How to Split Screen on Android

Android split screen is a feature to use two apps at the same time on Android without closing one app for the other. The split screen start to feature in the Android Marshmallow fully to divide Android screen.

While the Android split screen app (inbuilt) works perfectly to divide phone screen into two, it’s not all apps that support the split screen feature both 3rd party apps and games and inbuilt apps.

Some built-in app doesn’t support the feature to divide Android screen into two, up and down. When the split screen is enabled on your Android phone you can run multiple app together on the screen at the same time.

This is different from the Android feature to minimize app and run other apps at the same time. The split screen divides Android screen into two equal part at first while you can click  on the split enabled icon to adjust the screen.

However, here in this guide we’ll talk on how to enable Split screen on Android

Android Split Screen

Split Screen Compatible Apps

The Split screen Android feature doesn’t work with all apps. Some inbuilt apps does not work with the split screen. Whenever you try to split screen with the app a notification will appear that the app doesn’t support split screen.

However, to start with, here is how to identify apps that support the split screen on your Android phone.

To find out apps that are compactible with the split screen press the multitask square button. All apps that support the split screen feature will have two edge to the right while apps that doesn’t support the split screen feature will not sure the indication.

Some of the apps that doesn’t support the Android split screen on Android Pie include Calender, Contacts, and some other apps.

Mostly, some games doesn’t support the split screen feature. So, you cannot split your Android screen to perform multitask on it and play 3D game at the same time.

Enable Android Split Screen

If your Android OS is Android Marshmallow above to the latest Android Pie, and for Huawei phone users, the EMUI 8 and EMUI 9 will be able to use split screen feature.

Meanwhile, the approach to enable split screen on Android different for a manufacturer. With that being said, if you can’t find how to enable it here, you can just play around the settings to enable the split screen feature on your Android.

Also, if your phone lacks the split screen feature you can download Android split screen app.

To enable split screen on your Android phone press the square multitask button. When all the apps that you have already opened click on the split screen indication and your screen will be divided into two.

Meanwhile in most cases the when you click to enable split screen feature you will be taken back to the Android phone screen where you can then start the app to use with the app you already enabled to work on the split screen.

Close Split Screen on Android

The split screen will automatically close on your Android phone when you restart your phone or swtich off your phone.

But if you are the type that rearly switched off your phone, to close the split screen click on the home button, the app with split screen enabled will move up or down depending on the configuration.

To quite the app totally and return to a single screen on your phone drag the app up until the app no longer appears.

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