Best Android Apps to Watch Football on Android Phone

We’ll introduce you to the best app to watch football live on your Android phone and also watch live matches replay when you are less busy.

The English premier league, UEFA champions league, La Liga, Seria A, and other leagues season has started. The 2019/2020 season will soon kick off with a lot of excitement.

However, we have brought the excitement into your mobile with the list of best apps to watch football on Android from the comfort of your home.

No need to go to the viewing center to watch your favorite club playing when you can do that on your phone.

You need the best apps to watch live sports free on Android? OK, come, see this post about the best apps to watch football live on Android without subscription and without email registration. Just download, connect to the internet and start enjoying.

Are you looking for the best APK app to stream football on Android? Then you have chosen the right post that will reveal to you the best apps to watch live sport free on Android without subscription or registration.

As an Android phone user, it is possible to stream live football on Android for free using the right app.

Although there are a countless number of apps that promised to make streaming football on Android possible only few of them delivered as expected.

I know you would not want to waste your data streaming live football with crashing apps. So, we won’t bother you will tons of app that won’t fulfill the purpose why you download it.

However, for the sake of those that are struggling to watch football matches on Android and those that have had the grace to stream football live on their smartphone but still searching for best apps to watch live sports free on Android you will enjoy this post.

The list of football streaming apps you will get to know in this post are based on live football streaming apps the writer have used and still using.

So, do not hesitate to share your favorite football mobile streaming apps that let you watch football on Android for free using the comment section in case you have one.

Watch football on Android

Watch Football on Android Phone Apps

The list of Android apps below is suitable to watch football on Android phones. Not only that, but they can also be used to check football table result, football match fixture, football players performance, next match on the role, etc.


First, on our list of best Android apps to streaming football live on Android is Mobdro. Mobdro is an APK file for an Android phone to watch live football on Android for free and without registration.

It’s not only football you can watch on Android, but you can also live show on TV, latest news, latest technology but one popular feature of Mobdro is to watch football on Android.

Mobdro offers both free and paid service. With Mobdro paid service you will have access to entire Mobdro features but even when you do not subscribe to Mobdro paid service you can still enjoy streaming live football with the app without paying a dime.


Next best apps to watch football on Android that the writer has used is Ustream. It is a Google play store app which is not like Mobdro APK Android app.

If you are in any way looking for next to Mobdro football live streaming app to watch football on Android phone live, follow football fixture, football table, etc then you have to add Ustream to your football streaming apps arsenal.

There is no special skill required to use Ustream to watch football on your Android phone and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist before you can start streaming live football on the goal on the app.

Once you have successfully downloaded and install Ustream you will be able to watch football live whenever there is a match for free.

3. UkNow

Next on this list of best apps to watch live sports free on Android is UkNow. Uk Now is not only for people in the UK so don’t think weird.

You don’t have to be in the UK to use the UKNow app. All you need is a working VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and other viable VPNs that won’t reveal your IP address.

Once you map your local IP to the international IP you can start streaming live football on your Android.

It’s usable across the whole globe to watch and stream live football on your Android phone. The UKNow app is yet another Android app to watch live football on Android for free and without registration.

Before I came across UKNow, it was Mobdro but the UKNow app was found suitable enough to be Mobdro alternative to watch live football matches on Android.

4. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC is another powerful Android app to watch live football and it’s fourth on our list. NBC sports live extra allows users to watch live football matches on their TV.

The app is completely free to use to do the necessary football match follow up such as to get the latest notification, live previous match highlight, etc.

If you have not found your favorite in the previous set of football Android apps above you may want to consider using NBC sports live extra

5. ScoreCenter: ESPN

Next is called ScoreCenter to streaming and live football highlight for free on Android. ScoreCenter is useful at getting to know the latest match score, previous matches highlight, etc. For that fact, ScoreCenter is ESPN official apps for Android users it worth it to expect much from the apps.

If you are anticipating for the best Android apps to watch football on your Android phone from the comfort of your home, these are the best, tested and trusted apps to stream live football matches on Android.

6. Live NetTV

If you are a football fan you will be surprised that you can watch live and replay football matches on Live NetTV APK app on Android.

Live NetTV is a free app to download and watch movies on Android phone and iOS devices, to watch and download TV shows, episodes, follow the latest trending movies in Hollywood and Bollywood such as GoT complete season.

However, the free movies download app for Android and iOS can be used to stream live football for free. No registration is needed to start watching football on your smartphone using the Live Net TV app.

If you want to enjoy unlimited time streaming football on Android smartphone download the Live NetTV for Android and Live NetTV for iOS.

7. VipBox

VipBox is a free app to watch soccer, Hockey, Rugby, etc on Android and iOS phone. However, the app another app to stream live football match.

Streaming is highly smooth using VipBox to stream HD live football, NBA, Boxing, Basketball, etc on smartphones.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to an app to watch live matches on your Android phone you should consider the VipBox app.

The app contains ads so you may not like it. But, it worth trying to see if it serves the purpose of streaming live soccer on your phone.

8. RedBox TV

RedBox TV is another simple and user-friendly app to watch live football matches on Android. The app is known for watching and download HD movies on Android and streaming movies for free online.

However, the same RedBox app can be used stream football on Android and watch matches replay in HD if you miss it when the match was ongoing.

RedBox TV is free for life and there is no limitation to watch live matches on your smartphone. If you are a fan of simple apps with a user-friendly interface to watch and stream football, Hockey, NBA, movies, we recommend the RedBox TV APK for your Android.

9. Show Sport TV

This is yet another must used sports app for Android to watch a different kind of sports all over the world. Just name your favorite spot and you will have direct access to streaming it on your Android phone using Show Sport TV a[pp.

You don’t need to be on 4G to stream live sport on your phone using the app. All you need is the minimum network to initiate the buffer. Once this is done you will start streaming your chosen program.

However, the light-weight app offers access to more than 90 different channels to choose from and live stream on it.

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  1. I use PureVPN to change my IP address and connect to UKNow. I use it to stream all football matches. It fast, reliable, easy to use and extremely affordable!

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