How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

One of the most discussed topics on the internet is individual privacy. Meanwhile, it’s true that can you not totally erase your identity on the internet is you are not using either a VPN service provider or a proxy to mask your identity. For most, they don’t care but for me, Hola launcher free VPN made me care-free.

As an Android user, how do you protect your online privacy with VPN? Do you make use of free VPN or paid VPN? How long have you been using a paid VPN and why do you prefer a paid VPN over a free VPN? Nevertheless, the lot of those who browse for fun on the internet would be to use a free VPN like Hola free VPN.

Hola is a launcher with free VPN to surf the internet anonymously. It offers premium VPN service for free alongside free launcher with amazing and fantastic theme/wallpaper.

I have given my verdict on Hola launcher lately and I do enjoy using it. However, one thing that attracts me to Hola is Hola launcher free VPN. It’s cool and easy to use.

With the free VPN on Hola launcher, you can save yourself a heck of stress on how to bypass a secure website such as websites blocked by schools, movie websites and even Facebook. If Facebook is blocked in your location you can unblock Facebook using Hola launcher free VPN.

If you are new to Hola Launcher there is no doubting you are missing few things that you should be enjoying. With the launcher, you can free more space for a VPN  app on your Android phone since the app can serve the two purposes [Theme/wallpaper & VPN service provider].

Hola as it is, it is one of the best free VPN service provider for an Android phone user. Here we’ll take you by hand and help you to customize Hola app to serve as a free VPN.

Note: We don’t recommend installing Hola APK file… There is a verified Google Hola app you can use instead of downloading the APK version that may end up harm your smartphone.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

We have spent some time with Hola Launcher and we can tell you that it’s one of the best launchers with free VPN service. While you can use this app as a launcher you can also use it a VN.

One important thing to do when you want to change your location IP using VPN is clearing caches and cookie so that you will not leave a remnant of your previous IP on the current IP. However, this fantastic feature is what Hola free VPN doesn’t deny you.

Everything just comes easy with Hola free VPN. All you need is play on the VPN app for Android phones and set your preference.

Following the tutorial below you will be able to setup Hola launcher free VPN and mask different location with your current location pretending it is your exact location.

1. Open the Google play store on your Android phone menu and search for VPN – Hola Free VPN or just Hola VPN and install the app.

2. Once you have successfully installed the Hola launcher free VPN. You will see the onscreen attachment below. Click on “I Got It” to accept Hola VPN terms and conditions of use.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

3. First, you need to know there are over 50 different locations you can mask your IP on using Hola free VPN service including United state, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Jamaica, and other countries.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

4. Launch Hola VPN and click on the more option to the upper right. While on that page, click on the settings below share button as showed below.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

5. When you are on the settings page, you need to set up your Hola preference. Navigate to the web from general options and click on Advance Settings.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

6. A list of options will show for you to select from. Here is what will define your true identity online. Scroll down the page and select clear cache on exit, clear cookies on exit, clear history on exit, untick restore the last tab on start and then press the back button.

How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPN

How to Use Hola Launcher Free VPN

The above configuration is all you need to keep Hola free VPN running successfully. The since part of it is that the Whoer is above 90% which means you are fully secured and none of your activities will be traceable online.

1. Launch your phone app menu and locate Hola VPN icon [Emoticon like] and select the app you want to use hiding your IP address with Hola VPN.

2. A new window will pop up. From the drop, menu selects the country you want to mask your current location IP with and click on open.

Done and dusted! Instead of your app to open via your current IP, it will be opened masking the new location IP you selected. With the Hola launcher free VPN, you can do more than a lot.

What is your experience with Hola VPN? Is it safe? Have you ever had an issue using it in the past? Please use the comment section for dialogue.

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