Download AnonyTun (VPN App) for Android and PC

AnonyTun is an Android VPN app that is completely free and better than some other VPN services you have tried that require registration to use the mobile VPN app. The AnonyTun App helps users gain access to restricted internet access and provides a VPN (a virtual private network) to remain anonymous online and protect users’ online activities to the level that they cannot be tracked.

There are a lot of things to talk about in the AnonyTun app review. Just recently, I started using the AnonyTun app

However, I am giving my AnonyTun review and the AnonyTun stealth settings I use to browse the internet for free when you are restricted from accessing the site and remain anonymous online. The Anonytun app is carved from the Anonymous app. An app that hides identity online.

However, here in this guide, I’ll share with you how to download the AnonyTun app from the Google Play Store, how to install it, download the AnonyTun APK and how to configure the AnonyTun app for better performance without limit.

AnonyTun Settings

How to Download AnonyTun app from Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store app is the right source to download the AnonyTun app for Android. Here is how to…

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone
  2. Type “AnonyTun” and click on the search buttonSearch for AnonyTun
  3. Click on”AnonyTun” developed by Art Of Tunnel Tools
  4. Click on the “download” button
  5. Wait for the app to install successfully on your Android
  6. Launch the app and click on the start button to connect to the VPN app

There are different VPN apps you can find in the Play Store. However, to download the AnonyTun app, find the VPN app developed by Art of Tunnel Tools.

You can also download the AnonyTun VPN 2019 version directly from this link on the Google Play Store.

Download AnonyTun APK Black

APK app is a modified version of any app you see. Anybody can start an APK site and convert the official app to an APK. However, this APK file cannot be installed directly from the Google Play Store since the app isn’t certified by the Play Store to protect the app. However, virtually all APK sites scan the APK app before uploading it for download.

The Android OS requires users to grant the OS to install any modified app such as the AnonyTun APK by enabling installation from unknown sources.

However, after you download the AnonyTun APK, you first need to enable installation from unknown sources.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

This feature allows Android users to install apps that are not downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

  1. Go to your Android phone settings
  2. Scroll down to security and tap on it
  3. Find unknown sources and click on it
  4. Accept the popup by clicking “OK”
  5. Done

Now, navigate back to your home screen to install the AnonyTun APK. However, due to different phone manufacturers, the unknown sources might be hidden in a different location on your phone. However, to install the APK app, find your way to activate unknown sources on your phone.

Download AnonyTun APK

You can download the APK app from your favourite APK sites such as APKhere, APKpure, etc. You can download the APK app from APK sites app such as Aptoide, Appvalley, etc. However, here, we’ll explain how to download AnonyTun APK from the Aptoide APK app.

  1. Download and install the Aptoide APK app
  2. Launch the app and search for the “AnonyTun” app using the APK downloader search box
  3. Click on the download button
  4. Wait for the app to complete downloading.
  5. Done.

How to Install AnonyTun APK

When you download the APK app you will see “AnonyTun-9-0.apk where 9-0 is the app version. Older versions can read 8.8, 8.9, etc.

  1. Go to your Android download folder
  2. Click on the AnonyTun APK (version 9.0)
  3. Tap on “Install” at the bottom rightInstall VPN
  4. Wait for the app to install on your phoneAnonyTun isntalling

You can also download the AnonyTun app from your PC using the Windows installer and log in to the email address associated with your Android phone on your PC.

AnonyTun Settings for Free Internet

Here are the settings you need to carry out before using the AnonyTun VPN app on your Android phone.

  1. Open the AnonyTun app from your app menu
  2. Click on stealth settings
  3. Toggle to enable stealth tunnel
  4. Select “TCP” under the “connection protocol”
  5. Set the “connection port” to “443”
  6. Enable “connect via parent proxy”
  7. Click on “edit parent proxy”
  8. Input “” as your proxy host or IP
  9. Input “8080” as the port
  10. Enable “Custom TCP/HTTP Headers”
  11. Tap on “edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers”
  12. Set your URL/Host. E.g, you can use
  13. Under “request method” click on “connect”
  14. Under “Injection method” select “normal”
  15. Under “Query Method” tick “keep-Alive” and “User-agent”
  16. Press Generate >> validate>>Save
  17. Click on”Save” again
  18. Tap the connect button to start the VPN.

You will be connected to the URL/HOST and you will be able to browse for free with the AnonyTun settings. Meanwhile, you can also import AnonyTun settings

Anonytun VPN Settings

The new MTN  Anonytun configuration settings below override the Anonytun configuration file. So, there is no need to use any Anonytun configuration file with the settings below.

  •  Download and Install the app (See the link above).
  • Launch the Anonytun app and select Stealth settings
  •   Tap “Connection Protocol >> TCP.”
  • Tap “Connection Port” and Type “443” without quotes.
  • Enable “Connect via Parent Proxy
  • Tap “Edit Parent Proxy”
  • Input  as the Proxy Host.
  • Input 8080 as the Proxy and click OK.  
  • Enable Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  •   Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Input the Url/host as
  • Select CONNECT as the Request Method
  • And Normal as Injection Method
  • And on Extra-Headers, check on Online Host, Forward Host and Keep Alive.
  • Click on “Save” and click Save again on the page that appears.
  • Click Connect.

You will enjoy a 50MB data cap limit with the steps above. However, you can enjoy an extra 10MB by changing the URL/Host in the Anonytun Stealth settings from to (we have previously used this URL).

Note: Do not forget to change back to once you have exhausted the extra 10MB for another 50MB the next day.

Alternatively… If the Stealth settings above are not working you can try the following.

  • Download and install the AnonyTun app
  • Tap the “App” to open it.
  • Hit on Stealth settings and then turn it on
  • Now use the following configuration.
    Connection Protocol: TCP
    Connection Port: 8080
    Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t Enable
    Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
    Request Method: Connect or Post
    Injection Method: Normal
    Online Host: Tick
    Keep-Alive: Tick
    User-Agent: Tick
    Generate, Validate and then Save
    Now click Save in the Stealth Settings.
    Advance SSL Settings: Enable
  • Tap on Connect and wait for a couple of seconds for your connection to go through.

Once you are connected to the internet you can open your browser and enjoy free unlimited Internet Access.

Update: If you are having issues with the trick, add or to the DNS section.

How to Import Anonytun Settings for Free Internet

If you have the Anonytun configuration file for free internet on your phone below are the steps to take to import the Anonytun settings for free internet file.

  1. Launch the AnonyTun VPN app
  2. Tap on the “Stealth Settings”
  3. Click on the “Import” tab
  4. Find the “AnonyTun settings”
  5. Click on it to import
  6. Tap on the “Save” button

The AnonyTun settings will be uploaded to the app and you will be able to enjoy the VPN free browsing feature.

How Does Anonytun Work

Anonytun VPN black bypasses the MTN network for free internet access with a 50MB data cap daily. So, when using the Anonytun black, it grants free internet access that worth 60MB with an extra 10MB daily by changing the URL/Host after the initial 50MB is exhausted.

How to Use Anonytun VPN App

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Anonytun stealth for free internet on your mobile.

  • Launch the “Anonytun” app for free internet.
  • Click “CONNECT.”
  • Tap “Allow” from the pop-up that says “Allow” Anonytun” to create a VPN connection.”

The Anonytun VPN app will be connected to the internet and you can start surfing.

How to Update AnonyTun App

If you are running the AnonyTun old version make sure you update the app to the latest version.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Click on the menu
  3. Tap on “Apps & Games”
  4. Find “AnonyTun App”
  5. Click on the “Update” button

If there is an updated version available you will be able to update from the old version to the newer version.

How to Remove Apps from AnonyTun App

There are two ways to remove ads from the AnonyTun VPN app on your Android.

  1. Upgrade to AnonyTun Pro
  2. Remove ads using the LuckyPatcher app

How to Upgrade to AnonyTun Pro

Here are step-by-step procedures to remove ads from the AnonyTun app by upgrading to the Pro version.

  • Download and install AnonyTun free version from the Google Play Store
  • Launch the VPN app and click on “Remove ads”

Remove AnnonyTun Ads

  • From the AnonyTun Pro popup click on the “Continue” buttonLogin Google play store
  • Add a GPay payment method or tap on the continue button and click on “Add Credit or Debit card”Add credit card
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter the card expiry date and CVC
  • Fill out the Google payment form and click on save
  • Tap on make payment

Your free AnonyTun VPN app will be upgraded to AnonyTun Pro and you will enjoy the following features.

AnonyTun Pro Features

Once you upgrade to AnonyTun Pro the following features will be available.

  1. No Ads
  2. Best Price
  3. Separated Premium Servers
  4. More Speed
  5. No Time Limit
  6. Better Privacy

After you’ve upgraded to AnonyTun Pro, use the AnonyTun settings above for fast speed.

How to Download AnonyTun for PC

The AnonyTun VPN doesn’t have a PC [Windows and Mac] installer in the .exe file. However, there is a walkaround to download and install a mobile app such as the AnonyTun VPN on a PC using an emulator. There are tons of emulators for PC users to run Android apps on Windows. Some popular among these emulators are:

  • BlueStacks
  • GenyMotion
  • NoxPlayer
  • Dolphin
  • PCSX2

You can use any of the above emulators to download AnonyTun VPN for PC and you can use other emulators you can vouch for. With an emulator, your PC will give you a better experience in using the AnonyTun VPN app with the settings above. 

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator
  2. Launch the emulator and enter your Google username and password when prompted
  3. Type “AnonyTun” into the search box and click on the search button
  4. Tap on the download button
  5. Install the app on your PC

Once you’ve successfully installed the AnonyTun app the emulator will create a desktop icon for the app from where you can launch the VPN app directly from your PC.

Note: You can use the same AnonyTun stealth settings for both the PC version and the mobile version.

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