Afton Smith Net Worth, Divorce, and Bio

Afton Smith is a not-so-popular American actress. However, she is well-known for the roles she played in films like George of the Jungle (1997), Reality Bites (1994), and Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). After giving birth to her three children, she decided to quit so she could devote enough time to her kids.

Afton is also popularly known as the ex-wife of Brendan Fraser, he played the role of Rick O’Connell in The Mummy trilogy. They got divorced in 2008 after some speculations suggested Brenden cheated on Afton with an American actress named, actress Mario Bello. However, none of them has come out openly to confirm or negate the rumour.

After Afton retired from acting, she ventured into writing and became an author by publishing three books titled: “Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado, “Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum,” and “The Tiger: Class of January 1922”.

Afton Smith and Brendan are blessed with three kids who are presently all teenagers and they all live with their mother in Greenwich. Afton Smith is also known as Afton Fraser.Afton Smith

Afton Smith Biography

Afton Smith was born on the 3rd of December, 1967, in Northport, Long Island, New York, USA. She holds an American nationality and she is of White ethnicity due to her place of birth.

There are neither records stating that the ex-actress went to school nor are there records that she was homeschooled. However, some non-verified sources claim that she attended a local elementary school in Los Angeles. She attended high school in Los Angles and graduated in 1985. Afterwards, she went to Upper Canada College to further her studies in 1989.

Afton is a very private person, and she has succeeded in withholding information about her childhood background and family. However, much information about her early life is still unknown including the identity of her father and her other family members.

Afton once revealed in an early interview with Joan Quinn, that she has loved acting since she was 12 years old. She also took acting classes. She said in her words, “I started when I was quite young at 12 years old, I just loved Broadway, and I loved theatres, and I loved movies and I just said this is what I wanted to do”.

Afton’s mum is Miriam Smith with whom she co-authored the book “Point to happy.” She also revealed that her mother works for a newspaper in the same interview she granted.  Currently, she lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Afton Smith Age

Afton Smith is 54 years old as of 2021. She celebrates her birthday every 3rd of December. She will be 55 years old by December 2022.

Afton Smith Height and Weight

Afton Smith stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches which is equivalent to 171cm. She weighs 68 kg, which is 149.91 lbs in pounds. Afton has an oval face, her hair is medium brown, and her eyes are brown. Afton Smith

Afton Smith Career

Afton Smith started her acting career with the 1987 film Less Than Zero. Later on, in the same year, she was featured in the 1987 television film ‘Once Again’, where she played the role of the “Girl in Disco”. Afterwards, she struggled for a while in her career for a few years.

However, she gradually rose to prominence when she appeared in the 1991 movies, Pyrates, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Afton Smith made her breakthrough from her hit movie, Reality Bites, a romantic comedy released in 1994 where she portrayed Janine and was cast along with Ben Stiller, Winona Ryder, and Ethan Hawke in the lead roles. Later in 1995, Smith featured in the romantic comedy movie “A Reason to Believe”.

She also got well recognized for her role in George of the Jungle in 1997 which her ex-husband also starred. Although it was her last career on screen and she decided to quit acting in 2002 to focus on raising her kid and her married life generally. Afton has not won any awards in her career so far. Afton couldn’t make it big in Hollywood unlike her ex-husband, Brendan Fraser. Afton Smith has only been recognized for 9 movies and most of which she played minor roles.

Afton revealed in an exclusive interview with Joan Quinn, that she is done with acting and she is happy to be referred to as a former actress. In her words, she said, “Well, the passion kind of died for the acting world. And I thought best leave it to people who are great at it and do it”.

After some years, she began writing and she became an author of the following books: “Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado” published on November 3rd, 2004″, (the book is a simple guide that points out the best all-time classic movies to watch from 1930 to 1960), in 2011, she collaborated with Miriam Smith (Her mother), and Margo Smithwick to publish another book titled, “Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum”. This book hit Afton very close to her heart as she has a kid who suffers from Autism and she stated the book was made for Griffin, her son.

On August 14, 2018, she published another book titled The Tiger: Class of January 1922. Unlike her two first publications, this book is yet to get any hype.

Afton Smith participated in the first annual Dancing Stars of Greenwich Galan on September 22, 2018, to raise funds for ABILIS which is an NGO that assists differently able kids to advance their abilities. She continues to volunteer for the foundation and shows her support even to date.

Afton Smith

Afton Smith Net Worth

Afton Smith has worked in a few movies that have interestingly helped her to garner a decent amount of money.

However, her divorce settlement was one of the most talked-about affairs in town at that time after the Elon Musk divorce which is recognized as one of the most expensive divorces. She got paid $900,000 annually as alimony for the divorce settlement.

Estimating her earnings from her acting career and the alimony, some sources declared that Afton Smith net worth was raised to $3 million as of 2022.

This includes her assets, money, and income. Her major source of income currently is her career as an Author. Smith has been able to accumulate these earnings from her several sources of income but she prefers to live a modest lifestyle.

Afton Smith

Afton Smith Family History

Afton and Brendan met at the barbecue party organized by their mutual friend, Winona Ryder on July 4th, 1993 in Los Angeles. Upon meeting for the first time, they felt some spark between them. They began a relationship by becoming good friends then they later became lovers. 

After dating for four years, Afton and Brendan finally took their relationship by getting engaged. Afton got engaged to Brendan, her boyfriend of four years in October 1997. Both were born on the same day (3rd December).

Brenden Fraser and Afton Smith got married on the 27th of September 1998 in a garden at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles, California in the presence of friends and family.

The couple welcomed their first child Griffin Arthur Fraser on the 7th of September 2002. They went on to welcome their second son Holden Fletcher Fraser on 16 August 2004 barely

Their marriage of about 10 years was blessed with three children: Griffin Arthur Fraser (19), Holden Fletcher Fraser (17), and Leland Francis Fraser (15), who are all currently teenagers. They all live with their mother in Greenwich for two years after.

Unfortunately, after giving birth to their third child, the couple filed for a divorce in 2007. Many people were shocked as they were not expecting that to happen to their favourite couple. After 9 years of being together. They officially got divorced on the 17th of April 2008.
In 2013, Afton’s ex-husband, Brendan Fraser petitioned the courts for a reduction of his alimony and child support payments, stating that he was not able to meet the annual obligation of $900,000; Afton, however, accused Fraser of hiding his financial assets from her. Many Brendan’s fans however didn’t support Afton and tagged her a gold-digger.

When their separation, Afton and Brendan shared equal custody of their 3 children. However, their three sons chose to live with their mother in Greenwich, Connecticut while Fraser lives in Bedford, New York currently. Fraser often creates time to spend time with his children. In March 2018, the Mummy Franchise star was spotted enjoying on a beach in Barbados with his kids Griffin and Holden.

Brendan Fraser has since returned to acting by starring in upcoming films like “Brothers” and “Killers of the Flower Moon”. Hopefully, he and Smith have been able to resolve their differences as well but they remain unmarried.Afton Smith

Afton Smith Social Life

Ever since her divorce, Afton has since said goodbye to the limelight and she is busy raising her three teenage children in Greenwich. She hasn’t been linked with anyone either. There are no dating rumours or second marriage rumours about her.

Smith also has Facebook and Instagram accounts with the name “Afton Fraser”. However, she is not active on these platforms, unlike many celebrities.

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