HP Chromebook won’t Turn On

Because you buy a new Chromebook doesn’t mean it’ll function very well. That’s why you have a warranty to protect the device and issue a return policy if anything goes wrong. So, if your new HP Chromebook won’t turn on no light then you might have to try out these troubleshooting tips.

When your HP Chromebook failed to turn on it may have nothing to do with the PC battery. Although, if the battery is dead it won’t turn on but it will blink and shows that the battery is dead. On the contrary, a dead battery always gives a signal that the battery is going down and the battery cannot turn on the Chromebook.

Meanwhile, if the Chromebook won’t turn on or charge it may have to do with the Chromebook charging connector or the Chromebook adapter is not connected to the power source.

Whether your HP Chromebook won’t turn on due to a dead battery or other technical issues, this article will address that and provide all the possible solutions.

My HP Chromebook won’t Turn On

If your HP Chromebook doesn’t have power or it’s not charging when you connect it to the power supply you want to try out the following troubleshooting.

  • Check the Chromebook whether there is a physically damaged unit.
  • Check whether the Chromebook adapter is connected to the power source.
  • If connected then check the Chromebook battery status whether it’s charging or not.
  • If none of the above can confirm the state of your Chromebook then a hard reset should be considered.

Why My HP Chromebook won’t Turn on

Your HP Chromebook computer won’t turn because of the following reasons.

  • Problems with the battery charger
  • Problems with the internal hardware
  • Issues with Chrome OS
  • External hardware interference
  • Your Chromebook is physically damaged.
  • AC Adapter is damaged.
  • The Chromebook AC charging port unit is damaged.

HP Chromebook won't Turn On

How to Fix HP Chromebook Won’t Turn on no Light

Your HP Chromebook should turn on when fully charged which might take up to 24 hours to fully charge.  If after it has fully charged the HP Chromebook won’t power on then there might be a damaged unit that needed to be replaced.

However, following the steps below will help you to troubleshoot your Chromebook and fix your HP Chromebook won’t turn on or charge

Check Whether your Chromebook Charging Port is Damaged or Oxidation or Crack

If your Chromebook charging port is damaged or oxidating it won’t charge your battery. If there is a sign of crack on the PC physically such as a screen it can affect the PC and inhibits it from charging.

  • If the Chromebook is physically damaged then you need to contact HP to replace the damaged unit. You can contact HP support here.

HP will replace the damaged Chromebook unit or part. But if there is no physical damage on your Chromebook then you need to check out the next guide.

Check Whether your HP Chromebook Adapter is Connected to the Power Source

If there is no physical damage to your Chromebook it may be that the adapter is not connected to the power source. Therefore, you need to verify whether the is power to the Chromebook through the charger.

  • Plug your Chromebook AC adapter into a working wall socket.
  • Plug the AC adapter into the Chromebook charging port.
  • Check whether both the computer and AC adapter light are turned on.
  • If there is no light then the problem might be your AC adapter. So, be surreal to change your AC adapter and try it on a working socket.
  • If the Chromebook is charging now with a new AC adapter then you should contact HP support and return the new AC adapter for a replacement.

Check Whether the HP Chromebook Battery is Charging

Now, both the Chromebook PC and AC adapter have the light turned on but is the computer battery status indicate that it’s charging? If yes, it might be that the Chromebook battery is in a deep state of discharging. However, if your Chromebook won’t turn on for the first time since your bought it it might be that the battery is still in the shipping mode especially if the white LED light close to the power AC blinks.

To fix this you need to take the following steps.

  • Turn off the HP Chromebook.
  • Connect the AC adapter to the power source
  • Plug it into your Chromebook charging port.
  • Charge the computer for at least 30 minutes.
  • Turn on the computer and the blinking light will stop and the PC will start changing on the go.
  • If after you turned your Chromebook and it charges and works normally then leave the laptop connected to the power adapter until it’s fully charged.

My HP Chromebook won’t Turn on or Charge

If your HP Chromebook won’t turn try the following quick shipment to fix it provided the HP Chromebook is a new computer.

  • Press the Chromebook power button.
  • Plug the AC adapter and connect it to the power source for 24 hours.
  • If the Chromebook won’t turn on no light after 24 hours of charging then you should contact HP to check for damaged units and replace them.

Note: The HP Chromebook battery indicator defines the state of the computer charging state. So, be surreal to pay attention to the orange light or white light or other forms of light indicator in the computer.

HP Chromebook won’t Turn on no Light

The following troubleshooting provides a technical approach to fix your HP Chromebook not turning on after charging.

Remove all Connect USB

If the external drive you connect to your Chromebook interface with the ChromeOS boot as it can cause the computer to malfunction. So, at the moment, if you have some external devices or drives connected to your computer be kind enough to remove them all and restart the computer.

Force Restart the Computer

Don’t just force restart your Chromebook as you might lose your valuables if not saved. But on the contrary, if you turn on the computer and display a black screen you might need to force restart it.

Therefore, to force restart your Chromebook be kind enough to follow the steps below.

  • Press and hold the “Refresh Key + Power” button to restart your Chromebook forcefully.

Once the Chromebook has restarted all caches and RAM stopping the ChromeOS from booting or charging will be deleted.

Sign in as a Different User

At times you might have to sign into your Chromebook as a guest user or as a different user especially if your ChromeOS boot successfully yet you can’t sign into your account. This error could emanate between your Chromebook login and Google login cache.

So, to fix the Chromebook won’t turn on you should consider signing out of your admin account and using a different login to access your Chromebook computer.

Remove Unused Apps from your Chromebook

If your Chromebook is turned on but keeps crashing them you’d have to do this to ease you. Removing unused apps on your Chromebook can help to fix your crashing Chromebook computer. Also, if you recently install an app or Chrome extension before the computer crashes try as much as you can to remove it.

Upgrade your Chromebook OS

It’s important to stay close to the latest ChromeOS available on your device. Therefore, if you haven’t upgraded your Chromebook computer to the latest OS kindly follow the steps to learn how to upgrade your ChromeOS to the latest version to help fix your Chromebook won’t turn on that associated with the computer.

  • Turn on your Chromebook and sign into your account.
  • Click on “Timer” located at the bottom right of the Chromebook home screen.
  • Click on “Settings” from the popup.
  • Click on “About ChromeOS” at the bottom left.
  • Click “Check for Update.”
  • If there is a ChromeOS update available your Chromebook will download and install it on your computer.
  • Once the update is completed be kind enough to restart the Chromebook to complete the upgrading process.

Hard Reset your Chromebook

If this is not too much to request to fix your Chromebook will turn on no light then you should consider resetting your computer to the default. This will erase all personal information and restore the computer to the default. However, be kind enough to back up your computer.

  • Turn off your Chromebook computer.
  • Press and hold the “Refresh” button and press the power button.
  • Wait until the Chromebook turns on and then release the buttons.

With the hard reset, all errors affecting your Chromebook should be cleared and return the PC to the out-of-box computer. However, if none works, then, you should consider contacting HP support.

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