How to Play Pixel Gun 3D Game on PCs

No one is raving about Pokemon go. Everyone is now raving about the Pixel Gun 3D game come halfway to 2019. If you have enjoyed the history Pokemon go created and the cool atmospheric condition you also deserve some accolade to have a taste of the popular Pixel Gun 3D game for smartphones on PC.

This post has come with a twist on how to install Pixel Gun 3D on your computer, share the revenue information of the popular 3D animation game. With the amazing feature of the animated Pixel Gun 3D game to pair with your friends and play the game in a union, them, you have to challenge the Gun 3D game player in your neighborhood.

The Pixel Gun 3D is not just a 3D animated game. You need to be smart and skillful to be the champion if only you can be one of the champions both online and offline.

It’s easy to be offline champion within your friends when multi-playing the Pixel Gun 3D game while it requires an extra-strength to beat an online champion. Nothing is impossible though, you only have to be skillful and smart.

Without much anticipation about the Pixel 3D Gun game if you have not played it for once. For a start, the Pixel Gun 3D game is known for the follow ing features.

Pixel Gun 3D animated game

Pixel Gun 3D Notable Features

These are some notable features of the game you will always to notice as you play the game.

  • 3D building and crafting games
  • Tests your building skills
  • Improves your creativity
  • Lots of magical worlds with numerous shapes and sizes
  • Unique online maps for you to explore
  • Multi-player modes for more exciting gameplay
  • Play with up to 8 players in one game
  • Play against your friends using the “local” option
  • Many characters to play the game from various perspectives
  • Various crafting items
  • A wide variety of weapons, including short-range and long-range guns
  • Chat with other players during the battle
  • Lots of easy coins to be earned using different game modes
  • Hardcore gameplay for serious gamers

Pixel Gun 3D 2018 New Features

The list of features above are the old features dominating the app in 2017. However, come 2018, the following features have been added to the old features.

  • Special online training camp for new players
  • Graphics quality has improved a great deal
  • Maps now include forest and lots of new seeds
  • Many new songs have been added to the game
  • More challenging gameplay than ever
  • New campaign mode with many added features
  • Skin maker allows you to create your own skin and use it in the game

If you are still running the older version of the 3d animated game these features may not be available. However, you should either remove the game and reinstall the latest version or update the app directly from your OS app store.

How to Download Pixel Gun 3D for PC

Pixel Gun 3D animated game is a mobile 3D game. Officially, you can only play the game on smartphones including Android, iPhone, and Windows OS devices. The app doesn’t have a computer version, as such, fans feel disappointed for not being able to play the game on PC like Pokemon go, FIFA 2019, PES 2019 etc.

However, there is a trick to play with and use all smartphone apps on a computer with the help of an emulator.

What is Android Emulator?

Android emulator is a virtual device for Android to run Android apps on a computer. The Android virtual device helps to access the mobile store on your PC, search for a mobile app, download and install the mobile app, and use the mobile app on your PC.

A good example of an Android emulator is Blustack, Droid4X, NOX app player to mention a few of the popular emulator for PC. However, in this article, I’ll make use of the popular Bluestack Android emulator to install the Pixel Gun 3D game on my computer.

Install Pixel Gun 3D on Windows

To install Pixel Gun 3D animated game on your Windows computer without an error follow these steps one after the other. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you are unable to install the 3D game on your PC with Windows OS.

Firstly, download and install Bluestack emulator here for your OS. Launch the Bluestack PC emulator. Log into your Gmail account or play store account and search for Pixel Gun 3D. Make sure you have a viable internet connection else you will keep getting an error message.

Click on Install button and wait for Bluestack to stall installing the 3D game on your PC. Once the installation is completed the game will be added to your apps.

How to Play Pixel Gun 3D on PCs

The game will not be installed directly on your computer just like a computer game. Do not forget that the game is not installed directly on your PC. The game is installed on your PC using a PC emulator, Bluestack.

Now, launch the emulator and click on my apps. The emulator will show all the apps you have installed on your PC using the program.

Click on Pixel Gun 3D and a new interface that looks like your smartphone screen with a menu and back button will display.

The game will load like it normal loads on your smartphone and now it is time to play using your computer keyboard as the game control.

The Game Mode

The game mode on mobile is the same as the game mode on your PC. Do not forget that I mentioned above that the game interface will look like your smartphone. So, expect the same function and feature while playing the game on your PC using an emulator.

Below are the game modes…


The game has the following feature in multi-player mode

  1. Team fight
  2. Deathmatch
  3. Co-op survival
  4. Flag capture
  5. Point capture
  6. Deadly games
  7. Block crash
  8. Duel
  9. Team strike.


Pixel Gun 3D has the following single-player modes available:

  1. Survival mode
  2. Minigames
  3. Arena

How to Control the Game on PC

This is probably another aspect of using mobile apps on PC you will want to know. Well, the emulator has all it takes to control the game using your keyboard based on either default configuration or custom configuration.

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