How to Manage Internet Explorer Password

The new Windows 8 and Windows 10 makes it very easy to manage Internet Explorer password. With the new Windows OS, you can save passwords, view saved passwords, edit, and delete saved passwords.

Other than Internet Explorer, other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera-Mini have a built-in password manager to store passwords. However, the Browsers password manager work like password manager software for both PC and smart devices.

If you are using a smartphone like Android and iOS, you should use Android password keeper and iOS password keeper to save and manage password on mobile. However, if you have started using Google Chrome mobile password manager to save passwords and username on Chrome mobile, you may not need to use password keeper app again.

Before we dive on how to manage Internet Explorer password first check out our guide on how to view saved passwords in Chrome, how to saved passwords in Chrome, how to edit and manager passwords in browsers, and how to save password on Mozilla Firefox.

How to Manage Internet Explorer Password [Explorer 11]

Follow the lead below you will be able to access stored passwords in Internet Explorer 11 if you already have some saved passwords on it.

1. Open Internet Explorer 11 > Internet Options > Content tab.

2. Under AutoComplete, click on Settings.

Internet Explorer Password Manager

3. In the autofill section click  on “Manage Passwords” 

Internet Explorer Password Manager

4. Manage password option on Explorer 11 will open “Saved Passwords Credentials File” where all saved passwords are stored. Then click on “Web Credentials”

Internet Explorer Password Manager

5. A new password pop-up will come up for you log in to your computer with the computer admin right.

Internet Explorer Password Manager

6. Internet Explorer password manager will reveal all stored passwords that are saved on your computer Web Credential”

Internet Explorer Password Manager

With the admin right you can delete stored passwords, edit stored passwords and usernames, import passwords from other browsers’ password manager to Internet Explorer using restore option.

The Internet Explorer password manager offers a handy way to store password and access it online on other devices.

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