhone XR waterproof case.

Don’t forget to get a waterproof case whose “IP” rating is higher than the default “iPhone XR” “IP” rating of “67”. You should consider the “IP” rating “68”, that is, “IP68” waterproof case for iPhone XR. If you can’t find any consider the “Lifeproof” waterproof case for iPhone.

With the waterproof case, your Apple device will be kept completely from dust, dew, water splash, toilet water, and many more without damaging your phone.

Water Damage Voids AppleCare Warranty

Apple doesn’t care about your phone when it’s damaged by water or other liquid substances. Although the iPhone XR is partially waterproof for just 30 minutes in a 3 feet deep water the phone warranty doesn’t cover the expense to repair or return the device when the device is exposed to water and damaged the device.

However, of all the iPhones water-resistant device there is no one that Apple take responsibility for when the device starts malfunctioning due to water damage.

What is iPhone XR “IP” Rating

“IP” means “ingress protection” which is used to describe the level of “dust” and “water” protection of a device. The “IP” rating ranges fro “0-8” where “0” is the least and “8” is the highest rating for any device.

The “iPhone XR IP rating” “IP67” means that the device features the highest dust protection feature and second highest water protection level.

IP Rating Interpretation

When a phone “IP” rating is “IP67”, like “iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2 it means that the iPhone dust protection is at maximum. Since dust protection rating is between “0-6”. And featuring the second-highest “water protection” which “7” represents, it means that the phone or device will survive water splash or when it dropped in water for 30 minutes highest water whose depth is 1 meter of 3 feet approximately.

iPhone XR is Waterproof?

The iPhone XR is not completely waterproof against water. The device has the highest dust protection rating. The water-resistant iPhone XR survive in water for 30 minutes when submerged in water whose deep is not more than 3 feet.

Hopefully, this article clarifies your thought whether the iPhone XR is waterproof or water-resistant.

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