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How to Find The Nearest ATM Machine on Android Phone Using Google Map

Do you know you can find the nearest ATM machine in your new location without leaving your room with your Android phone? Technology has gone weird and everything is possible if you can explore things the right way. Perhaps you ran out of cash and you need to make a withdrawal but you don’t know where the nearest ATM machine stand is located or you don’t know where to make a withdrawal with your ATM card, all you need to do is bring out your Android phone, launch Google Map and long press the activation button to pop up any ATM machine near to you.

All you near to find your closest ATM machine in your area is location option on your Android phone, internet connection and updated Google Map.

However, while you can use internet banking or POS to making payment and online banking it worth to know that instead of going around with your internet banking token or using fingerprint authentication you can simply use the Google map to find the nearest ATM machine stand where you can withdraw cash.

While it’s not going to be all available ATM machine that will have cash but you will know where and where the nearest ATM machines are and how long are they from your present location.

When you get the location of the nearest ATM stands to you, you can simply walk into the ATM location and make your withdrawal. More importantly, right from the comfort of your home, you can make research from the bank website whether they identified ATM machine has some cash before going to the location.

Following the simplified guideline, you will learn two simplest ways to identify an ATM machine that is very close to you for cash withdrawal without ATM script locator.

How to Find The Nearest ATM Machine Using Google

Google has taught me more than I was have learned in school. In school, we were taught the gibberish idea of reading and passing our exams. Most times, after the exams, one will forget what we have been taught, however, with Google if you are clever you will sharpen your brain and have a better understanding of most DIY daily needs.

1.  Open any browser on your Android phone and visit Google search engine. It doesn’t matter your location, it works in the same way. The result Google Nigeria will give is the same result Google Canada or Google Australia will give except different is the location of search but the SERPs will still be the same.

2. In the search box type “Nearest ATM to Me” without quote and hit search button or click go. This will responds with the closest ATM machine with or without cash, how far the ATM is from your search location and the miles. From this, you will get every information you need to access the route to the ATM include direction, bank phone number and possible shortcut.

Nearest AMT Machine

It’s as simple as this… With this, you can find the location of an ATM machine and the bank working hour. Next, we talk about how to use Google Map to find the nearest ATM machine on your location.

How to Find the Nearest ATM Machine using Google Map

To find the nearest ATM machine using this approach is straightforward and direct. Once you have enabled you Android phone location [Phone settings—>security–location] following the procedure above this approach should work for your ATM locator.

1. Press and hold your Android home button for like 5 seconds for Google assistant to pop up. Just hold it for more few seconds so that your Android phone will pop up options like restaurant, bar, cafes, ATM, Gas station, Parking, Pharmacies, Malls, Groceries, Post Offices, Hotels, and Attractions.

2. Click ATMs with dollar icon for Google map to pop up. Before it pops up Google Map will work on your current location and display the nearest ATM stand with or without cash for you using the keyword “ATMs near me.

3. Check the list to see which of the banks is closer. Once you have seen the closest ATM and bank location click the direction for navigation on how to get there.

How to Find The Nearest ATM Machine Using Google

4. Next, you will the fastest route to access the bank ATM in question. If you drive a car just click start for direction on how to get to the location.

How to Find The Nearest ATM Machine Using Google

You do not need any special skill to achieve this. All you need to find the nearest ATM machine is your Android phone, internet connection, and Google Map locator.

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