How to Make Wells Fargo Dealer Services Payment

Wells Fargo offers tons of services which include auto service, online credit card service, loan service and many more. Wells Fargo dealer services are one of the best auto lender services in the world that help people finance and secure a car loan with the lowest interest rate possible. Wells Fargo auto service connects both sellers and consumers and also provide a credit card with good card score to secure car loan successfully.

Wells Fargo dealer services provide consumers with a convenient way to manage and pay back car loan online on Well Fargo auto portal. However, there is another possible way to pay Wells Fargo car loan if the paying the official Well Fargo auto portal interested isn’t friendly. But, with the Well Fargo car service, you can find and buy brand and used car with the help of Well Fargo car service connecting potential car consumers to a long-term and reputable dealer company.

Requirements for Wells Fargo Auto Services

Before you can enrol from Well Fargo dealer services here are the basic requirement you need to sign up.

  • Your 10 digits account number.
  • Social security number.
  • Zip code.
  • Home address.
  • A valid email address.
  • Phone number (home/office).

If you have multiple account number just enter the 10 digits from one of the accounts. Meanwhile, you can trace your account number to the top right of your statement of account. If you cannot find your account number in that location you can also find the account number on the right-hand side of the payment coupon at the bottom of the statement.

Sign Up for Wells Fargo eServices

Wells Fargo Dealer Services

If you are planning to use the Well Fargo eServices “Automatic Loan Payment (ALP) to make payment for your dealer services you must sign up for an account to enjoy all the benefits.

  • Go to
  • Enter your 10-digits account number.
  • Enter your social security number (SSN).
  • Type your working email address and click “Continue”.
  • Provide your personal information such as your real name as it’s written in your statement of account, the home address of where you live currently, your phone number (both home and office) and provide other personal information required and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Go to Well Fargo auto services security section and provide all the necessary information to enrol and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Read and understand the ESIGN Consent and agree to the terms and condition and click “Submit”.

Going through the process above you will successfully enrol for Well Fargo dealer services and you can start using the service to fund your car loan with the lowest interest rate possible.

Wells Fargo eServices Login

Sign On Dealer Services

If you have signed up for Well Fargo eServices to obtain an auto loan, do not panic we’ll walk you through how to sign in to your Well Fargo eServices account.

  • Go to
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click “Sign-On” to the bottom right of the login page

Now, you will be taken to your Well Fargo auto loan account where you will be able to manage your car loan payment and choose the best loan payment option to make your payment.

Reset Wells Fargo Dealer Account Password

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Password Reset

Did you forget your password or user ID? Do not be frightened. This will teach you how to reset your password and user ID to regain your access to your Well Fargo account.

  • Go to Well Fargo eServices login web portal at
  • Click on “User ID/Password help” to the bottom left of the new Well Fargo auto-login portal.
  • Select “I forgot my password”.
  • Type your user ID and you 10 digits account number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button in the blue icon

An instruction to reset your Wells Fargo auto services login will be mailed to your email address. Follow the instruction in the email to reset your password.

Wells Fargo Dealer Service Payment

There are several ways to make Well Fargo auto service payment both online and offline.

  • Automatic Loan Payment (ALP)
  • Online Payment
  • Mail
  • Telephone Payment
  • Wells Fargo branch
  • Electric Bill Pay
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union

Wells Fargo Automatic Loan Payment

Wells Fargo offers automatic loan payment where your car loan payment is withdrawn from the check or savings account you submitted each month. The automatic loan payment (ALP) helps consumers to schedule monthly payment which is withdrawn automatically from the submitted account during the sign-up.

Meanwhile, to use the Well Fargo automatic loan payment to settle your car loan monthly payment you must select your payment method as “Automatic Loan Payment” from the pay icon from Well Fargo dealer services eService.

  • Sign in to your Well Fargo eServices.
  • Navigate to the “Payment menu”.
  • Select “Automatic Loan Payment”.

Wells Fargo will start to charge your savings or checking account automatically monthly based on your schedule. You will no longer need to make the Wel Fargo dealer services payment yourself. As long as the money keeps coming to the account number you submitted, your payment will be made automatically at the end of each month.

If you cannot fill the Well Fargo eServices online you can download the enrolment form, fill the form and forward it to the address below.


Wells Fargo Auto

Exceptions ALP

MAC F0012-01Q

6200 Park Ave., First Floor

Des Moines, IA 50321-1270


Wells Fargo Auto


Wells Fargo Dealer Services Online Payment.

You can make your Wells Fargo dealer services online using eService online.

  • Go to
  • Enter your loan username (user ID) and password. If you have not registered for your eService follow the procedures above to enrol to create your user ID and password.
  • Click on the “Sign-On” and you will be redirected to your Well Fargo car services dashboard.
  • Navigate to account summary and select “Make a Payment”.
  • Transfer the amount you want to pay from your checking or savings account to your Well Fargo loan account.

The amount you transferred to your loan account on Well Fargo will be paid for you and the amount you needed to pay will show up. This procedure has to be done manually as opposed the automatic way to make Well Fargo dealer services payments.

Make Wells Fargo Auto Payment with Mail.

This is another option to make a Well Fargo auto payment if you cannot make your car loan using Well Fargo eServices or Automatica Loan Payment (ALP). You cannot send cash for the payment. However, the approved means to make Well Fargo auto payment is via a check or money order.

Send your check or money orders to the Mail address below to make your Wells Fargo dealer services payment.

Wells Fargo Auto

PO Box 17900

Denver, CO 80217-0900

Make Wells Fargo Auto Services Payment on Phone.

What are you thinking about this option? Just a phone call to Well Fargo phone assisted-agent to 1-800-289-8004 dictating your check or savings information over the phone will confirm your payment. This is the easiest if you do not have access to remit your monthly payment online or send it through a mail.

Make Payment on Wells Fargo Branch

If you are close to any of the Well Fargo branches you can just walk into your nearest branch and make your loan payment. You do not need to have a Well Fargo account number. All you need to do is to walk into your nearest Well Fargo bank branch and make your payment. If you find any branch nearest to you go to Well Fargo branch locator to find the Well Fargo nearest to you.

Make Wells Fargo Dealer Payment with MoneyGram

If you are partnering with Well Fargo auto loan to buy your car you can make the payment using MoneyGram. You can make the payment worldwide with MoneyGram. Meanwhile, to use MoneyGram to pay for your Well Fargo dealer services you will need your Well Fargo auto account number and receive code 1812.

Using MoneyGram to make your Wells Fargo payment may attract additional fees.

Make Payment with Western Union

You can also make your payment at the Western Union office nationwide. While using this option to remit your loan payment on Well Fargo you will need the following.

  • Wells Fargo Auto account number
  • Western Union City Code CATX
  • State Code TX

A third-party charge may include when you are making your payment in any Western union office nationwide.

Make Payment using Third Party

You can go out of the box to make your Wells Fargo dealer services using a 3rd party platform. There are a lot fo them. They provide a different charge rate. But, they make prompt payment of your charges. Some of the third party service available is “”. is an online payment service that helps customers to make the payment on their behalf using their credit card. All you need to do is sign up for Plastiq and link your credit card to your account, select Wells Fargo dealer services from the option to prompt plastiq to make automatic payment from your account as at when due. It’s however very easy to make Well Fargo auto payment using Plastiq. For more information go 

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