How to Update Android Auto

It’s not necessary to update your Android Auto like other apps because all your Android apps and Android Auto update ones there is an update available especially if you set them to automatic download via the Google Play Store. But in case your Android Auto is outdated or lagging you may need to do a manual check.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to update Android Auto the the latest version and join the Beta program to stay ahead of other public users. Meanwhile, before you can update Android Auto to the latest version you must have set up your device as a first-time user otherwise you will only be prompted to set up the app on your iPhone each time you check for available updates manually.

how to update android auto

What is Google Android Auto?

Google Android Auto is simply a new feature in your Android phone to clone your phone screen to your car dashboard (if compatible) so that you can easily control your phone by tapping on your car dashboard rather than concentrating on your smartphone which might confuse the highway while driving.

With the help of Google Assistant, you have a simplified Android menu on your car in-dash with a large button, access to apps on your phone, voice control, etc to use and manage your phone on a bigger screen and right in front of you on your car dashboard.

Google Android Auto Features

What is so spectacular about this new AndroidAuto that got people talking?

Talk to your Google Assistant

With Google assistance and Google Android Auto, you can stay focused while driving and control your phone. Once you discover that your car is compatible with Google AndroidAuto, you can use the “OK Google” to send information to the new feature and control other aspects of your phone using your voice instead of your hand. The voice tag does the job in a similar way you hand would do it.

However, to initiate the Google assistance you need to long-press the menu button on your phone and the Google assistance feature will come up for use.

Access to Google Maps

Google Maps is at its best use with the new AR and get relevant information about traffic and congestion ahead of you. With this Android auto feature, you can easily tap into the traffic information ahead to know which route is free to drive and which one will give you a headache on your way home.

Even with the Google traffic to work guide, this new Google Maps AR seems to be the done-deal feature to make driving very easy.

Stay Connected while Driving

You can stay connected with your loved ones while driving on the phone and social media. With the Google Android auto coupled with the dashboard (compatibility), you will see a bigger screen of who sends you messages and responds with a voice using Google Assistant.

However, for convenience’s sake, Google assistance is what you need to get the best Android Auto on your phone and your car.

Plug and Play

If you are a music fan this feature is designed to meet your daily need. Once your car is confirmed compatible you can plug your smartphone into your car using a USB.

Google Android Auto is compatible with the most popular car brands around you including Toyota, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, etc.

Download Android Auto App


Some phones have the Android Auto feature when they upgrade to the latest Android version on their phone. However, you can download the app if it’s not available yet on your phone.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Type “Android Auto” in the search box
  • Tap on the search button
  • Wait for the app to show compatible else it’s not compatible with your OS
  • Tap on the download & install button
  • Download and install the app on your device.

Now, the Android Auto app will be installed on your phone and you are ready to have a taste of Google Maps, Media & Messaging on your car dashboard with the app.

Open Google Android Auto for the First time

The first step after downloading the Android auto app before you prepare and connect your phone to your app is to verify that the app is already working on your phone by opening it.

  • Go to your phone menu and click on the Google Auto app
  • If there is any update available tap to update it for effectiveness and accuracy.
  • Accept all permission to make the app work without difficulty on your phone.
  • Enable your Bluetooth and find available Bluetooth. If your phone is paired with your car Bluetooth already just select it from the list otherwise enable your car Bluetooth and connect to it.

How to Connect Android Auto to Your Car

Every precautionary measure must be taken to make sure you are safe when you want to connect the Android Auto app to your car. For this, we suggest that you make your car stationary (not moving) before you proceed.

  • Unlock your phone if it’s locked with a pattern, password or PIN
  • Connect the phone to your Car using a (phone-compatible) USB
  • If your phone prompts you to download necessary updates just go ahead to download it. This update may include a Google Maps update.
  • Phone Bluetooth will be enabled automatically once you have connected your phone to your car using a USB.
  • Enable notification for Android Auto
  • The start the Android Auto.

Once the Android auto is set up completely, you can ignite your car and zoom off. Enjoy the magic dashboard you long waited for.

How to Update Android Auto

The fact that you don’t need to connect to your car to update Android Auto is a good one. All your Android apps and Android auto will update automatically OTA once there is an update available. So, you don’t have to do this manually. However, If there is an update for the Android Auto and you don’t receive it then you can do a manual update yourself via the Google Play Store.

  • Open the “Google Play Store” app on your phone.
  • Type “Android Auto” in the search box.
  • Hit the “Android Auto App” from the search result.
  • Tap “Update” on the app if there is an update available.

In most cases, there won’t be an update. Instead of update, you will be asked whether you want to go to the “Android Auto” settings for your configuration.

How to Update Android Auto to a Beta

If you are a beta user you can update the Android Auto app to the latest beta version before the official release of the new update. This will allow you to test the upcoming features of the app before it’s released to the public.

However, you first need to join beta testers to receive upcoming updates. Here are the steps to take.

  • Launch the “Google Play Store” app on your “Android.”
  • Search for “Android Auto” using the search function on the page.
  • Tap on “Android Auto” itself instead of going to the app itself.
  • Scroll to “Beta” and click on it to join.

However, there are limited spaces for Beta testers. If you see “Beta Program is Full” it means you cannot join Android Auto beta testers at the moment. You can always check back to see whether your can join to update to the beta version before other public users.

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