What is “About:blank” Page and How do I Fix it?

About blank on browsers is a quasi-standard set of rules for handling internal commands that the browser has chosen to implement like other commands like about:about, which list all commands a browser has, about:plugins which show all plugin or browsers’ extension already installed on your browser, and about:cache, which shows all stored caches on your browser.

Therefore, when you execute the about:blank command on any browser whether it’s Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, Epic, UC browser, and even mobile browser a new blank page will open with no single URL.

However, most browsers translate the about command into another an internal URL. However, the about:blank isn’t translated to any internal URL, rather a blank and empty page where you can later enter a URL you want to browse or explore.

What is about:blank?

About blank

About:blank isn’t a virus or malware. It doesn’t have any negative impact on your browser. It’s an internal command on a browser when you want to open a new page.

The internal command is different from browser to browser, but, all browser has this an internal command. Some browser has it as About blank or about:blank or about_blank.

When a click on the blank page command or you launch the blank page command yourself on your browser, a new browser tab will appear.

However, you don’t have to see this about:blank page as a virus as some people claim it to be. Therefore, it’s nothing to worry about when you see a blank page popping up in your Chrome, Opera mini, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other browsers.

About blank Page a Virus?

No, about:blank is neither a virus nor a malware. If you see things you didn’t understand while surfing the net, it doesn’t translate to a virus or malware instantly.

However, when you keep seeing the about:blank page on your browser’s homepage when you didn’t set it to the default homepage it can be worrisome. As such it can be translated into a virus.

About_Blank Virus Symptoms

In a very rare occasion if the about:blank page brings up a virus symptom then an additional measure you be considered.

If you keep see a fake pop up from the website you visit or you keep seeing a hyperlink you couldn’t identify or different types of software you didn’t install on your computer then there is a reason to be worried.

About Blank Homepage

Some times, your browser will set itself to about:blank as your default homepage instead of the standard homepage or your pre-defined homepage.

In so many occasions, the default about:blank page is set to default automatically due to corrupt stored caches on your browser. However, to fix this follow these procedures.

Internet Explorer

1. Launch the Internet Explorer browser on your computer and click on the gear settings icon and hover your mouse pointer to internet options.


2. The internet options will open a general tab where you will be prompt to create your own homepage. Enter your homepage address, click set as homepage and apply, and click OK.


Chrome Browser

For the Chrome browser follow these procedures to change your homepage to blank.

About_blank homepage

  1. Launch Chrome browser
  2. Hover your mouse pointer to the more option and click settings
  3. Click more option to the left and tap appearance
  4. Click on homepage button
  5. Delete “about:blank” if available
  6. Or pick a new tab
  7. Done

Now, this approach will change the default blank page to your preferred homepage.

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