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Live Net TV APK app is one of the most popular TV show, Sport, and Movies streaming app for Android OS. The free APK app host hundreds of channels in countries like the UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many more.

Many online streaming apps are fake and they try to inject malware into users phone when they install them. A common virus injects by the most streaming app are popup and pop-under viruses.  They cause your phone to crash. You might even be able to access the internet with a common error like app not connecting and the likes.

These apps ask ridiculous permission to install the app which is not necessary for any form such as requests for permission to access phone contacts when installing a streaming app which is of no use when you want to stream a channel of your choice in the app.

Because these apps are not downloaded from play store or amazon store which are reliable sources to download Android apps could be harmful to your phone and inject a virus and also breach your privacy without permissions.

For this reason, it is wise to only grant permission which you know cannot hurt your phone and your privacy online to apps that are downloaded from a reliable source. If you have granted this permission you can change it under settings in your Android device.

Before you can download and install Live Net TV APK you must enable unknown sources in your phone settings.

Enable Installed from Unknown Sources

1. Go to phone settings

2. Tap on the Security 

3. Click unknown settings.

4. Enable

Once this feature has been enabled you can proceed below to download Live Net TV APK and then install it.

Live Net TV

What is LiveNet TV APK App?

Live NetTV app is one in all app for entertainment hosting over 700 channels, Movies, VOD, TV Shows, Live Sports and in not less than 10 different countries. These channels are free to use and it does not require a specific rule or survey to start streaming live TV, shows, movies and many others.

The LiveNet TV host normal SD and HD links to channels and movies which normally open directly with your phone media player. For exclusive volume control and effective sound output with the LiveNetTV app, you are advised to use the VLC media player.

You can even watch the ongoing WorldCup 2018 with the Live Net TV APK app for Android device.

Live Net TV Features

Here are some popular features of the LiveNet TV app for an Android phone you cannot afford to miss.

  • High-quality Live TV stream support.
  • VOD for Movies
  • Chromecast support
  • More than 750 live channels from various categories and genres.
  • A large number of External Video Player Support
  • All the videos are absolutely free.
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • Filter the channels according to comfort.

How to Fix LiveNet TV Streaming Error

If you are having difficulties playing your favorite channel or movies using the general entertainment app follow this procedure to fix it.

1. If you are having difficulties accessing a specific location on the LiveNetTV app I will advise you download a VPN for your phone and change your location on it to the location where the channel is accessible.

2. Use either VLN or MX media player when you want to stream

3. Clear your phone app cache

4. If you are using MX media player enable HW+ Decode under settings

5. Use WiFi or 4G to streaming to avoid the streaming from skipping

6. If you are not able to use some of the app functions kindly grant the app full permission under phone settings.

How to Fix MX Media Player

A bug may stop your MX media player from playing LiveNet TV online streaming direct and this could be a bad omen when you want to follow a live program. In case of any bug, here is how to fix it.

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Click on apps or application manager
  3. click the 3-dots to select app apps
  4. click on reset app preferences

Now, go back to your phone settings and grand the Live Net TV app total permission. This won’t harm your device since the app is virus free.

Live Net TV Error Fetching Data

To get rid of the error fetching data on Live NetTV follow the procedure below.

  • Download your favorite VPN from the wide list of VPN available online
  • Launch the VPN and connect to a country of your choice using the VPN
  • Once the VPN is connected successfully, to go phone settings and click on apps or app manager and click on Live NetTV and clear both caches and app data.
  • Then, open the LiveNetTV app and the video will start streaming.

If you are experiencing slow data speed this is as a result of the location you selected on your VPN, so, you can stop the VPN and the streaming, select another country and re-connect again to enjoy.

How to Use Live Net TV as Anonymous

You can also use the TV app as an anonymous user with a separate VPN service provider. To appear anonymous using the LiveNetTV app follow the procedure below.

Download and install Opera-mini VPN from Google play store and make sure you connect through the VPN before you launch the live TV app.

A proxy server is also an alternative if the streaming service is slow. This helps to clear error loading with VPN.

If the Live NetTV app is not working or is saying error loading video or movies close the app and clear both app caches and app data.

Try to connect to Google Open DNS to reduce loading time. To change your DNS automatically make sure you download the DNS Changer app from play store.

A minimum of 300MB RAM is required to have smooth streaming with the Live Net TV app on your Android device.

Finally, when you have the Live Net TV app you can stream over 700 channels in over 8 countries for free. If you have not used the app before I recommend you start using it now. It really worth your effort.

Install Live Net TV APK on Firestick

If you want to use Live Net TV APK on your firestick here is a step by step procedures to install live net TV APK on firestick and on the Amazon Fire TV.

1. Connect your Fire TV or Firestick to the power source and open the fire or firestick TV.

2. Navigate to your TV settings

3. Access the developer’s option under the device option in the settings

4. Once you are in the developers’ option, navigate to “unknown sources” and enable “install from unknown”

Live net tv apk

Note: You can also enable ADB Debugging under the settings

5. Once you have enabled “Unknown sources” navigate to your TV home page and type “Downloader” in the search box.

Live net tv apk

6. After you have successfully downloaded the “Downloader” launch the downloader app and go to the settings option to enable “Javascript” to be able to use the app.

Live net tv apk

7. Copy and paste “” to download Live Net TV APK for Firestick.

Now, once you have successfully downloaded the Live TV app on your firestick with the help of the downloader app, go to Firestick or Fire TV console to install the APK app.

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