How to Fix Peloton Bike (+) Won’t Turn On

Keeping fit is very important and with the Peloton bike and bike + your home workout should yield a result. But, how would you feel if you reach out to your peloton to start your training but your Peloton won’t turn on? 

Don’t stress over it. Here we will explain how to fix the peloton won’t turn on if the problem is not mechanical.

But if the Peloton won’t turn on happens to be a mechanical problem then you might need to see an expert to repair your Peloton bike.

However, the reason why the Peloton bike failed to turn on has to do with the bike connection and if it loses out it won’t turn on forever until fixed. 

The more reason why you need to check your Peloton bike connection before starting it is to avoid this kind of problem that can cause the Peloton bike not to start.

A cross-examines shows that the first thing to do to your Peloton bike every morning is to plug the bike into a power source, make sure there is a connection established at the bike power brick, underneath the bike, the resistance mechanic which is up, and check the display panel at the back.

With all these in place, you will be able to tell whether your Peloton bike is ready to turn or won’t turn on.

If your Peloton bike is becoming of age there is a possibility that the bike connections will lose thereby leaving the bike with the inability to turn on when you press the power button.

How to Fix Peloton Won’t Turn on

There are some steps to take when the Peloton bike won’t turn on to make sure that everything is in other. And belove we discussed all possible means to fix the Peloton bike turn on problem.

So, check the following and make sure everything is properly fixed.

Check your Peloton Bike Power Plug and Brick

The first step to take when your Peloton bike+ won’t turn on is to check both the power plug and power brick. If there is a breach between them the bike won’t turn on for as long as the breach is not fixed.

What we are trying to say here is that…

  • Make sure that the Peloton bike cord is connected to the socket and it is connected to the power source.
  • Also, check that the plug is connected to the Peloton bike power brick. This is important. If the Peloton bike cable is plugged properly into the power socket and it fails to connect to the power brick, the Peloton won’t turn on.

Now, reach out to the Peloton bike power button and press it whether the bike will turn on. If it fails to turn on then the problem has nothing to do with the Peloton bike power plug and brick.

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Check your Peloton Bike Power Adapter

If both the power plug and power brick are well connected yet the Peloton bike failed to turn on then we need to turn our attention to the bike power adapter. The power adapter is where your Peloton bike power cord supply connects to the bike via the base of the bike.

The bike adapter must be connected to the power cord supply for the Peloton bike to turn otherwise the Peloton bike won’t turn on.Peloton won't turn on

There is a way to fix this; disconnect the Peloton bike power adapter from the power cord and reconnect them again. Make sure they are firmly connected and reach out to turn on your Peloton bike.

However, for Peloton bike +, you will notice a white light once the adapter has been connected perfectly. This will give you a hint whether the power cord and adapter are well connected.

But for an ordinary Peloton bike, there is no indicator to confirm that both the power cord and adapter have been connected. All you need to do is to push the power cord into the adapter port to make sure there is a connection. 

Check your Peloton Bike Resistance Mechanism

This is an advanced method to check and fix the Peloton bike won’t turn on. The reason is that it has to do with wiring. However, it’s recommended to do this during broad daylight in other not to mix the connection. Also, avoid all forms of distraction from people around.

Now, look closely at the Peloton bike resistance mechanism and see how the arrangements are done. If you pay full attention to this, you will discover that the Peloton bike resistance mechanism has two connections to the left for the Peloton bike. But for the Peloton bike +, it’s a bit different. The Peloton bike + has a single connection which is a UBC – C.

However, we found out that this connection easily gets lost because the connection is not firm. Or persay, the connection is not secure as it is since there is no protection covering the UBC – C, unlike the Peloton bike that has cover-up to protect it from losing out with time.

If either of these cables loses your Peloton won’t turn on. So, it’s important to make sure that both cables are firmly fixed.

Check the Peloton Bike Connection at the Back of the Display Panel

This is by far the easiest checkout you want to do. This connection is situated at the back of the Peloton bike display screen. At the back of the display screen, there are some wires connected to the back.

Check each of the wires one after the other to make sure that these wires have not lost contact with their respective port.

Also, you need to take note of two connections at the back of the Peloton bike display screen. The connection to the right and left represent the Peloton bike power supply and audio connection respectively.

So, if the power supply connection from the power adapter is not firmly connected the Peloton bike won’t work or turn. So, you need to make sure that the power cable or connection is secure and firmly connected.

However, the Peloton bike plus connection is a bit different. For the Peloton bike +, the audio connection is at the top as against the left on the Peloton bike model and the power connection is under the audio cable as again the right connection on the bike model.

Check the Peloton Bike + Connection on the Brake Shroud

This option is only for Peloton bike + users. As the connection is not available for none “+” users. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to the cable or connection above the Peloton bike + brake shroud and make sure the connection is well connected.

To access this connection just look outside above the Peloton bike + brake shroud. If the connection isn’t well established the Peloton bike + won’t turn on.

Although, on a rare occasion can the UBC-C connection lose out. But it is worth checking to be on the safer side.

Contact the Peloton Bike Support

This is another resort. But with the steps above, your Peloton bike should turn on and start working. But, if it won’t still turn on after checking all the necessary connections, then, your last resort before going to a mechanical shop should be to contact the Peloton customer service for help.

There are ways to make it even easier for you. To contact Peloton bike customer support make use of their official email address or put a call through to the customer support on the company’s phone number.

  • Peloton bike email:
  • Peloton bike phone muber: (866)-679-9129

For a quick response, submit your query during the weekdays between the hours of 9 A.M and 9 P.M

After all these, the Peloton won’t turn on should be fixed and you should be able to turn on your Peloton bike and begin your training with the display screen to monitor your improvement.

How to Turn on Peloton after Fix

After the above check-and-fix Peloton bike won’t turn on follow the steps below to turn on your Peloton bike.

  • Press and hold the power button (grey) at the back of the Peloton bike screen for about 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button once the bike screen light appears.
  • Done.

Now, if all connections are in other the Peloton won’t turn on problem should be fixed by now and your Peloton bike should be up and running.

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