How to Cancel Shoedazzle Membership

If you are planning to take some times off ShoeDazzle VIP membership today is the best time to take the decision. We will at all cost detail all you need to know about how to cancel ShoeDazzle membership account in this guide.

This is how ShoeDazzle membership works. If you didn’t cancel your ShoeDazzle membership VIP account and there is no skip the month ShoeDazzle that took place on your account you will be charged $39.95 membership fee on the credit card that’s attached to your ShoeDazzle as your means payment.

However, there is no limitation on how to skip the month on ShoeDazzle between 1st and 5th of every month. And there is no limitation on when to cancel ShoeDazzle membership for all VIPs.

Although, there is no click to cancel button on ShoeDazzle membership account dashboard but ShoeDazzle provides an alternative for all VIP members to cancel their subscription on ShoeDazzle at any time.How to Cancel ShoeDazzle Membership

Who can Cancel ShoeDazzle Membership?

Only two people can cancel a ShoeDazzle account. And these are;

  • ShoeDazzle account admin.
  • The owner of the ShoeDazzle credit card.

These are the two kinds of people that can cancel ShoeDazzle membership and can also skip the month on ShoeDazzle likewise.

So, if you fall into this category you will be able to cancel your ShoeDazzle account or a ShoeDazzle account that uses your credit card.

How to Cancel ShoeDazzle Membership on Phone

The fastest and recommended approach to cancel ShoeDazzle membership is by calling ShoeDazzle customer service representative on phone. Doing this will instantly put your ShoeDazzle account on hold without even removing or deleting your credit card from ShoeDazzle.

In the wake of this, to cancel your ShoeDazle membership VIP account call the ShoeDazzle customer service client on 1-888-508-1888, and request that you want to cancel your ShoeDazzle membership.

You may be subjected to questioning while on phone with the customer service client, provide all valid answers to validate that you are the owner of the ShoeDazzle account after which your ShoeDazzle account membership account will be cancelled.

Note: It’s advisable to cancel your ShoeDazzle membership early so that the cancellation will not be delayed because of shipped boxes after you have been charged for your monthly subscription.

How to Cancel ShoeDazzle Membership without Calling

We have got another approach to cancelling ShoeDazzel membership without calling. And this is through ShoeDazzle Live Chat. You can also use the ShoeDazzle contact page. However, before you proceed you may need to also learn about how to cancel Fabletics and how to skip a month on Fabletics.

To contact ShoeDazzle to cancel your membership subscription follow the procedures below.

  • Go to the official ShoeDazzle portal on
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Help & Contact” under “Member service.”
  • You will be taken to the ShoeDazzle FAQ centre. Scroll down the page and tap on “Contact Us.”
  • Fill out the contact form and fill submit it.
  • Look at the right-wing you will see the ShoeDazzle Live Chat option.
  • Tap on it to speak with an agent.

So fast and achievable. Just follow the procedures above to cancel your ShoeDazzle membership. Or follow this guide to “Skip the month on ShoeDazzle.”

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