Why Is My Download Speed So Slow?

Hi there I know you have been having issues with your download speed and you don’t know about it,  well you are at the right place at the right time. First, why is my download speed so slow? That is one of the common questions I will be asking and be treating with you, yes I mean you having the problem.

What I am going to say is that your distance from your local exchange can be the main reason, by your exchange, I mean when DSLAM is housed.

Why is my Download Speed so Slow?

The DSLAM is the Access point to the web service provider of the world. What really happened is that the APSL signal has not traveled from exchange through the copper wires to your house. Which is called Attenuation, which means the closer you are to it, the lesser the Attenuation and the stronger the signal gets.

For Example, if you are living 5km from the local exchange, I would be expecting 7 megabytes, which means the far I get, the more I lose the megabytes.

The next thing is the Resistance to Earth through the extra voltage on the line related to the foreign battery. That is where the signal goes out of the cable to the ground, and it will surely affect one’s speed.

You will start noticing the speed declining by bit.  The speed will now progress slowly, and you won’t notice this immediately until a few months later, you will start to notice your speed is quite slow time by time.  To make sure it is happening, ring your ISP to run a test on it, and if they surely find it they will send it to a Tech to repair the line.

The next step is going to talk about is High Resistance open circuit, which means a cable is partially broken, which means sometimes it is working, and some time is not working at all. Even sometimes it may make your phone to make a kinda static noise.

If you decide to run your test on any websites that run it, you can use speedtest.net. So check and normally the internet speed should be relatively flat,  and it should be a constant speed all through.

Your speed fluctuate by going up and down if you have a High Resistance Open circuit. But follow the first step I gave to you to speak with your ISP (internet service provider) to run some tests again and tell them what you experienced.

The next step is that do you know ISP has a webpage where you can change your profile. You can only have two types of profiles, like aggressive profile and conservative profile. It can be caused by profiles getting more complicated, and it will be a less stable connection, like your internet dropping down from internet service providers, and your internet speed will slow down.

That may cause it more often and so check the setting on the ISP (Internet service provider) page to fix it up.

Why is my Download Speed so Slow?

  1. What can also cause your internet speed to be slow both on mobile devices and PC and can also cause by the type of mobile device and PC age if it is not modern days?
  2. Download speed can be slow due to the website you are using at the right time if the website is an overloaded site or a disorganized site.
  3. Download speed can also be slow through some viruses of your App or software; you input on your mobile device or your PC that causes signal obstruction.
  4. Download speed can also be slow based on what you paid for, like paying for 100 megabytes per second, that is what you will use per second, you can’t use more than that per second so don’t blame it on ISP (Internet service providers) that time.

How to Fix Slow Download Speed

To fix slow internet download speed, check the following options.

·Compare your plan with your speed

Run a test on the site we talk about before speedtest.net to check your speed. Make sure to cancel and process on your phone before testing.  After checking it out, compare it with what you paid for on your bills on ISP (Internet service providers).

·Check your site connection

This step is by connecting to many websites may cause Narrow down of download speed slow connection, but in some cases, if you get and test that some website doesn’t cause a slow down in the connection, probably is the site you got connected with is to be blamed not ISP (Internet service provider) or even the rest of the site.

·Check for another DNS service

The DNS IP address you use sometimes may be the major problem of your download speed slow down, so go to the setting on your mobile device or PC to set it up to your DNS yourself, although in some cases DNS automatically set up, you can change it *Google public DNS* and *open DNS*.

·Not using Updated browser

Lastly, slow download can also be caused by the type of browser you used like opera mini or chrome if it is not updated to his latest edition or version, all you have to do is to get all your browser update to check if is one of the problems.

If you have any available Questions you want to ask about the internet or download speed delay, we are here for you to reply.  Kindly drop the question in the comments section

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