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How to Connect a Phone to LG Home Theatre

The new LG Home theatre has a Bluetooth feature enables to connect all Bluetooth device to the home theatre. LG home theatre with Bluetooth includes the LHD457B, AUD 675 LHD5.1, LHD655B, LHD457, LG655B, LHD647, LHD675BG, LHD756TW, LHD667, LHB655NW, DH6631T, DH6320H, BH9540TW with a free HDMI, 4 long speakers, 4 stands, a woofer a DVD player, remote control, full HD upscaling, and many more features.

You can also go for an LG home theatre without Bluetooth and a DVD player while you purchase the DVD player separately. But if you are getting everything together as I do, you should consider the one with Bluetooth.

The most enticing of this feature is the ability to connect any Bluetooth enabled device to the LG media player within the range. The downside of the LG home theatre with Bluetooth mentioned above is that it often disrupted when you are not within the Bluetooth range and it all depends on the device you are using.

Some devices work smoothly when you connect your Bluetooth while some jacks. The worst part of the Bluetooth I don’t like is that the device stopped playing if a call came in. This is unlike while using your phone Bluetooth to transfer documents or movies or music to another Bluetooth enabled device and call came in which can easy reconnect again once the call ends.

My own version of the LG Home Theatre with Bluetooth doesn’t auto reconnect when disconnected. This implies that I’ve to manually reconnect it again from the start. Sometimes I often stop playing the music and then restart reconnection from the beginning.

Can you watch videos on phone using Bluetooth on your LG home theatre that has Bluetooth feature? I tried this and it connected successfully but it doesn’t display the video graphics. It only brings out the sound and I was able to hear every conversation in the movie.

However, to connect a phone to a Home theatre, say the LG Home theater, you need to connect the phone to the TV and then use the Home theatre speaker and woofer and the output device.

Also, the HDMI available is to connect a PC to the home theatre and not for connecting the LG Home theater to a phone.

This is not an LG home theatre review rather a tutorial to connect a phone to LG home theatre.

Note: If you are using the old LG home theatre version you cannot use the Bluetooth feature. You cannot also swap. This implies that if you want to use an LG home theatre with Bluetooth you have to purchase either of the version mentioned above.

LG Home Theatre with Bluetooth

 Use an “LG Home Theatre With Bluetooth”

Here is a step by step procedure I used to connect my LG Home theatre that has Bluetooth with other Bluetooth enabled device.

1. Press the power button on your LG Home theatre and wait for the welcome message to pop.

2. Go to your remote control and press the “Function” button below the red power button on the remote

3. Use the left arrow button to navigate to “Bluetooth” before the FM antenna feature.

4. The LG home theatre indicator in the DVD player will indicate “Be Ready” which means your device is ready to connect to available Bluetooth device you choose to go with.

5. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device and click on the LG home theatre Bluetooth name. It’s usually in the form LG:xxxx where the “xxxx” stands for 4 digits.

The digits vary, so my own Bluetooth digits are different from your own or other LG home theatre device.

Once the two devices are connected the “Be Ready” will change to “connected” and later change to the name of your “phone”. If your phone is Infinis or iPhone or Samsung it will change to it and if you have changed your Bluetooth name it will change to it instead of the phone name and you can just relax to enjoy the new LG home theatre with Bluetooth.

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  1. Your explanation is quite commendable. I have this annoying experience with my LG C45 Xboom, whereby anybody leaving close to me can have unauthorized access to the system and begin to play his/her own music, even when it is switched off, with the bluetooth set to “lock”. Pls is there a way I can put an end to this?


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