Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are micro-software to customize Chrome browser for better user experience. Chrome extension functionality gives users minimal stress to do a lot on their browser.

The preference of using Chrome over Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, UCBrowser is always very high with the use of plugins or extensions to ease the usage of the browser.

These extensions are not Google apps, they are different but they make using Google Chrome enjoyable. Unlike most browsers that got blur the moment you installed extension or plugin.

In fact, most even hang and make your system work slow. Chrome extensions far differ from all these blur extensions.

One of best Google Chrome extensions I enjoyed using is Chrome blur extension when recording my Chrome screen and if there is a specific section I want to hide from your audience due to privacy, then I just make use of this Chrome blur extension.

Also, Google makes it possible for students to have their ways using Chrome extension for students with the aid of Google Chrome extension for students.

However, as part of best Chrome extensions, you will find out top-notch chrome extensions we have used in the past and the list of game chrome extension recommended by top internet users to make sure you have the time using Google browser.

Meanwhile, if you are a programmer and you have something to offer you too can have you chrome plugin present in Google Chrome database. It could be funniest Chrome extension if no one has coded such and even if, you can still make your own extension unique and add more fun and funny to it.

Nevertheless, for the sake of those that are not programmers and are on the lookout for the best Chrome plugin here is a post on best Google Chrome plugins we have used so far.

The benchmark of the selected based on the total number of download in the previous year, users review, constant update, etc.

Since the selection is a subject of Gadgetswright, there is a possibility that your favorite Chrome extension might miss the list.

Meanwhile, for the sake of completion, kindly add your own favorite Chrome extension and the list you are using if not already in our list.

Best Chrome extensions 2017

Best Chrome Extensions

These plugins are not limited in any way. And the amount you can get to make using Google Chrome more effective isn’t limited to any number.

To avoid slowness of your Chrome browser or hanging while browsing and to put an end to crashing browser like Explorer while browsing, below are the list of recommended Chrome plugins.

1.  Adblock Plus

Chrome Extensions

To start with the list of the best extension for your Chrome browser, you can start with Adblock Plus to help block unwanted advertisement on a relevant page on the web.

Adblock plus is a free plugin that blocks any advertising banner on a website such as animated ads, pop-up, and pop-under, Facebook ads, which can also be used for tracking and malware protection.

Adblock plus do not block set of advertisement that doesn’t interfere with your web browser. In short, Adblock plus is a Chrome plugin that scraps any ads interfering with your browser.

2.  uBlock Origin

Chrome Extensions

uBlock Origin is yet a well known Google Chrome plugin that is mainly for blocking any web content interfering with you while browsing.

Just like Adblock plus, with uBlock content, you can block all unwanted ads and have a nice time with the content on the site alone.

In a more effective way, you can use uBlock Origin to block certain sets of ads and let some other be. However, uBlock Origin is a host file-based filter Chrome plugin yet it only consumes low usage of CPU memory.

3. Blur

Chrome Plugins

Blur is one of the best and most popular Chrome plugins in the past years, and still one of the best to date.

To be frank, I have found useful and reasons to include Blur Chrome extension as one of the best Google Chrome plugins so far with undoubted features.


Here are some features of the popular plugin

  1. Managing an online password
  2. Securing online payment
  3. Tightened your online privacy
  4. Acting against online tracking
  5. Protection from no-cookie-based tracking
  6. Disallowing companies from collecting data without your knowledge
  7. Masked cards
  8. Creating a highly encrypted password with the blur plugin
  9. And many others. More so, if you are a YouTube blogger and you need to protect some of your details while creating your video online, Blur Chrome extension or plugin is what you need.

4. Hola Better Internet

Hola VPN Plugin

This is one of my favorite Google plugins to keep you behind the firewall in and hide your online identity. Hola better internet is yet another Google Chrome VPN extension that let you browse the internet without revealing your identity.

One thing you will enjoy using Hola better internet plugin is the ability to access sites that are not in your geographical location as a result of censorship.

And more so, another advantage of Hola better internet include quick internet connection with a weak network which at the same times reduced the number of data you consume surfing the internet.

5. LastPass

Chrome Extensions

The popular password manager for Android phone also has a Chrome plugin to keep your password with a master password to access your entire password on Chrome.

Out of the list of numerous password keeper on the internet that has Chrome plugin, LastPass is one of the best Chrome plugins you find among the Google plugins database to keep a huge number of password directly with your Chrome browser and given in return a master password to access the entire list of your passwords.

LastPass Chrome extension makes it easier for users to only have a folder containing their passwords and use one master key to access it in return. In fact, it’s a choice for most people with a different password for a different site.

6. WOT

WOT Extension

WOT is yet one of the best plugins you will find on Chrome database with a unique feature. WOT plugin for Chrome allows you to easily determine the worthiness of a website with just a click and within just a few minutes.

If you are searching for information and you found yourself on a site you don’t have an idea of its worthiness, just click on WOT chrome extension it will reveal whether the site is trustworthy or not based on what other visitors have said via review.

And in addition, you can add your own review to the site whether you are satisfied using the site or not.

7. Click & Clean

Website Chrome

When it comes to privacy protection extensions for Chrome, you have to start thinking of click & clean.

As one of the best plugins to add to your archive as an internet guru, you can easily find out if you are under surveillance while surfing a specific website.

One of the greatest features of click & clean is to automatically clear up your Chrome browser’s cache, history and help scan your PC for malware infection to protect you from spies.

So if you are looking for Google Chrome plugin to protect your browser from malware and threat from untrusted sites, consider using click & clean Chrome extension.

8. HTTPS Everywhere

Chrome Extensions

If you haven’t started using HTTPS everywhere extension I recommend you start now. According to the Google update, HHPTS is a sign that a website is trustworthy and security conscious.

Most importantly, when it comes to making payment in non-HTTPS sites, HTTPS everywhere will automatically turn the site to https from non-https and make the site more secure and trustworthy.

Using HTPPS everywhere Chrome extension alone can protect your privacy from intruders and from hackers.

So, if you take priority of your online browsing using Google Chrome, then you need HTTPS everywhere extension for Chrome to turn the web to a secure place for you rather than surfing without knowing whether you are under surveillance attack.

These are few of the list of best Chrome we use to make customize our Chrome browser and take absolute control over the entire browser and how it works.

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