How to Reset Windows 10 Password

You can follow various ways to reset Windows 10 password without formatting your PC running the latest Windows 10 OS. There is a possibility to change your Windows 10 password using a disk and you can also reset the password and create another password without a disk. It all depends on the best way you know best to reset Windows 10 password and regain access to Windows PC after you’ve been locked out for not remembering the password.

There are at least 6 different ways to remove old Windows 10 password and create another one without sweats. Here in this article, we’d take a look at all working procedures to reset Windows OS password.

The topic to reset Windows 10 password is well discussed on Quora and Reddit. Always make sure you check both Quora and Reddit for users view and how they were able to fix the problem when they were having problems with resetting their Windows password without using a reset disk.

We only mentioned Quora and Reddit because they two platforms provide answers to questions like this and other tech and business related problems. However, below you can find the list of ways to reset Windows 10 password and change your old password to another one you can easily remember.

Reset Windows 10 Password to Local Account

Following these procedures to reset your Windows 10 password will remove all your settings, installed programs, and restore your Windows to default. So, always make sure you have a backup before you do this so that all your software and documents will not be removed with it all in the name of recovery your password.

  • Start your PC pressing the power button. You can see this at the bottom of the locked screen
  • Press and hold Shift + Restart on your computer’s keyboard
  • Your PC boot options will appear which you need to troubleshoot your PC for a new password.
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Remove everything.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds your PC will auto-restart and the password will be removed and other settings.

Please if you do not want to remove everything you have added to your PC including the password you want to change, software that you have installed, and settings do not use this approach.

Reset Windows 10 Password a Disk

Another approach is to reset your password with a disk if you have created a password reset disk before the incident happens. If you don’t have a password reset disk before you forgot your Windows 10 password this procedure is not for you. You should try the next approach. But, if you have created the reset password disk earlier on here is what to do to reset your password.

  • On the lock screen where the password you entered was said to be incorrect just click on the reset password option.

Windows 10 password reset

  • You will be taken away from the Microsoft home screen. Tap on the next option

Windows 10 password reset

  • Go to the password reset disk location you created before you forgot your password. It looks like this “ userkey.psw” and selects it from the disk location.

Windows 10 password reset

  • From the new password interface, type the new password and re-type the password again. Also, create password recovery hint so that when you forget the new password again you can easily use the password recovery hint to remember your password.

Windows 10 password reset

  • If the new password was created successfully you will receive a popup notification that the password was successful. Now, click on finish to log into your Windows 10 computer with the newly created password.

Windows 10 password reset

Reset Windows 10 Password Online

This approach is handy and its let users reset their Windows 8 and Windows 10 password online without disk and without losing everything on their PC using the troubleshoot procedure shared above.

This is very easy to achieve compared to reset Windows 10 to a local password. For this, here is how to reset Windows 10 password online using Microsoft login.

  • Get a device with an internet connection and visit Windows live reset page and sign into your account and choose I forgot my password
  • Enter the email or phone number you provided when you signed up for Microsoft email or Skype username, enter the captcha correctly, and click on next.

Windows 10 password reset

  • Pick account verification from the new interface. You can choose a call or text message. However, for a quick response, pick call for Microsoft to call you for verification and account validation and enter the last 4 digits of your phone number, and then click on next.

Windows 10 password reset

  • Microsoft will call to dictate your verification code to you. Make sure your phone number is accessible at this time and enter the code and click on next.

Windows 10 password reset

  • Next, you’ll be asked to reset your password. Create a new password different from the old password and click on next again.

Windows 10 password reset

  • If successful you will see a message saying that your password was changed. You can now go ahead to log into your Windows 10 with this password which has overridden the old password.

Windows 10 password resetNow, log into your Windows 10 PC with the new password via Microsoft and change your password if you wish again. However, if this procedure doesn’t work for you or Microsoft couldn’t verify your details then, you need to try the next procedure.

Windows 10 Password Reset Using PCUnlocker

Another way you want to try to do a Windows 10 password reset is using a PCUnlocker. The simple bootable tool can be written on CD or flash drive and used to recover lost password on Windows computer.

  • Download PCUnlocker bootable image on a disk or on a USB stick
  • Now, connect either the USB or CD to your PC and select one of the accounts on your phone if you have more than one account. And if you have just one administrator account select it and click on reset password.

Reset windows 10 password

  • Grab a cup of coffee and lets PCUnlocker do the job for you.

Never forget your Windows 10 password again so that you won’t have to pass through this entire stress to fix it. These methods should help you to reset your Windows 10 password always.

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