How to Download PS2 BIOS and Use it as PCSX2 Emulator

PS2 BIOS is a BIOS file to make most consoles games and emulators such as PlayStation2 consoles and many others to work. However, this BIOS file is not available in the the official website of the console games and it’s illegal to download it from unauthorized sites. Take for instance, the PlayStation 2 BIOS and PCSX2 is not available in the official website.

And since it’s not allowed to launch a video games BIOS sites where users can download the BIOS file for effective performance of their PC when playing the PS2 game, then, users need to look for an alternative way to download PS2 BIOS file.

However, if you know how powerful the BIOS files are; you’d want to look for a source to download these BIOS file to make your game consoles and emulators work.

The BIOS stands for input/output system used by a personal computer or desktop microprocessor to make your computer run smoothly and stop from hanging.

The use of the BIOS file in playing PS2 also include boosting the performance of the PlayStation 2 game output while playing it.

However, in this guide, we’ll get to know where to download PlayStation 2 BIOS and how to use it on your computer.


PS2 BIOS Coverage

This BIOS download works on all PlayStaion 2 version if your PS2 is Japan edition, Europe edition, USA edition and China, HK edition. Without thinking otherwise, this BIOS file work perfectly with any PS2 output performance requirement by any user. These PS2 BIOS files also work perfectly for PCSX2 emulator.

How to Install PS2 BIOS Software

The links we provided below lead you to download BIOS for PS2 and PCSX2 emulator. If you have been able to download the BIOS file on your device here is how to install it.

1. Go to your download folder and extract the BIOS software into another file folder.

2. Once the extraction is done. Then, copy the BIOS file from the folder and paste the file in your PS2 ROMs folder.

3. Open your PS2 emulator from the PS2 ROMs folder and select the BIOS files location when the emulator prompted you.

Note: Not all emulators are the same. Some emulators work when you place it in the PS2 game ROMs. While, you don’t need to place the BIOS file in some others to work.

How to use PS2 BIOS for PCSX2

This is a simple walk around to use PS2 BIOS for PCSX2 emulator. With this BIOS you can read your PS2 game console without using the actual PlayStation 2 game console.

1. Download and install the PCXS2 on your computer. You can download the BIOS from above or go straight to your game console developer’s site and open the program on your computer.

2. Click on the “config” button when you open the “PCSX2”. Hover and click on the “configuration” button on the software menu to open the configuration window.

3. Now, click on the “Set Bios Directory” button located at the bottom of the configuration window to open a new window for your Bios configuration.

4. Locate the PS2 BIOS file extracted on your computer. Now, click on the “.bin” extension on the BIOS file

5. Proceed to click on the “OK” button located at the bottom of the window to begin to use the PS2 BIOS with the PCSX2 emulator.

Download PlayStation 2 BIOS

I’ll provide a direct link to download PlayStation 2 BIOS file below and explain to you how you can use it too boost the performance of your PS2 game console. Like I said earlier, they BIOS file also works perfectly for PCSX2 emulator (tested & confirmed).

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