How to Cancel Curology Subscription

The first thing to learn when you opt-in for Curology free trial or paid membership is how to cancel Curology subscription so that you will be able to cancel your Curology plan at any time. And thanks to Curology membership user manual, you are free to cancel your Curology subscription at any time.

However, if you are longing to cancel your Curology order and subscription this article got you covered.

How much is Curology a Month

If you are Curology free trial and have forgotten how much is Curology a month here is how much you pay per month for your Curology subscription a month.

It cost a whopping $19.95/month as a starting price for started on personalized Curology products. And the cost fee can rise to $59.50 at the end of the month.

However, if the cost is becoming a burden on you then nothing stops you from cancelling your subscription on Curology.

How to cancel curology subscription

When to Cancel Curology Subscription

You must know when to cancel your subscription on Curology. However, Curology gives 90 days money-back guaranteed. As stated in Curology terms of use and I quote, “if you’re not loving Curology in 90 days, we’ll issue a full refund.

However, the Curology 3 months money-back is to give you the privilege to test Curology products and see how the products react with your skin.

How to Cancel Curology Subscription

You have two options when you want to take some time off Curology. You can choose to cancel your Curology subscription or pause your Curology subscription. Firstly, we will consider how to cancel the Curology plan.

  • Log in to your Curology account on
  • Tap on profile picture >> payment from the menu.
  • Tap on “I want to cancel” at the bottom of the payment screen.
  • You will be asked to give feedback on why to you want to cancel your Curology membership plan.
  • Tap on “Cancel my membership.”
  • Tap on “Confirm” from the popup to cancel your Curology membership plan.

You now know how to cancel a Curology subscription online. If you look for a simple way to cancel your Curology let’s quickly run over how you can cancel your Curology subscription using email.

How to Cancel Curology Subscription using Email

Alternatively, you can send a message to Curology customer service to cancel your Curology plan. While this isn’t instant like how you can simply cancel your Curology membership online, Curology customer service will have to attend to you and help to cancel your Curology subscription or plan.

To cancel a subscription on Curology using email send an email to  with “Cancel Curology” as the subject. After a few days, a customer service representative will reply to your email and interrogate you on why you choose to terminate your plan on Curology.

Make sure you provide all the required information such as your Curology username, email, and all information that the customer service requested and wait on him or her to cancel your Curology subscription for you.

How to Pause Curology Account

You can hide under “Pause Curology account” instead of cancelling your Curology subscription. However, you cannot pause your Curology indefinitely just as you are able to cancel your Curology subscription until you are ready for it again.

To pause your Curology shipment it must be done 2 days before your next Curology shipment schedule to give the customer service time enough to process your request.

You can also push back all Curology packages on transit on your Curology shipment page to reschedule your next shipment date. However, once the shipment is processed the process cannot be altered.

So, to pause your Curology account next shipment, extend the shipment date to when you will be ready to receive your Curology package as you cannot pause Curology forever.

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