How to Activate Starz your Smart TV

This article is dedicated to helping you with Activate Starz com on your device. If you carefully go through this article, you should be able to activate Starz ocm on any device by the end of it.

We have carefully updated these instructwions in a way that they will be susceptible to your device and on how to fully generate the Starz activation code for Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Samsung smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV inclusive. But in case the article failed to address how you can go about the on the device you possess, you can try the steps that are discussed in this article if the Starz app is available in your TV apps store. 

If you have a smart device that is not among the listed ones in this article, you need to follow the same instruction and get Starz activated on your device.

Apart from how to activate Starz com on Roku TV, all the other devices have almost a similar way of going about it.

Therefore, if you use Roku TV and want to activate Starz on your device, you have to carefully read how to activate it as the process is quite different on Roku TV than on other devices.

Now let’s begin the Activate 

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What is Activate

Activate Starz ocm in this article is the process of activating Starz on your smart device and get it working as quickly as possible.

When it comes to how to activate Starz ocm, you only need the Starz Play app, where you need to add the login information and activation code.

So you can use Starz on Roku, Apple TV, Android devices, iDevices, Xbox, and most smart devices that allow live streaming. You have to pay $8.99 per month to get a Starz Premium subscription.

After purchasing a premium subscription, you can get all TV shows, movie channels, and many series where you can enjoy more.

Using the official Starz website, you can activate Starz easily. What you need to do is go to their official site.

After that, from the Starz app, you will receive the Starz activation code. If you have activated a free seven-day trial, you can continue with your activation process. You also need to add your account login information to the channel.

Activate Starz com on Smart TV

I think everyone knows that if you have an internet connection on your smart tv, you can even browse the internet on your smart tv, and you can enjoy youtube and other streaming apps on smart tv.

  • Step 1) Actually, smart TVs run on the Android operating system.
  • Step 2) Open Google AppStore on your Smart TV and search for the Starz Play app.
  • Step 3) When you find it, click on it to install Starz by following the onscreen steps.
  • Step 4) After completing Starz Play, log in by entering Starz login information.
  • Step 5) Open here any of your smart devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, and then go to the link below.
  • Step 6) Now, enter the activation code to get on the Smart TV screen and enter it on the webpage to activate Starz on your Smart TV.

It’s all an honor; I think after following the above steps, you can easily enjoy Smart Play Channel on your Smart TV without hassle.

Activate Starz ocm on Amazon Prime:

  • First, open the Amazon Fire TV Stick on your HDTV.
  • Now go to Amazon Prime using your Amazon Prime details.
  • There you can install the Starz app.
  • After installing the Start Play app, log in by entering the Starz login details.
  • Here, open one of your smart devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop and then go to the link
  • Now enter the activation code displayed on Amazon Prime.

Activate Starz com on Apple TV:

As usual, the same process applies to almost all devices. On the Apple TV, you also need to install the Starz app, and you need to follow the steps.

  • Step 1) First of all, open Apple TV.
  • Step 2) Now go to the AppStore on the Apple TV.
  • Step 3) In the AppStore, find the Starz app and install it by following the onscreen steps.
  • Step 4) Move to the home screen of the Apple TV and select the Starz Play app.
  • Step 5) Provide the Starz Play login information here.
  • Step 6) Open any of your smart devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, then go to the link
  • Step 7) Now enter the web page’s activation code, which you can get on the Apple TV screen.
  • Step 8) After entering the activation code, you can start using Starz Play on your Apple TV. Activate on Roku:

Activate on Roku is somewhat difficult compared to the other activation process on other devices. If you read this method perfectly, you can add Starz to any device, as the same process applies to any device.


  • First, log into Roku.
  • On Roku, select and go to Home, then tap Streaming Channels.
  • Now search for the Starz channel; I think you can see other streaming channels here too; just click the search button and type in Starz, then you will get the Starz channel, click on it.
  • I think here it will ask for permission to open the channel; just click OK.
  • Now enter the PIN code if you are using the one you want to confirm.
  • After entering the PIN code, the Starz channel opens automatically.
  • Here you need to enter the activation code to use the Starz channel.       If you don’t have the activation code, open any smart device like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, and then go to
  • Step 9) Now buy a Starz premium subscription and get the activation code and use it on Roku to enjoy Starz to watch movies, series, TV shows, etc.

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