AT&T WiFi Manage Login Setup

What is ATTWIFIMANAGER and how can you get it for free on your AT&T router? Here in this guide, we will share our experience with you on how we got the AT&T WiFi Manager. Other than that we will also consider how to set up your ATT WiFi Manager login on devices like T-Mobile.

If you are using the Netgear Nighthawk hotspot, you need to pay attention to this ATTWIFIEMANAGER setup. Otherwise, you might need the service of an engineer to help you configure and set up your router or hotspot device to work with the AT&T WiFi Manager.

What most people do when they buy a new AT&T router such as Netgear Nighthawk hotspot is to go to http://attwifimanager and proceed with the setup. But if you are a novice, this article will open your eyes to the basic information that you need to set up your router.

However, before you proceed with this, make sure you have your router username and password ready. If you have not changed the username and password, you can always find this at the bottom of your router or under the device battery.



Follow the procedures below to log in to your AT&T WiFi Manager account on your web browser. Do note that you can either connect to the internet using ethernet or turn on the router’s hotspot to connect to the internet and follow the steps below to access your ATTWIFIMANAGER account. And if you can’t connect to ATTWIFIMANAGER via ethernet using the WiFi feature of the wireless device to connect to the internet and follow the steps below with your AT&T WiFi Manager login to access your account.

  • Go to http://attwifimanager or the IP address on your web browser. If none of the suggested web address works, check the AT&T WiFi package to find the web address to access your AT&T WiFi Manager account.
  • Type your AT&T Router login username and password. If the login has not been changed you can use the default login underneath the device battery.
  • Select “Enter” to sign in to your AT&T Router’s account. Here you will have access to set up or re-configure your AT&T WiFi information and even change the router’s password.

AT&T WiFi Manager Set Up

We have considered how to log in to your AT&TWiFiManager. And here, we will consider the http attwifimanager setup. This approach is confirmed on the Netgear Nighthawk hotspot. So, it should work for all your devices including T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, before you proceed with this setup of a thing, please make sure you complete the activation process which is to be done online. This is similar to the Telstra SIM activation process otherwise it will not work or let me say you will not be able to complete the attwifimanager set up as intended.

  • First, connect the device you want to use to set up your attwifimanager account to the internet. This can be either the AT&T router or other Wi-Fi. But, it’s advisable to use the AT&T router so that you will know whether it’s working or not.
  • Now, open a web browser on the device and type “http://attwifimanager” without the quotes and then hit the “Enter” button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your new mobile router device password. Enter a unique password you can remember but difficult to guess, re-enter the password again and select the “Next” button. Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep using the default password, select “Skip” and accept the pop up to use the default password.
  • Under “Set up your Wi-Fi Network” allow you to set up your attwifimanager login such as giving your AT&T Wi-Fi network a name and password. Provide unique information you think about and click on the “Next” button.
  • You should see “Setup Complete” on the screen that follows. Now, select “Finish” and your device new setup will replace the old settings and it will be ready for you.

How to Change AT&T Router Password

Here is an alternative approach to change your AT&T router or Wi-Fi password if you skipped the attwifimanager setup above.

  • Go to “http://attwifimanager” without quotes on your web browser and sign in with your AT&T router username and password.
  • Navigate to “Settings >> Wi-Fi.” This is located to the left of the admin setup screen.
  • While in the “Wi-Fi” setup interface, find “Password” and select it.
  • Enter the old password, enter your new password, confirm the password and select “Apply.”
  • You will be logged out automatically on all connected devices.

How to Manager Users via http://attwifimanager

Follow the steps below to manage connected devices on your AT&T router.

  • Go to on your web browser or launch the “AT&T Smart Home Manager App.”
  • Sign in to your account if you are prompted to do so.
  • Navigate to “Tools >> Device.”
  • Here you will see the list of connected devices to your AT&T router.

And from here, you can manage your AT&T router connected devices.

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