How to Unblock Youku on all Devices

Youku is a Chinese website to stream Chinese movies for free except for the VIPs. There is a YouKu VIP which is similar to YouTube red or paid membership. Due to a series of restriction from streaming movies free on Youku in different regions, we have compiled the best ways to unblock Youku outside China and have full access to Chinese movies. is alternative to in China. As a YouTuber, to target the Chinese audience, is the right video streaming and download website. Make sure you are able to speak Chinese fluently to the level of communicating with your audience. You can stream Chinese movies on with the help of Youku APK app for Android in case you don’t want to visit Youku on PC.

However, if you are blocked from accessing Youku there are some ways to unblock the video’s site and start watching videos on the website.

Here in this article, we’d take a look at how to unblock Youku in various ways. However, if you are looking for a way to unblock Youku which is different from what you are about to learn here kindly make use of the comment section so that we too can take a look and see if it’s valid.

How to Unblock Youku with VPN

You have probably heard about VPN in one way or the other. VPN means a virtual private network. It’s a service to hide online identity and remain 100% anonymous without a trace of your search history and your location.

In the real sense, while using VPN you have a specific location your IP address is tied to but the location is different from your real location.

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Therefore, the first and recommended approach to unblock your access to using Youku is to use a VPN service. Some VPNs offers 30 days free trial before you finally subscribe if you love the service.

While searching for a VPN to use you do not need to empty your credit card to pay for a VPN service. Some VPN are expensive while some are really affordable. With $7 a month, you should be able to subscribe to VPN service for a month from the following VPN service providers.

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • PureVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • TorGaurd VPN
  • Tunnel bar VPN

For a complete list of best VPN to unblock Youku check out this article by PC Mag. It has a list of all VPNs with quality service delivery there.

Opera VPN is a free VPN for mobile. But, being a free VPN is not really recommended for Android and iOS users. Rather, Tor browser is recommended. Although, Tor is also free, yet, it appears to offer a better free VPN service. To download Opera VPN for your Android, just go to your OS apps store and search for Opera VPN and then install it.

How to Unblock YouTube on Google Chrome

Unblock Youku

Google Chrome is a popular browser among Windows users. The browser has a lot of extensions to help fix most users difficulties. However, here in this article, we’d take a look at Youku Unblock Google Chrome extension to unblock Youku Chinese video website.

  • First, you need to download and install Unblock Youku plugin for Chrome browser
  • Now, go to and make sure you are blocked from accessing it
  • Click on Youku Unblock extension on your toolbar
  • Under operation mode select Standard for fast and reliable server
  • And you will be unblocked.

You can follow Youku unblock developer for Chrome for your complaint and difficulties at

Weibo: @Unblock_Youku. Twitter: @Unblock_Youku. and Facebook:

The Unblock Youku Chrome extensions are of a different type that worth your attention, however, we’d recommend Youku unblock plugin developed by Both work perfect and without a loophole that divulges your activities. However, you need to know that the Chrome extension does not block advertisers’ and publishers’ ads.

How to Unblock Youku on Opera Mini

Unblock Youku

If you are a fan of the Opera mini browser the best way to unblock Youku is to download and install unblock Youku Opera mini add-on. The unblock Youku Opera mini add-on makes it possible to bypass Youku block in your region for free.

  • Go to Opera mini extensions store and search for “unblock Youku” add-on
  • Download and install Opera mini Youku unblock add-on for PC (See download link after the post)
  • Go to in a region where it’s blocked on an Opera mini browser
  • Tap on “Youku Unblock” add-on to the top right on your Opera mini
  • Tap on either Lite or Normal or Redirect. For a fast and reliable server, select Normal to unblock the Chinese video site using an Opera Mini browser.

Here you can download Youku unblock add-on directly using if you are reading this article using Opera mini browser. Other browsers will return 404 error.

Unblock Youku on Firefox

Similarly, you can unblock Youku on Mozilla Firefox browser with Firefox extension called “Youku unblock”. You can learn more about the extension’s source code on Github.

  • Launch Firefox browser and add the Youku unblock add-on to Firefox
  • The Youku unblock add-on will be added to the top right of your Firefox
  • Open a new tab on your Mozilla and visit in a region it’s not allowed
  • Tap on the Youku unblock icon and turn it ON
  • Under mode choose “Full” for a fast server
  • Once it’s enabled the red indicator will change to deep green color.

A simple way to unblock Youku videos streaming site is using Youku unblock extension for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. You can also unblock Youku with a VPN.

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