How to Share Apple Screen with an Advisor using

Apple Ara session key is a platform that allows you to share your Apple (iPhone) screen with Apple advisory using Apple Ara remote assistance.

The Apple remote assistance will be able to render the needed assistance through Apple device screen share. 

This activity requires session keys to download the software to share your Apple iPhone, iPad, and macOS screen with the Apple advisor with the help of the remote assistance feature.

Having said all these, this guide will help you with how to share your iPhone/iPad and macOS computer screen with an Apple advisor using Apple Ara software. 

However, before the “How-to” here is a quick precaution to take while using the Apple Ara site to sharing your Apple device screen with an advisor.

Apple Ara Real Vs Fake

The power of internet hacker and scammers can make you lose valuable information on your Apple device sharing your screen with Apple advisor through instead of

The two links look similar, but, the hacker URL carries hyphen “-“ which the real Ara site didn’t. The fake Apple Ara site was created by scammer to force Apple device users to share their screens with the wrong advisor who could steal information without permission.

By default, using the to share your screen with Apple advisors share everything on your Apple device screen. The Apple support that attends to your Apple screen will only be able to see your files and will not be able to access them.

Unlike the that forces you to download malicious files on your Apple device and forced you to download Apple Ara software from a source different from the official download source.

You also stand the chance to be redirected to a phishing site or asked to call a number for assistance which the Apple said they’d not ask you to do when sharing your screen with remote assistance.

When you need an urgent means to contact an Apple support for assistance, always use and NOT Please take note of the [fake] hyphen between Ara and Apple in the fake site address.

This is what it means for using the Apple to share your Apple device screen with an Apple advisor for assistance.

  1. You agreed to download Apple Ara software and install it on your Apple device
  2. You automatically grant Apple advisor or assistance to view your desktop screen
  3. The session will be recorded and saved in the Apple database for quality service for 30 days.

Meanwhile, it is worth to note that the Apple assistance will be able to view everything on your Apple device screen. In case you have some sensitive files you do not want the assistance to view, you should remove it from the screen.

Even though the Apple support will not be able to view your files without permission, you should take the pain to hide important information that has nothing to do with the required support from share screen tool. Shares Apple Device Screen with an Advisor

If you are ready to go head-to-head with an Apple assistance using the remote assistance software platform, here is how to go about it sharing your Apple device screen.

  1. Visit on your Apple device
  2. Accept the terms of use for sharing your screen with an assistanceTerms of Use
  3. Apple advisor will give you the Ara session key for your screen sharing assistance to authorize the request. Kindly type the Ara session key and click on the “Go” arrow
  4. Download and save the Ara software into a folder. Go to the file folder, click to run the software [and install it on your Mac] by accepting the terms of use.
  5. Once installed you will see a chat section coming from the advisor of which you will be prompt to accept the terms of use that you are willing to share your screen.
  6. An indication to show that you have shared your screen with [supposed] Apple assistance will appear in red.

Now that you have successfully shared your Apple device screen with one of the Apple’s representative, the representative will be able to see your screen and you will be able to point to where you need the assistance.

With an session, all open files and folders will be visible to the Apple assistant. So, keep all files closed and only point to where you need the help when you are using software to share your screen to keep sensitive information safe.

You will also note the URL GetRemoteAdvisor.Action URL when you are going live with an advisor.

And once you are done with the Apple advisor, you can close the Ara software to end the section. Once it’s closed successfully, you will see a thank you message and you can go ahead to delete the Ara software folder and even uninstall it from your device.

Yon won't get hurt for sharing.

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