How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook

Follow the guidelines in this article to enable Facebook Dark Mode on your iOS, Android, and PC quickly and straightforwardly.

The dark mode is becoming increasingly popular as a feature. In the past few years, many of the major social networking services have been introduced on Instagram, even YouTube, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook accepted the change.

Dark Mode on Facebook is available on many devices. But things are not as simple as they seem. See desktop app, desktop messaging, phone apps, iOS, and Android devices, etc. Here is more information on how to enable dark mode on Facebook.

While Facebook introduced Dark Mode for its Messenger platform on Android and iOS devices, and the browser version has both the new Facebook look and the Dark Mode option, Facebook’s main app has not yet seen Dark Mode. In the mobile versions.

However, since Instagram, WhatsApp, and a host of other non-Facebook Facebook apps introduced dark mode, we can assume the option will appear on our favorite portable devices anytime. They released the option in the lite version of the app, and that can only mean they test it again for the final version.

Don’t worry; you’ll be seeing dark mode in every app in no time.

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on PC/Mac

Everyone is excited to use Facebook with the new sleek dark mode. However, there is more when it comes to the browser. Recently, Facebook completely redesigned its website. They introduced something called New Facebook, an aspect based on the mobile version of the app.

Note: This Facebook option is not yet available to everyone. If you don’t see the option, just keep scrolling. We can also help you go into dark mode on a website or PC.

How is that related to dark mode? Well, classic Facebook doesn’t have a dark mode. If you want to experience Dark Mode in the browser version of Facebook, you will need to upgrade to New Facebook. To do this, log in to your Facebook profile and navigate to the top of the screen. On the Facebook status bar, click or tap the down arrow. Then select Switch to a new Facebook.

Facebook dark mode

Since Facebook keeps reminding you, you can always revert to classic mode by navigating to the down arrow on New Facebook and selecting Switch to Classic Facebook.

Facebook dark mode

To enable Dark Mode on New Facebook, navigate to the same down arrow menu, and just move the slider next to Dark Mode to the right. This will activate dark mode on the new Facebook.

Facebook dark mode

If you’re an advanced Messenger user, you probably don’t like using the little chat windows on the main Facebook page. You probably also know that there is a dedicated Facebook messaging website, Unfortunately, although the site is fully functional, there is no way to enable dark mode.

However, there is a way around this problem. You can open Facebook messages in the previously configured dark mode by opening any chat window. Now go to the beginning of the chat where the username is. Click/tap on it. Then select Open in Messenger from the list of options. This will open the Messenger view in dark mode.

Facebook dark mode

All of this works on both macOS devices and PC devices, regardless of which browser you are using. After all, this is a setting that belongs to the Facebook website and not your browser or the device you are using.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Classic Facebook

If you don’t already have the above option or prefer the classic version of Facebook, you can install the NightEye browser extension. This free installer extension offers a paid service for more functionality, but it puts your entire web browser into the dark mode, which is also Facebook.

Just visit the Night Eye website, tap the browser you want to use, and install the extension. Once installed, you can disable or enable it for different websites.

Facebook dark mode

Dark Mode on Smartphones

Facebook and Messenger apps are very popular with smartphone users. With Facebook still being a robust social media presence, expect the Dark Mode option to be available on mobile-first. Well, yes and no. Let’s get into that.

Messenger app has a dark mode function. It’s been around for a while. To add the Dark Mode option, you first had to receive and tap on a specific moon emoji. Only then will the Dark Mode option appear. Today, however, the scene is just there.

Regardless of whether you are an Android or iOS user, unfortunately, you still cannot enable the dark mode feature in the main app. While it is certainly in development, this feature cannot be found in the main Facebook app, although Facebook Lite users can take advantage of it.

Here’s how to turn on Dark Mode on iOS and Android devices.

Activate Facebook Dark Mode iOS

To enable Dark Mode in the iOS Messenger app, go to your profile picture in the upper left corner of the Messenger screen and tap on it. Then tap on the Dark Mode option. To turn dark mode on permanently, select On.

Facebook dark mode

Most consumer apps on your iOS device have a global setting that will automatically enable dark mode for all apps that support it. The Use system settings option is used for this.

Facebook dark mode

If you’re a Facebook Lite user or want to switch to this one to enjoy Dark Mode until it hits the main Facebook app, hope not just yet. The dark mode is not available for the Facebook Lite app in all countries. To activate this function, be sure to bring up the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner of the screen. In the list, you will see the option Dark Mode. Touch it and turn it on. You can now enjoy your Facebook feed in dark mode.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to use dark mode in the main Facebook app on your phone. It has to be an iOS device, and you have to use the Facebook Lite app.

Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Android App

Similar to iOS devices, the Messenger app on Android offers the optional dark mode. To activate this feature, start the Messenger app by tapping the appropriate icon and navigating to the top corner of the screen where your profile picture is located. Tap on the photo, and you will see a new menu. At the top of the menu, you will see the Dark Mode option. Just tap the slider to the left of the “Dark Mode” entry, and you’re done! You have activated dark mode in your messenger.

Unfortunately, dark mode is not currently available in any Facebook app. Facebook Lite has the option in some countries, but Android users will have to wait for it to be released.

Facebook Global Dark Mode

Everyone switches to dark mode settings in their apps and on their phones in general. In a few years, this will become commonplace. iOS is even moving towards the global integration of dark mode on its devices. Here’s how to enable Global Dark Mode settings on iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

The global Facebook dark mode on iPhone can be enabled as follows.

  • To enable global dark mode on your iOS device, go to the Settings app.

Facebook dark mode

  • Then find the Display and Brightness option and select it.

  • On the next screen, select Dark. This will enable the global dark mode settings for your iOS device. If you activate the slider next to Automatic, a new option will appear. Select it and choose between Sunset to Sunrise (it activates dark mode when the sun goes down) or Custom Schedule to create your own schedule.

  • If you want to switch between dark and light mode on the go, go to the Control Center function.

  • Then choose Customize Controls.

  • Finally, find the Dark Mode entry under MORE CONTROLS and tap the plus icon next to it.

  • This adds the ability to turn the dark mode on and off to the control center function. Now all you have to do is go to Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen if your device has a home button, or from the top right corner of your device doesn’t have a home button. You will see the entry for a tap to switch between dark and light mode.

Facebook dark mode

Activation Facebook dark mode on Android devices

Global dark mode on Android devices isn’t as comprehensive as it is on iOS phones and tablets. Activating this feature only changes the appearance of the system menus and the Settings app. To turn global dark mode on or off on Android devices, go to the Settings app on the device’s desktop. Then select the Show entry. Finally, tap on DarkMode. That’s pretty much all.


The dark mode puts a lot less strain on your eyes and looks great. Stay tuned and enable Facebook’s dark mode on all of your devices that currently support it. Don’t wait; the feature is now available in both Messenger and New Facebook in your browser.

Have you ever gone into a dark mode? Have you tried out Facebook Lite’s dark mode? Why haven’t you released the Dark Mode option on all devices yet? Please join the discussion in the comments section.

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