iMobie PhoneRescue Android Phone Data Recovery

After reading my story with iMobie PhoneRescue data recovery for an Android phone, backing up your Android phone will become less important only if at all you need to do a backup of your phone apps, photos, videos, songs, and documents.

The purpose why we backup Android phones data is simply to have a copy if we mistakenly wipe off our phone. Some backup their phone data online via Google Drive, while some backup their phone data on their Gmail account most especially phone contact, and some even backup their phone information on MicroSD.

All these are important but they are less important with iMobie PhoneRescue data recovery for Android and iOS devices. From my research, iMobie PhoneRescue program stops the anxiety that follows how you feel when you mistakenly deleted a bunch of pictures or apps on your phone with you don’t have the intention.

Here in this PhoneRescue review, I will dissect the Android data recovery app from beginning to the end.

What is iMobie PhoneRescue Data Recovery for Android Phones?

iMobie PhoneRescue is not an Android app that you can search and download from Play Store. iOS such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and even iPhone XL users cannot get their hands on PhoneRescue data recovery from Apple Store.

Do you know why?

When your phone got information is mistakenly wiped off including the PhoneRescue app you will definitely have a hard time restoring the needed information. To make it easier, iMobie makes it a software to work on Windows and Mac of any version.

iMobie PhoneRescue data recovery tool is a Windows and Mac OS program to identify lost information on your Android and iOS devices and restore them back with just a click.

All you need to do when you want to restore lost phone data, download and install iMobie PhoneRescue and run the program with your phone connected to your PC and we are good.

You don’t understand the last paragraph right? Well, keep reading. This post will take you by hand how you can recover all deleted photos, apps, and other valuables on your Android phone with iMobie PhoneRescue.

Where to Download iMobie PhoneRescue Data Recovery

iMore PhoneRescue Data Recovery

iMobie PhoneRescue software is a free program for Windows and Mac OS. There is a different program software for both iOS and Android devices. This implies that, if you want to restore deleted data on Android phones you need to download iMobiePhoneRescue for Android phones and for iOS devices, you should download iMobie PhoneRescue for iOS devices.

Therefore, before we go into the review proper, head to iMobie official website to download your own version of PhoneRescue.

Note: iMobie software is considerably small size compare to other phone data recovery tools I have used in the past. After you have downloaded a copy of your iMobie software from the official website from the link provided above click on install to install the package in less than 60 seconds.

If you have successfully installed the software on your Windows or Mac, let consider some important information you need to use the software like a professional.

iMobie PhoneRescue Data Recovery Tutorial

Before you start the recovery process make sure the following are in order…

1. Turn your Android phone into an offline mode

2. Avoid using the phone for the moment

3. Disable phone data transfer and mage software

4. Allow iMobie PhoneRescue software to access and be installed on your Android phone from your computer.

How to Restore Delete Photos and Other Valuables with iMobie PhoneRescue

Here is the magical work of iMobie for Android phone…

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable and launch the iMobie software

2. Install the iMobie drive on your phone with internet connection enabled on only your computer

iMore PhoneRescue Data Recovery

3. When iMobie and your phone are successfully connected you will see a replicate of what I have below.

iMore PhoneRescue Data Recovery

4. After the above has shown you will need to enter into a debugging mode on your device. With my Infinix Note 3 that is easy for me within the phone settings. For a rooted device you will not see the below screen but since my Infinix Note 3 was not rooted then this step is a must.

iMore PhoneRescue Data Recovery

5. Meanwhile, a deep scan is for a rooted device while for an unrooted device you will enjoy the quick scan feature. This feature is not as great as a deep scan that is why you need a root access to make sure everything is put in place and all lost data are fully recovered.

6. Once you have chosen the type of scan you want PhoneRescue to do on your phone. A new popup will come asking you to select from a list what your want PhoneRescue data recovery to do and recovery from your phone.

In my own case, I selected ” Contacts, Call Logs, Photos, Music, Videos, Apps, Document, Messages, WhatsApp, and others so that PhoneRescue will recover my deleted data in those categories.

Now, PhoneRescue data recovery will come up with all missing data on your phone including deleted SMS, deleted photos, deleted videos, deleted WhatsApp chat and other deleted information on your phone. After this, you will be asked to save your information or discard them. Better click on save for PhoneRescue software to start restoring your phone lost data within minutes.

PhoneRescue Data Recovery

Note: You can choose a deep scan for iMobie for Android or iOS to root or jailbreak your phone or quick scan so that not root access or jailbreak access will be offered.

How Much Does PhoneRescue Data Recovery Worth?

Before I purchased PhoneRescue data recovery software for a single user I never knew I was missing more than I can afford. I need to do a lot more like recovery deleted messages on WhatsApp, recovery my project documents, and recovery an important information sent to my phone that was mistakenly deleted by my sibling.

It was a trial version, and I got convinced with the premium version. However, everything was automated and no stress-inclined.

The pricing rate of the software is soft enough. With just  $69.99 you can get a family plan to be used on 5 computers with a lifetime support. This plan is best if you want to share this software with your friends and family, or better still go for the business plan which can be used on 10 different computers for $199 with licenses.

Meanwhile, there is also a student copy for just $49.99 for 1 computer. However, this is not my favorite, the family copy is better so that no one will disturb use while using your own system that they want to recover some lost data on their device.

For pricing and support, everything can be found on the download page.

This is the best phone data recovery I have ever used and I can vouch for it anytime any day…

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