Alexas Morgan Net Worth, Age, Height and Wiki

Alexas Morgan is an Instagram model with over 5 millions followers. Her Instagram handle is @alexas.morgan. At the moment, Alexas Morgan net worth is estimated to worth about $400k - $600k! She is about 1.65m tall or 5.4ft tall.

Alexas Morgan is a model and an Instagram celebrity with 5.6m followers as we write. She became a recognized face on Instagram sharing her curved body to attract most of her fans. The 25 years old Alexas bore alexas.morgan as her Instagram handle, and she has since posted 256 posts on her verified Instagram account on this day.

Apart from the fact that Alexas.morgan is an internet celebrity, she’s super beautiful and fits in for any kind of model that recognize beautiful faces.

For Alexas.morgan net worth, age, career/profession, relationships, and Instagram handle, follow us as we reveal all you need to know about her in this Alexa Morgan biography in 2022.

Who is Alexas Morgan?

Alexas Morgan is an Instagram celebrity with millions of followers. She was born on the 23rd of April 1997, in Miami, United States of America. The 25 years old Alexas is different from Alexandra Morgan Carrasco, 32, an American professional football player for San Diego Wave FC of the National Women’s Soccer League.

Alexas is a model, and she has since started a modeling career while in high school until she graduated from the Broward Community college. And as we write, she models for a different company and her brand.Alexas Morgan Net Worth

How Old is Alexas Morgan

Alexas Morgan is 25 years old. She was born and raised in Miami, United States of America. She attended her early schools and college [Broward Community college] in Southeast Florida. 

The information about Alexas’ parents is kept from the media. So, we don’t know her father and mother. But we believe that she intentionally keeps her family life out of the internet and chooses to deal with it personally.

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Alexas Morgan Date of Birth

Alexas Morgan’s date of birth is 23th of April 1997. The American citizen was born in Miami, to be exact, and attended Broward Community college in Southeast Florida.

In 2021, Alexas celebrated her 24th birthday. And in 2022, come the 23rd of April, Alexas will celebrate her 25th birthday.

Alexas Morgan Net Worth

Alexas Morgan’s net worth is what Alexas has after removing all she owes, such as loans or mortgages. However, Alexas’ net worth is estimated to worth $400k – $600k.

Mainly, Alexas.morgan makes her fortune from promoting products for various brands and her modeling career. She can also choose to monetize her over 5 million Instagram followers and earn some bulk.

Alexas Morgan Age

Alexas Morgan’s age is 25 years old age as we write. She celebrates her 25th birthday on the 23rd of April 2022, where she shares some sultry pictures on her Instagram handle. If you miss her picture, you can check it out on her Instagram page.


Alexas.morgan is Alexas’ Instagram handle and her handle on most of the social media accounts she possesses. To follow her on Instagram to see all her sultry pictures, you should search for @Alexas.morgan on Instagram on the Instagram app and web.

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Alexas Morgan Height

Alexas Morgan’s height in feet is approximately 5.4 ft. In meters, she’s approximately 1.65 meters. In centimeters, she’s about 164.5 centimeters tall.

Alexas Morgan Full Name

Alexas Morgan’s full name is Alexas Marie Ramirez. But she’s known for her modeling name, Morgan. Meanwhile, she’s a model, not Alex Morgan, American football professional player.

How Tall is Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is 1.7 meters tall. Her full name is Alexandra Morgan Carrasco, and she is an American professional soccer player for San Diego Wave FC of the National Women’s Soccer League.

In 2014, Alexandra married her heartthrob, Servando Carrasco, who plays for Fort Lauderdale CF and is worth about $3 million as we write.

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