How to add tasks to Google Calendar 

You can easily understand how to add tasks to Google Calendar with a guide this article as we have explained the process step-by-step with pictures.

It’s almost unreal that when planning and planning our work at home one has to take into account how chaotic everything can be these days. That’s why we need to appreciate all the work that Google is doing for us with its time management app, Google Calendar.

Of course, the love-hate relationship shared with this particular tool is undeniable. On the one hand, having to constantly manage tasks (and a flood of tasks on a hectic day) without the resources to plan and manage a schedule can be stressful. However, this would be a good situation or worst.

This is why Google Calendar is such a useful tool and it is great that you want to take advantage of the benefits it offers. This article will show you how to add tasks to Google Calendar on iPhone, Android, and PC.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar

 How to add tasks to Google Calendar: Go through your to-do list

Managing your Google Tasks is easy. In the task properties, select a date to add the task to your Google Calendar. To rearrange the tasks in the list, drag a task up or down in the list. When a task is complete, check the circle to the left of the task to place it in a completed section.

To edit a Google task, select Edit details (the pencil icon) to add a description, add a date and time, add sub-tasks, or move the task to another task list.

Create multiple to-do lists

Create multiple task lists in Google Calendar to keep track of and organize different types of tasks like work and term paper or tasks in separate projects. Select the arrow next to the list name at the top of the task pane, then choose Create New List. Use this menu to switch between your various Google To-Do lists.

Move tasks to another list

If you change your mind about where a task is, move the task from one list to another. To move a task to another list, highlight the task and press Shift + Enter or click the pencil icon next to its name. Select the name of the list and choose the list you want to move this task to from the drop-down menu.

How to add tasks to Google Calendar  iPhone and Android

Download/update the Google Calendar app from this link for Android and this link for iPhone. Once it’s installed on your device, open it up. The calendar is already synced with the Google account you are using on your device, so it will open directly on the current day. On iOS devices, you need to sign in with your Google account.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

At the top left, the month (now October) is shown with a drop-down arrow. Click the arrow to view all days of the month. Tap the date you want to set your task.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

The calendar now shows you the times of the day you have selected. Now click the + icon at the bottom right of the screen.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

Select Task from the options that appear.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

Another page will now open. Add your task details and tap Save.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

Uncheck All day if you want to schedule a task for a specific time. This shows the current time of day below. Touch the time.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

Change the time by moving your hands. When you have set the time, press OK.

How to add or create a task in Google Calendar from your phone.

How to create tasks in Google Calendar on PC

Visit in your browser. Alternatively, you can also start it directly from the Google app drawer in the Chrome browser.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

On the Google Calendar website, find the Create button in the top left of the screen and click it.

how to add tasks to Google Calendar 

A small window will open where you can add details. It is set in events, so you need to make sure that it is reset on Task.

Once you’ve set the window to To-Do, add the title and details of the task, and set the time and date for the task. After adding all the details, click Save.

Your task is now created.


Performing tasks on the go are essential. Google created an app for Google Tasks to make the tool accessible on iOS and Android devices. Google Tasks will automatically sync with your existing task lists when you are signed in to a Google Account.

Adding tasks on a mobile device works the same as adding tasks from Google Calendar. Press the plus button to create a task. Tap the task to add subtasks or add a due date or description. Organize tasks with tap and drag. That’s all we’ve got on how to add tasks to Google Calendar.

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