Lexi Rivera Net Worth, Age, Career, and Bio

Alexa Brooke Rivera who is mostly known as Lexi Rivera is a Social media Personality on YouTube and TikTok. She rose to fame after her elder brother Brent Rivera who was also a popular YouTuber began to feature her on his channel

In hindsight, she had already won the heart of many before she started her YouTube channel. As she became more popular, her followers on her social media channels increased. Presently, she has over 8.1 million followers on her YouTube channel while she has over 21.7M followers on her Tiktok Page. Lexi Rivera net worth in 2022 is estimated at $2 Million.


Lexi Rivera was born on the 7th of June 2001 in California, USA. She is the youngest and the only daughter in her family. She has three siblings who are males. Their names are Brent, Brice, and Blake Rivera.

Her parents are John Rivera and Laura Rivera unfortunately, She rarely reveals details about her parent however her elder brother brent is also a YouTuber, Duke who is the eldest of all is a hockey player while Brice is a social media star just like his younger brother Brent.

Lexi Rivera is an American citizen and she practices the Christianity religion

Early Life & Education

Lexi Rivera

Lexi spent most of her early life with her three brothers and her parents in California USA.

Lexi always had an interest in gymnastics from a very young age. It was reported that she enrolled in gymnastic training as a child. And it didn’t take so long before she mastered it. That wasn’t all. She also participated in some gymnastic competitions where she won top accolades during an inter-school competition.

However, her gymnastic training didn’t stop her education as she went to a local high school. After she graduated she enrolled in a Huntington High School.

Full NameAlexa Brooke Rivera
NameLexi Rivera
Date Of BirthJune 7, 2001
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
FatherJohn Rivera
MotherLaura Rivera
SIblingsBrent Rivera, Brice Rivera, Blake Rivera
Height5 feet 1 inches or 154cm
Weight54kg or 119lbs
Net Worth$2million
Home TownCalifornia
SchoolingHuntington High School
QualificationStill Studying
Began Her career20th August 2010
ProfessionYouTuber, Vlogger, TikToker


Her rise to social media fame was a result of her brother brent. Initially, she used to practice gymnastics and she was pretty good at it so her elder brother – brent decided to show off her skills on a channel he created for her named Lexiloulouu

The video of Lexi performing her gymnastic stunt caught the eye of many as she began to have fans and people who liked her.

She didn’t really make use of social media at the time. She mostly appears on the Brent youtube channel. 

However, things took a U-turn when she noticed that her Instagram followers began to increase.

These gave her the drive to start posting on the youtube channel that brent created for her which already had a decent amount of following

Lexi created her first post on youtube on 1st July 2018. She posted some gymnastic videos, body flexibility exercises, vlogs, videos about her day to day life, comedy pranks and videos featuring her brothers. She kept posting consistently. 

It didn’t take long before she amassed a large subscriber base on her youtube channel

At present, she has 8.3 million youtube subscribers, while her Instagram followers are 8.4million as of 2022

She once stated that if she did turn out to become a youtube star she would have focused on being a physician assistant.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Lexi Rivera net worth is estimated to worth $2 million as of 2022. She makes money through different channels, She has a youtube channel with a huge following where she posts videos constantly on. Also, she has an Instagram channel with over 8.1 million followers so it is easy for her to get sponsorship deals from businesses. She also earns some bulks from her TikTok career where she has millions of followers.

Lexi Rivera Parents and Family

Lexi Rivera

Lexi comes from a family of four, She is the youngest child of her parents her dad’s name is Jon Rivera while her mom’s name is Laura Rivera. She grew up with them in the city of California. Also, she has three elder brothers who have been supportive of her rise to stardom. 

Unfortunately, there is little to no information about what her parents do. Lexi’s dad isn’t into social media but he has experienced some stunning moments such as the experience he had while he was in a hockey game he made mentioned.

“he didn’t think much of the time Brent was spending on social media until he attended a local hockey game with his two sons.”

Lexi Rivera Siblings

Being the only lady and the last born in the family makes others want to support her. She is the youngest of the four.

Her eldest brother is Blake Rivera, Brake is skilled in the game of Hockey. He once played in a national championship game. 

Her next elder brother is Brice Rivera. Brice has a similar career as Lexi since he is also a social media star and has a huge following on his social media platform, however, he is less popular compared to Lexi

Then, Brent Rivera, Brent was quite instrumental in her rise to fame since he initially had a huge number of subscribers on his youtube channel. He leveraged his channel to make his younger sister more popular.

However fans feel, She prefers him to her remaining brothers when she was once asked who her favourite brother is.

She responded – She didn’t have any favourite brother and that she loves them all equally… we all know that is a silent BS…

Lexi Rivera Boyfriend

Lexi Rivera

Lexi was once in a committed relationship with her a guy named Ben Azelart. At the time when Lexi declared her connection with Ben. The news went off the hook as she had many admirers who probably wished she dated them.

Ben likewise is also a YouTuber just like her and he leverages his youtube channel to showcase his skateboarding skills which he started 3 years ago.

However, they are still close today but Lexi hasn’t confirmed that she is into any relationship as of now.

Lexi Rivera Age

Lexi Rivera’s age is 20 at present. She is the last born and only daughter in the Rivera family. Being the youngest of the pack she gets support from her elder siblings. However, she will be 21 on the 7th of June 2022.

Lexi Rivera Height 

Lexi’s height is average since she is a lady. With an approximate height of 5.1ft or 1.6m tall which is equivalent to 154cm. Also, she has a pretty attractive and slim body type, blonde hair and a pretty cute look.

Lexi Rivera Weight

Lexi Rivera has been able to maintain a good body weight she is not too fat nor slim. She exercises and posts flexibility exercises on her youtube channel so she has a fit body. Her last reported weight is 54 kg which is equivalent to 119lbs

Alexa Rivera Full Name

The majority know her as Lexi Rivera while some recognize her by the nickname, Lexi. However, her full name is Alexa Brooke Rivera.

Lexi Rivera Adult Content

Most time Lexi Rivera visits the swimming pool or the beach she doesn’t hesitate to post her bikini picture on her social media page. The majority of the short clips of her bikini images can be found on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Lexi Rivera Social Media 

Lexi currently has a huge following on her social media channels. her Instagram channel has over 8.4 million followers and on her channels, he simply posts her daily vlogs, Her brothers and some pranks. Also, Rivera has roughly 21.7M TikTok followers at the time of writing this article which they increase day in and day out.

How old is Lexi Rivera

Lexi river is the last born and only daughter in the Rivera family. Being the youngest of the pack she gets support from her elder siblings.

As of 2022, her present age is 20 years old, however, she will be 21 on the 7th of June 2022.

How tall is Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera has a pretty cute look and a decent height for a lady she stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch. Also, she has a pretty attractive and slim body type, blonde hair and a pretty cute look.

How old is Lexi Rivera now in 2022

At present, Lexi is still on the young side since she was born on the 7th of June 2001 making her present age 20. Surprisingly, she is one of many other young social media sensations. Such as Vinnie hacker, Skai Jackson and others who are within her age bracket

You can check out another social media sensation, Landon Asher Barker’s Net Worthwho is much younger than her and has a net worth of over USD 1 million

Who is Lexi Rivera dating in 2022

Lexi hasn’t confirmed her relationship with anyone yet however most of her fans feel she is still entangled with Ben Azart who is also a YouTuber like her.

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