Katarzyna Kobro: Who was the Polish Researcher?

Katarzyna Kobro, is well known polish Artisist, who is recognized as a  Polish avant-garde sculptor and a undying representative of the Constructivist movement in Poland. 

Katarzyna was born in Moscow, Russia in the year 1898 and, She comes from a parents of mixed background making her roots multinational. 

Although, Katarzyna Kobro isn't alive but When she was their was no specific way to determine the current Katarzyna Kobro net worth however, since she is is a sculptor and Sculptor or, according to some websites, earns at least $74,576 per year. 

She must have lived comfortably i b must have made a decent living as a result of her work.

Katarzyna Kobro, also known as kobo Katrina was born on January 26, 1898, in Moscow, Russia. She was a prominent sculptor and art theoretician who pioneered multi-dimensional sculptures that were quite innovative.

She comes from a mixed-race. Her dad (Nikolai Alexander Michael von Kobro) was from Germany and her mom (Evgenia Rozanov) was from Russia. Her family resided in Riga, Latvia, until the outbreak of the first world war made them relocate to Moscow, Russia. she is a Russian citizen and was a Christian, and wasn’t the only child of her parent. she had two sisters named Maria and vera.

Currently, Katarzyna Knobro is late. She Passed away at the age of 53,

Katarzyna Kobro Early Life & Education

Kobro spent the earlier part of her life in Riga before she moved to Moscow, Russia with her family due to the war in the year 1915.

In the year 1916, Kobro Katrina graduated from high school and went on to volunteer as a nurse since that was a norm for young girls during that period.

However, She expressed interest in arts and sculpting from a very tender age. This made it easy for her to focus her education by attending the Moscow school of painting, sculpture, and architecture in Ulitsa Rozhdestvenka, (1917) Moscow. Her artistic skill blossomed and her passion for art pushed her to draw on Bread, and then plaster.

While still in school Katarzyna Kobro joined the Trade Union of Painters of the City of Moscow in the year 1918. It was a group of left-leaning artists which consisted of like minds such as Kazimir Malevich, Olga Rozanova, Vladimir Tatlin, and Alexander Rodchenko.

Her association with this group had a huge influence on Katarzyna Kobro’s work most of whom probably influenced Kobro’s work and assisted her in creating her first sculpture in 1920. just after her marriage with Wladyslaw Strzemiski, who was also an artist.

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Katarzyna Kobro Career

A few years After her marriage Kobro and Strzemiński left Russia due to the escape from the mounting terror and war and they fled to Poland through an illegal border crossing in the year 1921. They both established themselves in Szcekociny and later moved to Koluszki where they worked as teachers.

In the year 1924, they did a church wedding in Riga to ensure her return and stay in Poland. A few years after she was able to get Polish citizenship.

Later on, she created two crucial sculptures: Rzeźba przestrzenna (Spatial Sculpture) which is partly reconstructed today, and the Kompozycja przestrzenna (Spatial Composition). she used expressive abstract forms and geometric shapes for these sculptures.

This feat became the basis for most of her distinguished works. Unfortunately, it was a challenge to understand her art most especially for those outside of her artistic circles

Two years after Katarzyna Kobro co-founded the Praesens group which consisted of architects Bohdan Lachert and Szymon Syrkus and in 1929 she decided to abscond from the group due to difference in the group content.

Her husband Kobro, Strzemiński, with some friends he’s met in the art field went ahead to start the AR. group. Which is the short form of “Revolutionary Artists” or “Real Avant-Garde”.

Katarzyna Kobro went ahead to take part in the Łódź Collection of Modern Art, which was opened in the year 1931. years after she diverted to teaching interior decoration till the war was declared. The peak of her productivity lasted from 1922 to 1939.

During her career, most of her spatial sculpting wasn’t readily accepted because her critics felt sculptures were supposed to be made up of a solid mass as compared to the spatiality which Kobro mostly used in her work, while she was exhibiting in Poland.

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Katarzyna Kobro Child

Katarzyna Kobro does have a daughter named Nika. The birth of the child made it hard for Kobro to give in time to practice her art due to the constant sickness the child exhibited. On the brink of the year, she was able to exhibit her works.

But, around the late 1930’s kobro spent these periods mostly keeping house and taking care of the child. During this period there wasn’t any surety whether she created some extra sculpting pieces, since she had to move too frequently due to the war, 

Her husband Strzemińskis returned to Łódź in 1940, unfortunately, the people that collected the apartment, threw away her artworks before she came back. However, she was able to find some of her work on a scrap-heap

Katarzyna Kobro Relationships

Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro got married to the painter Wlaysaw strzemiski who was a polish artist in the year 1920. The wedding was a memorable one as they did it in front of family and friends.

They didn’t have any breakout or divorce during their marriage since they related well. Later Kobro gave birth and they had a wonderful time going through the highs and lows of life together.

Katarzyna Kobro Net Worth

When Katarzyna moved to Poland with her husband. she started as a teacher, the salary won’t be that much but she also makes one as a sculptor and based on statistics, a sculptor makes about $74,576 per year.

What this means is that her average yearly income stands at $74,576 per year. it could be more or less than that.

Katarzyna Kobro Legacy

Under the influence of Constructivism, she rejected individualism, subjectivism, and expressionism, and instead postulated the absolute objectivism of form. Her main aim was to build an abstract work of art, based on universal and objective rules discovered through experimentation and analysis.

Her sculpture conceptualized infinite space, which was to be seen as uniform and without focal or reference points (such as the origin of a coordinate system).

Therefore, she strove to organize space in such a way that it would not be divided into space enclosed within the form and excluded from it, but instead for the work to coexist with space and to allow space to penetrate it.

Katarzyna Kobro art

During her life, she sculptured quite a lot of art pieces that were lost due to the war and some were used as firewood to prepare food for her hungry daughter. 

however below are the one’s that are currently available with their picture displayed below

Katarzyna Kobro

  • Rzeźba Abstrakcyjna I Katarzyna Kobro • 1924
  • Rzeźba Abstrakcyjna II Katarzyna Kobro • 1924
  • Kompozycja Przestrzenna I Katarzyna Kobro • 1925
  • Rzeźba Przestrzenna Katarzyna Kobro • 1925
  • Sculpture Spatiale Katarzyna Kobro • 1928
  • Spatial Composition 4 Katarzyna Kobro • 1928
  • Spatial Composition II Katarzyna Kobro • 1928
  • Spatial Composition Nr. 6 Katarzyna Kobro • 1931
  • Spatial Composition 9 Katarzyna Kobro • 1933

She also has some paintings which were thrown away by the new occupant who took over their apartments where she spent the holiday with her husband

Below are some related questions regarding the life of Katarzyna Kobro that you might be curious to know about.

How old is Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro faced quite a lot of difficulties in the latter part of her life due to her daughter’s sickness. During this period, she wasn’t able to sculpt more pieces as her devotion to her home and daughter sapped her creativity and time.

She lived an artistic life and achieved quite a lot of feats and recognition such as the famous doddle that Google used through a doddle displayed on their search engine which was visible to people in the USA and Poland 

As of today, she will be 124 years of age but she is late.

How did Katarzyna Kobro die

After achieving some level of success as an artist and a sculptor she ended up splitting with her husband leaving her all alone to take care of her daughter Nika who was always sick and required attention. 

She died at the age of 59 Forgotten, poor, and almost completely alone, due to incurable cancer in 1951. while her husband died at 59 years old and her kid Passed away on October 13, 2001.

Katarzyna Kobro special compositum

Katarzyna Kobro sculpted most of her spatial compositum sculpture wasn’t readily accepted and criticized because they couldn’t see how a sculpture will be made spatially instead of being in mass solid. All these happened while she was at an exhibition in Poland. During this period she began to gain some recognition.

Is Katarzyna Kobro dead

She has been dead 72 years ago, after battling an incurable cancer disease all alone. Initially, she collapsed in the year 1950 due to cancer and later passed away in 1951, leaving her daughter alone to fend for herself. But Nika went on to become an author and therapist.

Initially, she collapsed in the year 1950 due to cancer and later passed away in 1951, leaving her daughter alone to fend for herself. But Nika went on to become an author and therapist.

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