How to Activate Bank of America Debit/Credit Card Online

You got a message that your debit or credit card for Bank of America has arrived and you need to pick it up and do the needful such as funding your account, activate the card, among others. The BOA might decline your ATM if you failed to activate it. However, to activate of America (BOA) takes various approaches depending on your choice. You can activate Bank of America debit or credit card online by visiting and follow the procedure on the web to activate the card. This guide will cover that in detail.

You can also walk into the nearest BOA ATM stand to activate your card to make it active for all your transaction. However, if you are busy and you couldn’t make it to the ATM location to activate the card or go to to answer a few questions and activate your card this should be the way out to activate the card.

There is a number at the back of the ATM that you can call to activate the card at the comfort of your home. However, this number to call will direct your call to the Bank of America customer service unit where you will need to provide answers to the questions the customer service representative will ask you to comfirn that you are the prime owner of the card to help you to activate it.

However, here in this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use BankofAfrica com activate URL to activate your credit card online.

How to Activate Bank of America Card using

If you have got the Bank of America (BOA) credit card to activate online follow these procedures.

1. Open your browser and go to where you will be redirected to if you are using a computer and you will be redirected to if you are using a smartphone browser.

2. Click on the sign in to online banking to proceed to the next stage. You must have an account with BankofAmerica to use this

3. Enter your online ID and passcode into the column provided and click on the sign-in icon. If you want to save your online ID tick the save this online ID. You can also request for help by clicking on the sign-in help options which will reveal forgot your online ID, forgot your online passcode and forgot your online ID and passcode.Bankofamerica com activate

4. When you are logged into your Bank of America account then you are ready to activate the card. Select the card type you want to activate. Note that the Bank of America card activation is free.

5. You will be asked to enter the 16 digit number on your card and the PIN (3 digits at the back). Then click on the activate button and wait for a green light indicator that will show you that the BOA card activation is complete.

Note: When you want to verify your BoA debit or credit or express card online via you will need to provide your personal information which may include your social security number.

Now, once the activation is completed your card will be ready for use at any point including POS, ATM, online, etc.

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