How to Reset Instagram Password: The Simplest Ways Shared

Here we’d talk about the easiest ways to reset Instagram password to keep your Instagram account secure and safe from hackers.

Instagram offers an easy way to reset account password when thought it has been compromised or access by unauthorized users. Whether you are still able to login to your Instagram account or not, with valid email address and phone number there are some valid ways to reset your Instagram password and take control of your Instagram account.

Instagram is a popular website where users share pictures and videos to gain more likes shares and of-course more exposure.

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There are few ways to reset Instagram password. To start with, it’s possible to reset Instagram password without email and without using Instagram password finder. Of course, Instagram password finder is really useful when you save your password in your email and couldn’t easily get to where it is, you can simple use search box in your email to search and find your password for Instagram. This is a bit different from Instagram password finder feature that let users create a new password finding their usernames.

But, here we are not talking on best Instagram finder

Rather, we would explain to you how to change Instagram password without using Instagram help email or line for users. In addition, if you use fake email to register your Instagram account you will definitely not be able to make use of this tutorial to change or reset your Instagram password.

There are close to 4 different you can follow to reset Instagram password and retrieve your Instagram from any hack or suspicious login from unauthorized users. However, here in this post we’d take a look at the easiest ways to reset Instagram password without email address.

How to Reset Instagram Password Using Password Reset Link

Instagram has a password reset link to change your account password if you suspect any foul play. Once you change this password your Instagram account will be logged out on any other device including hackers device and you will have full control of your account.

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Open a new tab on your browser. Most times, I prefer to use Google Chrome and visit Instagram password reset page in through this link : Reset my password on Instagram.

Since you’d love to reset your Instagram password account without email address, enter your Instagram username instead of email address into the column provided and type the Recaptcha correctly in the column provided. Then, chose a new password and click on reset.

Reset Instagram password

Note: The security questions are case sensitive. So, ensure to type it the way it is so that you will not run into typing it multiple of time.

Troubleshooting Reset Instagram Password on Smartphone

There is another way to recover Instagram password and that I called troubleshooting. It’s assumed that your Instagram account password is hacked and you can no longer access it with the available password.

Don’t worry you can troubleshoot it and reset your password without stress. This procedure will be carried on Instagram app installed on your smartphone.

Launch Instagram app on your phone and logout any logged account. You will be prompted to ‘log in null’ or remove. Click on remove to remove the null feature which will required you to sign in with your username and password afterward. On that page look closely on the page and click on ‘Get help signing in’.

Reset Instagram password

From the list of options click on the best option that suits you most. In most cases you can use your username or email address if you can still remember it or better still user phone number Instagram password recovery feature to receive SMS for resetting your Instagram password. In this case we would user username instead of email but we’d click Username or Email.

Reset Instagram password

Enter your Instagram username to use Instagram ‘find my account’ feature and click on the arrow key to the upper right of the page.

Reset Instagram password

Instagram will find your account and request a means to retrieve and reset your password account. Choose the best means that suits you most and reset your account.

Note: Since you want to reset your Instagram password without email just opt in for SMS

How to Reset Instagram Password: The Simplest Ways Shared

Enter your associated phone number to your Instagram account and click on the arrow key to the upper right of the page for Instagram to find whether the mobile number matches any Instagram phone number.

Reset Instagram password

If it does, Instagram will text your account password recovery link to your phone number. It may take few minutes before it arrives but it’ll definitely arrive. Make sure you enter the correct phone number so that you can get reset link on time.

Reset Instagram password

Open to read the SMS and click on the link or copy the link to your phone browser. If you still have Instagram app on your smartphone the link will open on your phone and you will be prompt to create a new password for your account.

Reset Instagram password

Once you have created a new password kindly click tick icon to the upper right and you are done.

Now you have a new Instagram password and you Instagram account is safe and secure now. Always keep your Instagram account safe.

Next we’d share with you how to change Instagram password rather than how to reset Instagram password so stay tune.

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