10 Best Anime Series You Need To Watch On Netflix Right Now

It’s been a while since I last saw an anime (other than Demon Slayer), and I thought it would be almost impossible to complete my anime waiting list. So Haikyu! It happened and reminded me why I couldn’t get enough anime, even those with typical energetic Shonen characters with phalanx heads. It was pleasant to feel good.

And then, I started exploring the animation series that recently appeared on Netflix. Some of them are jewels of the past year that have become part of the extensive catalog of platform platforms, while others are widely recognized as must-have series. And they are great! I have listed the best anime on Netflix in this article.

Best Anime Series On Netflix Right Now

best anime on netflix

So if you’re not following more than 300 episodes, you’ve probably got the idea to start a new anime series. Fortunately, there is a lot of anime to see if you, like me, have seen most of the anime. So let’s discover the best anime on Netflix.


Only two episodes in Haikyu! Which, by the way, is everyone’s favorite sports anime right now, and you’ll be amazed without having to lift a finger while Autoplay does its job.

Directed by Shoyo Hinata, a little man who tries to succeed in the student-populated world of volleyball, the anime speaks about this inspiring well-being environment.

And it’s not about giving your characters superpowers or trying to improve fan service. This makes it at the top of the anime collection that I never tire of. This is one of the best when coming to anime on Netflix

Scissor Seven

I repeat, Liuqi is a scissor assassin, a scissor assassin, and like Thor, his weapon can be summoned with Mjolnir. But Liuqi is not God; he is a hairdresser during the day and a murderer at night.

And all of his adventures are fun. It’s not a typical anime as it contains hand-drawn Chinese-style animations, so some viewers may need some time to adjust to the images.

But once you do this, a total gift awaits you. Did I mention that many animals speak in it? Yes, you will see this is one of the best anime on Netflix.


If I could describe this anime in two words, it would be crazy and crazy! Dorohedoro is one of the best cartoon series to be released this year.

Expectations were already high as Yuuichirou Hatayashi runs it from Attack On Titan, and the series has surpassed everyone! Caiman, the protagonist, is cursed by a magician who leaves him with a lizard’s head and no memory of the incident.

In his quest for revenge, he pursues magicians from the dystopian city of “Pit” with his best friend, a martial arts expert, and Gyoza boss. Get warned of blood (if you didn’t guess in the trailer). It is the craziest show currently being watched.

Demon Slayer

For me, Demon Slayer is perhaps the only serious demon hunt anime out there. After the demons killed the family of Tanjiro Kamado and rescued his sister Nezuko, who was bitten by (and therefore became) a beast, she has to find a way to reverse her sister’s condition by joining the demon-killer body.

As the level of difficulty of each demon fight in anime increases, the characters improve not only in combat but also in the bow. With a killer character set, visually appealing animations, and many matches, Kimetsu No Yaiba is the perfect first season of an anime in 26 episodes.

Devilman Crybaby

I love animating them with animation styles that are not typical. Devilman Crybaby has a 2D thing, and it’s refreshing to see. Directed by Masaaki

Yuasa, the mini-series quickly became the best anime in the current crop of relatively new titles. The old demons return to conquer the world, and Akira manages to transform into a demon while his human soul remains alive.

It is as dark as it says. But the best gift in the anime is the homoerotic subtext between Akira and Ryo Asuka, and this is just one of the many complexities of brilliant characters that are included in the show.

Food wars: Shokugeki No Soma

Just a word of warning, Shokugeki No Soma will leave you with cravings that you can probably only satisfy if you are a professional chef who has studied in a competitive cooking school or knows someone who is.

The whole show is one showdown after another. And if you haven’t seen what delicious anime food looks like, you’re just not prepared for the way this series makes you drool.

Soma starts as a hobby cook and runs every test as his skills improve some of the more spectacular cooking skills. The first three seasons are now available on Netflix.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War?

I know what it looks like, but trust me when I say that this anime is doing exactly what it is up to. And it’s pretty rare for a romantic anime like this. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War? based on an award-winning manga series. 

The series is a mixture of romance and sensitive comedy. Most importantly, it has the finest cast of complex Hella characters. Yes, it’s a big leap from the archetypes that usually deal with romantic comedies, and I’m glad they exist. And that also works as a tear in certain areas. Do I have to say more

Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons brought me into the steampunk aesthetic. The show revolves around teammates from Quin Zaza, a trawler on board where the characters hunt kites in a fantasy world.

When entering the show, a mecha fan was expecting more mech, but this show is more impressive than science fiction, and you will see it in the details of dragons and feudal weapons used by hunters of dragons.

The refreshing thing about this anime is that, despite its scope, Drifting Dragons spends a significant part of each episode revolving around human characters and arcs of life. It is an equal part of fantasy and action. It is only for you if your stomach does not turn when you think of dragons that fall apart so often.

Seis Manos

Six Hands is a Mexican-American anime (the first of its kind), and I have to point out that it is a great success. I saw it when it hit the market a few months ago, and it blew me away! The fight scenes are a dream.

Did I mention that he has an impressive voice, which includes Danny Trejo? You get that when you mix a spaghetti western with a martial arts film. And it extends entirely into eight delicious episodes.


Baki the Grappler’s Netflix adaptation is one of the best Anime on the platform. It was a huge success. After two parts were added to the anime, a new episode set, “The Great Ratai Tournament Saga,” was added to the streaming platform.

This martial art anime is known for one thing: chaos! There are too many bloody fights in a series. The last part promises more violence with greater risks for Baki Hanma. There’s a reason why Netflix is ​​so popular.

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